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Our Place Wonder Oven Review

Review of our wonder place oven

*Today’s post was published thanks Our place, and features the gifted producer for explicit review purposes. . All opinions are my own

I try to make a point to share a lot of home decor and appliance reviews on my blog because I know how powerful a “real life” review is. I’m always as honest as possible, sharing the good and bad about every product that comes through our door so you can always, always Invest with confidence and with all the facts in mind. Today’s review was no different, although this time I don’t have anything bad to say about the item in question. Introducing our favorite new kitchen appliances/accessories: The wondrous oven from our place.

Review of our wonder place oven

Review of our wonder place oven

I have worked with Our place For years of testing kitchen tools and accessories, such as This food storage set Which they came out recently, and which we still love. In fact, we still use it Everything Which we got from our place, and I honestly tell everyone I know about their goods. They’ve become an integral part of our weekly meal prep routine, and our new wonder oven certainly includes that.

We ordered our wonder oven in ‘Steam’ and – at the risk of sounding corny – we eagerly awaited its arrival. I spotted this oven that has been trending on social media in the kitchens of some of my favorite home influencers, and I was blown away by the idea of ​​its existence. The pint-sized oven seemed more efficient at cooking smaller portions of food, and of course I loved the look of this particular oven. The oven’s simple, elegant shape, color, and control knobs made it a natural fit for our clean, creamy mid-century kitchen.

Review of our wonder place oven

Review of our wonder place oven

Fortunately, now that we’ve had the oven for a few weeks, I can tell you that it works just as beautifully as it looks. We use this device every day Without fail it does things like reheat frozen chicken fingers, bake biscuits, roast veggies, grill cheese-topped flatbreads, bake chicken meatballs, and so much more. There’s also a steam function that allows us to revitalize stale bread so it tastes like it’s fresh out of the oven for the first time again. He’s cooking fastAlso, so we can cut down a lot of cooking times. Did I mention it’s French fries?! We make a side of frozen air-fried French fries to serve as a side dish with dinner about once a week.

Review of our wonder place oven

Review of our wonder place ovenReview of our wonder place oven

It’s so nice to have a smaller appliance that can do a lot of the cooking and baking for us without having to fire up our big electric oven. I feel like it saves on energy costs (our electric bill was lower than usual last month), and I really like the way our kitchen countertop looks. It’s not one of those devices that I feel the need to hide away when not in use.

The only thing I was concerned about with this oven – and why I didn’t get it sooner – was the size. I thought there was no way we could fit one comfortably in our small kitchen, but after measuring it I learned that it was actually a little smaller than I expected, so there was no problem making it work within our space constraints. However, the interior of the oven is roomy enough to cook a full dinner for two people. We love it!

Shop what suits you on Our Place hereAnd stay tuned later this month for a review of one of their latest product releases: Amazing mixer.

Review of our wonder place oven

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