Our new Bold Floral Casetify collection


Our news condition The collection is out and dare I say it’s my favorite yet! We’re calling it the Bold Florals collection inspired by the 2023 Flower Month calendar. Think whimsical blooms, color combinations, and waves – it’s a little something for everyone.

I’ve sung Casetify’s praises time and time again (you can read my honest review here), but as always, phone cases come in every case size and in many different types of protection levels and materials. There’s even a range of colors to choose from for the edges, which is honestly my favorite part of it. I love a good color combination!

This time there are 12 cases to choose from. Let’s dig!

Bold Florals Collection

First up is the rose. I adore this one. I think it might be my favorite ever. It’s unlike any rose I’ve ever seen and I love the twists and turns. This one shown here is the one I got for myself and chose Highly biodegradable tray in mushroom edge Because I love how it matches the artwork perfectly.

This daisy is my second favorite…no wait, it might be a bowtie. It’s a stunning bright pink color that screams fun. I paired it with a Transparent edge of secure clear case option.

You may have noticed the daisy in a few places (like our shirt!). Can you imagine the matching moments ahead?!

We added some wavy lines because it’s modern but also classic and feels more subtle if you don’t want to have such a wild case. We put them in a few colors.

I also love the daffodils, which match the lunch bag we made (remember that one?).

While having a Barbie moment, we had to make an all-pink look, but it also comes in a blue/green combo. I suppose we should have done some horse riding to get some Mojo Dojo Casa house energy 😉

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the collection. Any favorites? I’d love to hear that!

And remember, we have many of these styles available such as fabrics, wallpaper, duvets, pillows and more in our catalog Flower spoon shop.

Status collection Available here.


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