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Found some great Amazon Prime deals – in the home, kitchen, and craft supplies categories.

Amazon Prime Big Deal Days Here they are (today and yesterday) and I’ve compiled a big list of my favorites. my amazon shop Which I’ll be adding to throughout the day today and tomorrow. And I’ll be updating this post throughout the day today and tomorrow too.

There are some really good deals this time and I’ve already ordered some of the things I wanted.

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Deals on Amazon now

Things I’ve Bought (and Love) from Amazon

Some of the items below are included in the prime deals and some are not. Anyhow, these are things I’ve recently purchased from Amazon and love.

1. Linen Lumbar Pillow Set (Prime Deal)

I have a set of these linen lumbar pillows (in olive green) and when I saw they were part of the Prime Day deals, I immediately bought two more sets (in other colors). I love these pillows. They’re really good quality…especially for the price. And this size is perfect for lounge chairs and beds.

This is one of my number one favorites on the deals list.

PS these are accurate pillow inserts Which fit perfectly on linen pillowcases (those are the ones I have).

2. glass and cork food containers (Prime Deal)

I have a set of these and they are great. Look good stored away on the counter or in the pantry. The cork top (the product description says wooden, but I think its cork) is very well secured on the top. Giving it a good seal, which I was surprised to see.

3. Modern Cat Food and Water Bowl Stand

I bought this for Franz and my immediate thought came to my mind…why didn’t I get this before?!

Our old cat’s bowls weren’t cute. And these are much better (and also a little higher, which is better for cats because they don’t have to bend down as much.

4. wooden christmas tree decorations

I recently found these and they cost less than $30 for a full set of wooden trees. I’ve seen much more expensive ones like this. So, when I saw their price, I fell in love with them. So cute for minimalist modern holiday decor.

5. country shoes (Prime Deal)

I buy these for Hayes twice a year whenever he outgrows them. We buy cream (it’s called bone white) colored slip-on sneakers and gray sneakers again and again.

They are the only shoes he wears at the moment because they are very easy to wear, look cute and are easy to clean.

6. samsung frame tv (Prime Deal)

We have Samsung Frame TVs in our living room and guest bedroom and we really like them. The digital art aspect is really great, so you’re not looking at a black screen when it’s not in use. And the frame options they have are really nice…and I’m very picky about art frames. So, what I mean is – they’re good! We have a beige bezel (Samsung calls it the frame part).

If you are thinking of buying it, this sale is the right time. I wish I could buy our stuff on sale. But even at full price, it’s worth it. And the one I linked includes the frame, which is usually sold separately. Every size is on sale – ours is 55 inches in the living room and it’s over $650 off right now!

7. redeker woven copper sponge

I received a set of these as a White Elephant gift one year and since then they have been the only sponges we have used in our kitchen. Have purchased these several times so far. highly recommend!

8. Garam Wale Garam Sauce Set

This may be a little random, but it’s a unique, fun gift for the holidays for someone who watches the show Hot Ones or just really likes hot sauce. Jeff and I did the challenge with all the hot sauces and it was fun…they ended up being spicy.

Some of them are intense… and most of them taste really good in general. It would be fun to do the Hot Sauce Challenge after a drink or two with the family on Christmas Eve. Or maybe even a white elephant gift if you’re on a budget.

9. Wisdom and Delight Notepad Set

I love these! I gave the smaller one to Hess and I use the other two for my day-to-day work notes and lists. The big one is my favorite.

9. Norfolk Pine Christmas Wreath

I have a set of Norfolk Pine Christmas wreaths (comes with two) and I have no complaints. I wanted something that looked super realistic, but wasn’t overly expensive. The price of some of them is really very high.

It really felt like a strong contender. And since it came with two, they’re long enough for my absolutely huge fireplace.

FYI – there is a thick brown tube(ish) wire running through the garland, but the branches wrap around to hide it easily and help with the ability to bend.

10. Afloral Real Touch Norfolk Pine Branch – 36″

This is the best (most realistic) looking fake holiday greenery, IMO.

I have one and plan to buy three or four more. They look great in vases.

What’s in my cart for Prime Deals Days

  • I’m thinking about getting one of these molecular air purifier for a while now. I am allergic to pets and dust, so an air purifier is a staple in our house. But what we have isn’t exactly cute…and is on its last legs. So I think I’ll grab one of these when they go on sale.
  • We use a lot of cloth napkins and tea towels every week, because we don’t use paper towels. and this 100% French Flax Linen Napkins Come in lots of colors.
  • There are tons of craft supplies on Prime Day deals this year and I’m here for it. I try to buy arts and crafts supplies when they are on sale to keep in stock, so I don’t have to grab them somewhere (at full price) at the last minute. In particular, everything knitting category This is what I am focusing on the most (looms and accessories).
  • there are some Cricut Machines (and circuit accessories) are also listed on major big deal days.


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