Our Mid-Century Dining Room Design Plan


Our mid century dining room design plan

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Well guys, it’s finally time to admit a slight defeat in mid-century dining room design. Don’t get me wrong! I love all the items I brought (I never buy something I don’t like, after all). But the problem stems from things I have no control over.

The truth is, I bought quite a lot for our new dining room before we officially moved in last November. I found a gorgeous set of antique mid-century dining chairs, then found a used farmhouse style table that John requested, and decided to buy it. Although we still love this dining set, it’s too big for this small dining room. I should have waited until we actually tested the space and got a sense of the actual square footage, not to mention the light in the room. This dining room faces north and gets very little natural light. A dark wood dining set coupled with all the dark wood furniture you chose is too much for the room.

It is time to change the design to match our current daily routine and the needs of this specific room. The moral of the story? Try not to overbuy your new home before you actually live in it! Fortunately, I can change the plan now that I know what the room needs, and you can read all about the planned changes below, including the new dining set from condition I can’t wait to design in this space.

Mid-Century Dining Room Remodeling Plan:

1. Storage: We definitely need to stock the dining room. Not because we enjoy entertaining (we’re introverts and don’t do it often), but because I have a weird obsession with collecting antique glassware and handmade ceramic serving pieces. We bought a Danish teak cottage just before moving in, which has all of that, and we plan to keep it. This piece also serves as our liquor and wine cabinet! It’s here to stay.

2. Artwork: Another thing we don’t plan to change is the artwork. You may remember when we updated the pieces in this room to match our mountainside town here in Virginia, as well as the navy/green color I painted under the chair rail. We still love this set, and will use it to influence the design of our new dining set.

3. Eat: Speaking of which, our new dining table concept is key to updating this room. As I mentioned, the current table is too dark for this normally dim room, and the chairs are too tall for the small space. Instead, we ordered Emir table Of matter. We chose the light oak stain option because I thought it would help make the dining set look light and airy overall. The glass table top will also be a fun change from the opaque table we have now.

4. Sitting: As for seating, we chose four of the articles Alta dining chairs. Going from six chairs to four will help make the room less crowded. We almost only use two chairs anyway, and the old set of six was underwhelming. We felt like we were at a dinner party that no one else was attending! The light oak woodwork on these chairs also matches the upcoming new table, as well as the light wood frames of the art. This repetition is how we will make the new light wood furniture look intentional alongside the existing dark wood furniture around the perimeter of the room that we plan to keep. As long as you’re repeating the wood tone in more than a couple of places in the room, it’s okay to mix colored tones – at least that’s my opinion!

5. Flooring: Another thing we don’t plan to change is a key feature: the floors. The original 1960s hardwood floors are still on display in this room, and we love that. I think the new light wood furniture will help “speak” to the light wood floors, and I also love that the glass table top will allow us to appreciate the 1960s details even more. Oh, and we still plan on not using the area rug. We used to have a rug in here, but it got in the way of the walk to the bedrooms, which we walk a million times a day, so we stuck with the no-rug look.

The new furniture is scheduled to arrive in October, and I definitely plan to share a reveal post shortly after that. I have nothing but great things to say about all of the Article Brand furniture we’ve ordered in the past, so I have no doubt that this dining room set will be a big hit with our family. See the past condition My reviews are here (Sven and Burrard sectionals), here (outdoor furniture and bar stools), here (the dining room setup in our old house that we ended up leaving with the new homeowners), and here (the living room where we still have a beloved swivel chair).

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