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Patti LuPone Performs on Fire Island for Her Most Ardent Fans

Last weekend on New York’s Fire Island, far from the bright lights of Broadway, Patti LuPone performed at the Ice Palace Nightclub for some of her dearest fans. These fanatics, sometimes called Luponettes, included a man who had seen Ms. LuPone in a 1979 production of “Evita” and another who had a caricature of her tattooed on his back.

Ben Rimlower, who arrived hours before the doors opened, stood at the front of the line. “I fell in love with Patty the first time I saw ‘Evita’ commercial” he said. “I’ve seen her live hundreds of times now, but never on Fire Island. You won’t find an audience that understands Patty like here.”

opened in the 1970s ice palace There is an institution in Cherry Grove, a Fire Island settlement known as a summer haven for New York’s gay community. In addition to Friday night underwear parties, its stage has hosted Chita Rivera, Liza Minnelli and Alan Cumming.

The club’s co-owner, Daniel Nardisio, said, “Petty has played at the greatest venues in the world, but for him playing here is about connecting with his most ardent fan base.” “His fans will be here screaming and crying for him.”

Ms. LuPone, 74, performed two sold-out performances of “”.sing out of a hatin which she sings the tunes Broke without thinking and understanding. Accompanied by his music director, Joseph Thalken, at a white piano, he gave his all to key songs like “Everything’s Coming Up Roses” and “Meadowlark”. She performed a riding crop when she sang the Sondheim number “I Never Do Anything Twice”.

In the edited interviews below, her fans reflect on why they can never get enough of Lupone.


why do you love her I’m a fellow Long Island girl, just like Patty. His power as an artist is so unmatchable that you can’t help but be amazed.

When did you see him live for the first time? It must have happened when I was 12 years old. I still hold grudges against my family. My parents took my sister to see “Gypsy” for her sweet 16th birthday, but they didn’t bring me because I was too young. My mother told me that I have to get over it. I told him, “I’ll never get over this.”


Why do you love Patty? Because she is our ally in a way that others are not. Many celebrities are a part of this fight, but he has been with us for a long time. For an artist like Patty to come here and do a show for us at the Ice Palace, it says something about her loyalties.

If you could spend a day with Patty, what would you do? I’d love to sit down and have cocktails with him and Mandy Patinkin. Just to listen to both of them. about anything.

What is the story behind your tattoo? Several years ago, I decided I wanted to surround myself with the divas I love, and ever since then I’ve been courting Broadway veterans. This strip is from “The Baker’s Wife”. I also have Liza Minnelli and Elaine Stritch.

How did this show come about? We basically pushed her to come here and she finally said yes. Sure, we have the famous Underwear Party, but we also have greats like Liza Minnelli and Chita Rivera. Gay men have a deep connection with these women, so they always appreciate them when they see them and that’s why these women are willing to come here and do this show at the Ice Palace.

retired astrophysicist

When did you see him live for the first time? I saw him perform “Evita” years ago and I was mesmerized. I don’t even like music. I’m not like the people here.

What do you think of him performing here? This place started as a sea shack to have a good time by the sea. Everyone was doing poppers and having fun. But Cherry Grove is changing. Lots of straight people from downtown are buying space here, changing the culture of our community.

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Any song you would like to hear? Anything from “Sunset Boulevard”. It holds a special place for Lupone fans because Petty was infamously fired from her role and replaced by Glenn Close. So it would be special and rare to hear Petty sing any of it.

Why do you love Patty? his cruelty. Now everyone throws that word around but it’s the real thing. He is a tiger. patty will bite you, While Minnelli is there to cheer, Patty commands you and scares you about what you could lose if you take your eyes off her for even a second.

If you could spend a day with Patty, what would you do? I want a reality television show camera to follow her. I’ll be watching it all day.

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Why do you love Patty? Because his voice is a unique musical instrument and he has maintained it to an astonishing level. When other stars do cabaret shows, their voices may be low, but not Patty’s. She’s old school in a way that Broadway doesn’t award that much anymore. She plays by her own rules.

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Any tunes you’d like to hear? “Ladies having lunch.” there is no such Elaine StritchBut Patti is the only one who can sing it with the same feel as Stritch.

You for a long time Cherry Grove resident. What do you think of Patty playing here?

MF: The Ice Palace is where gay men used to come to discover their sexuality. It’s only worthwhile for Patty to play here, to perform for her most devoted followers.

GS: we love patty and it’s beautiful to see her here our community, I hope she sings “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina”. Because when she sings this I want to cry.


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