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My Top Lowe’s Home Décor Picks

My top picks for home decor from Lowe's

Has anyone else felt that used goods prices have skyrocketed in the last couple of years?! I still love to go in person antique and thrift shopping at my favorite local stores, but I often find that I have to leave empty-handed because everything is expensive beyond my budget. It’s a disappointing development, but, fortunately, there are plenty of options for new remakes of vintage mid-century figures I love at a price I can actually afford. Keep scrolling for a collection of vintage-inspired pieces I’m loving from Lowe’s now.

My top picks for home decor from Lowe’s:

1. Accent chair: The tapered shape of this side chair caught my eye, and I love the bold blue color of the upholstery.

2. Vanity light: This light will instantly update the look of an old bathroom vignette.

3. Rug runner: I love the neutral color palette of this rug but it still has an edge thanks to this repeating linear pattern.

4. book shelf: I’m currently saving money to invest in this bookshelf for myself! The slanted silhouette speaks to me.

5. Task lamp: I’ve seen vintage mid-century lamps that look exactly like this $70 lamp but they fit favorable More dollars.

6. Media cabinet: A good media cabinet is an essential item. I love all the storage and vintage-inspired character of this machine.

7. mural: The perfect color for any room in your home!

8. Floor lamp: How gorgeous is the woven shade on this curvy floor lamp? Also add this to my personal wish list now.

9. Side table: I can imagine this gorgeous side table looking great next to a side chair, sofa, or bed. It’s so versatile!

10. Velvet sofa: I am so in love with this sofa. Even better, it’s on sale for under $1,000 between now and March 13.

11. Linear area rug: This is a great twist on 70s style, but with modern materials that are easier to maintain than a real antique rug.

12. Coffee table: The two-tone color palette of this coffee table immediately attracted me.

Now, I know a lot of die-hard antique fans will be skimming right through this post because they can’t imagine investing in reproductions of mid-century art, furniture, and lighting, but I want to say here, well now that there’s no shame in doing what suits Budget for your home decor realistically. I would invest in any of the items on that list above in a heartbeat because I know that once the pieces are introduced into our 1960s home along with our existing antique collection, the big picture impact will make me smile.

Joy isn’t necessarily limited to the satisfaction of finding the perfect antique piece for your home (although I… Do Love that moment and hope you can afford it again soon!) – It’s about creating a look you love in your home, no matter the source or cost. Buy what makes you happy within your personal budget, and your home will end up feeling like a truly special space. Which piece are you eyeing from my list? Let me know in the comments!

My top picks for home decor from Lowe's

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