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My Favorite Loloi Rugs Throw Pillows

My favorite Loloi rugs are throw pillows

If you feel completely confused by pillows, know that you are not alone! I struggle a lot when trying to combine pillows. There seem to be many factors to consider, from size and pattern mixing to shape. One of my favorite tricks to beat this kind of decision fatigue is to buy pre-mixed collections from designers I trust. Once I figure out which set works for me, I add the exact pillows listed to my cart. This takes a lot of the guesswork out of things, and helps me not waste a lot of money on pillows that end up not looking good together in real life. You can also purchase Pre-mixed sets On Etsy, like thisWhich I’ve been meaning to try…

However, one of my very favorite “tried and true” brands I use for pillows is Loloi. You know I’m a huge fan of their rugs, but I recently realized that their pillows are absolutely gorgeous. They come in cool and expensive styles, but they’re not too expensive, and they can be easily mixed and matched. I never buy pillows anywhere else at this point because I know I can trust the quality, and I also appreciate that they’re often curated by designers I already love and follow. Being able to see the pillows inside the rooms they designed gives me the confidence I needed to click buy, and I have not been disappointed once. Here’s a list of my current favorites from Loloi.

My favorite Loloi rugs and throw pillows:

1. PCJ0010 Sage Pillow/Multi 20 x 20 inch

2. PCJ0008 Navy/Clay Pillow 18″ x 18″.

3. PJS0008 13″ x 21″ natural pillow cover with poly filling

4. Amber Lewis x Lului Carla Pillow Ivory/Black

5. Amber Lewis x Lolo Jay Ivory/Sand Cushion

6. PJS0006 13″ x 35″ mud/fog cover with poly fill

7. Amber Lewis x Loloi Celestia Pillowcase

8. Marine Striped Cotton Throw Pillow

9. Amber Lewis x Lolli Dolly Clay/Natural Pillow

10. Amber Lewis x Loloe Zephyr Pillow

11. Wells Pillow – PMH-0041 by Joanna Gaines x Loloe

12. Riley Pillow – PMH-0043 by Joanna Gaines x Loloe

I actually already own quite a few of the pillows I linked above. You can see number 3 on the menu here in the cafe’s dining space, number 1 In our sun roomand numbers 5 and 7 are present both of them It was designed in the seating nook of our kitchen, as we saw here And here. Number 7 is now in our master bedroom, which I haven’t shared with you yet. I love that I can switch these pillows from room to room in our house and everything will still look nice and put together. This allows me to make the most of my small decorating budget, and helps the rooms in our house blend seamlessly from room to room. Any pillow for you Favorite from my list?

My favorite Loloi rugs are throw pillows

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