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My Favorite Couch Covers For Pets

Pets favorite couch covers

* Post posted today thanks Nolan Interiors, and features the gifted product for express review purposes. . All opinions are mine

By now, you may have noticed quite a bit of “spin” when it comes to the furniture in our home. I love change, and get excited when looking for cool new pieces of furniture for our rooms. This means that I am constantly selling old furniture to make room for new items, but every now and then we come across a piece that can be saved. That perfect example of style, function, form and comfort, that we’ll keep for years and years – maybe forever!

Case in point: the sectional sofa in our sunroom. We’ve had this sofa since 2017, and have no plans to pass it on to a new owner. We love the slightly warm gray color of the upholstery, the durable feel of the fabric itself is really easy to clean, and the low-profile silhouette is a great complement to our modern aesthetic. Sadly, it has since been discontinued by the company we ordered it from, so we’ll never be able to replace it directly if something happens to it, so we’re crazy about this sofa. We steam clean them regularly to keep the fabric in pristine condition, and fluff the cushions regularly so they keep their shape. However, there is one thing we’ve been struggling with lately, and that’s stopping our new kitten, Marlowe, from clawing at the fabric.

Pets favorite couch coversPets favorite couch coversPets favorite couch covers

Marlowe loves to stroll across the space of this extra-wide sofa, and I I love seeing her jump around with her toys, but I get embarrassed every time I hear her claws sink into the fabric of the sofa and rip a little. I knew it was time to discover an extra layer of protection so we could keep our favorite sofa looking its best for another five years — and hopefully, even more.

If you’re on social media, you’ve probably seen this Magic sofa covers found all over the internet. These have exploded in popularity in the past year, and I don’t mind admitting that I was intrigued by the idea of ​​being able to cover our couch in what seemed like a few seconds. how lucky you are to have it, Nolan Interiors (the manufacturer of these genius sofa covers) happened to call about a partnership at this exact time, so I jumped at the opportunity to give them a try.

Pets favorite couch coversPets favorite couch coversPets favorite couch coversPets favorite couch covers

I chose them Magic sofa cover in “wheat” style.. The subtle checkered pattern looks a perfect fit with our aesthetic at home, and I love how the almost ‘light grey’ color matches the gray sectional sofa. I ordered two Seat covers, three back covers, and one Chair Cover – Total Total is under $125. Not bad for covers that protect almost the entire surface area of ​​our giant clip! The only pieces left exposed are the arms and the back of the sofa, so I keep a close eye on Marlowe when she walks and plays on those surfaces.

Lids arrived ready to go. I ran them through the washer and dryer to freshen them up, then wrapped each cover around its designated pillow. Each cover has a tag telling you what type it is (“back”, “seat”, or “sofa”) so putting it on your sofa was a breeze. Although putting on the covers only took seconds the internet would have you believe, it was very quick and easy. I was done in less than 10 minutes. The process is basically the same as putting a fitted sheet on a mattress, if you can imagine it.

Pets favorite couch coversPets favorite couch coversPets favorite couch coversPets favorite couch covers

Pets favorite couch covers

Pets favorite couch covers

I’ve left that detail picture above so you can see how the covers not only protect our sofa from claws but also help catch pets’ fur separately. As soon as I notice that the sofa covers are getting a bit furry, I quickly vacuum them and then every so often I go ahead and run them through the wash to remove all the pet dander. It’s a great system, and I feel so much better about being able to keep our couch for a long time now. Bonus: the fabric of the covers is actually much softer than the upholstery of the sofa itself, so I find myself lying on this sofa a lot more than I used to. I want sofa covers everyone of our sofas now! Get it on Nolan Interior’s website herePlease let me know which style and color you will get.

Pets favorite couch covers

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