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My Best Kitten Litter Training Tips

My best tips for litter training kittens

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If you’ve been following us since last year, you know we adopted two kittens over the summer. Five months later, those “kittens” look like they’re practically grown — or at least Marlowe is. Joe still has some things to do, but he’s getting there. While they may do so look They’re all grown up, though, so they still act 100 percent like cats. They are constantly running around, wrestling with each other or playing with toys, eating like Labrador Retrievers (i.e. voraciously), and their litter habits have been a bit slow on the uptake. I thought I’d break down some litter training tricks that have worked for us in case you’re in the same boat with for you Cats or kittens.

Oh, and I should mention that the photos in today’s post are all from A collection of promotional photos I was hired to shoot modcat Just before the holiday season starts. Our cats have been very good role models, and I love being able to show off their hard work here in today’s post. By the way, we really like Modkat pet products. Links to their goodies are all over the post below!

My best tips for litter training kittens

My best tips for litter training kittens

Going back to the topic of litter training, our situation is a bit unique since Joe is “special needs.” You can read more about his story and his difficult start in life here, but the gist is that we suspect he has some delayed brain development due to an infection he contracted from a head wound when he was a kitten. Joe actually spent the first weeks/months of his life with our vet recovering under her watchful care, and since we adopted him in August, we have put him on all kinds of medications. He struggled at first, but seems to be growing better now. We have finally weaned him off the meds and are hoping the worst is behind him.

My best tips for litter training kittens

My best tips for litter training kittens

My best tips for litter training kittens

All of this means that zero waste training was kind of the least on our long list of concerns. We just wanted our little one to be healthy and thriving first! Now that he seems to be on the upswing, we’re getting really serious about litter box training him. Joe was always good at keeping the poop in the box, but he chose several places around the house to pee on in his free time — the couch in the sunroom, two rugs, the bathtub, and the dining room chair. I know I said that litter training him was “the least of our worries” before, but it was definitely a huge stressor for me.

My best tips for litter training kittensMy best tips for litter training kittens

My home is my sanctuary. I thrive here and pour my heart and soul into this space. It’s also my job to make her look her best, so I really struggled when Joe was urinating out of control. In fact, up to this point, I’ve only adopted female cats because I’ve heard that marking is more common in males, and Joe seems determined to prove my assumptions correct. But I also think his delayed development has a lot to do with his bad habits. The (amazing!) good news is that he seems to be improving, so I thought it was finally time to dive into the things we did to help Joe when it came to using his litter box every time he needed to go. . .

My best tips for litter training kittens

My best tips for litter training kittens

Tips for litter training kittens:

1. Buy several litter boxes, even if you only have one kitten: I’m sure you’ve heard that you need to buy “one litter box per cat, plus an extra litter box.” We actually have five now, but I hope we can slowly reduce that number as our cats get older after the training phase is over. The more boxes the better when they learn!

2. Use a variety of litter box types: We use mostly Modkat XL litter box In our house (which you see in the photo in today’s post), but we have it too This box And another, slightly simpler and smaller box is available for Joe and Marlowe. I want to make sure they have plenty of options depending on their preferences and needs.

3. Create multiple litter areas throughout your home: We converted our guest room closet and my office closet into special litter box areas for our kitties, and we added a third area in our living room. This means I can quickly put Joe in the litter box if I feel like he’s acting like he needs to go, and again, this gives the cats plenty of bathroom options as they physically move through their day.

4. Keep garbage areas clean: Just like you and me, your cat/kitten wants a clean bathroom to use! I take the trash out of our five bins every morning and evening This odor control litter holderI also tidy up loose trash around the bin holes This dust bowl set.

5. Use a special attractive brush: When we discovered that Joe was urinating outside his litter box, our vet suggested we move him in doctor. Elsey Cat Attract Litter. It’s dustier and more misshapen than our old clumpy litter, but both Joe and Marlo seem to love using it, so now it’s all we buy for their litter boxes. It seems to have a special type of nA natural herbal attractant that is supposed to (you guessed it!) attract cats.

6. Put your cat in the litter box: One of the best things for us is actually putting Joe inside his crate every hour or when he seems like he needs to go. We don’t have to do it every hour now that he’s older (we see him going to the litter box more often on his own now), but it helped a lot in the beginning. He went to us almost every time we put him in the crate, which gave us some peace of mind that he wouldn’t soil our bedding or furniture for at least a little while.

7. Deep clean any marked areas: We use This portable carpet and upholstery cleaner To deep clean any furniture Joe has had an accident on, and This straight shampoo It was great for cleaning carpets. Our vet suggested it This urine cleanerWe use this in our devices as a liquid cleaning solution. We also keep a spray bottle of Urine Off on hand under the kitchen sink to treat areas as needed.

8. Get rid of things that are irreparably wet: Unfortunately, some things go too far after a while. We were cleaning it really well, but Joe kept coming back to spot those same spots. We ended up getting rid of some clothes storage bags he tagged and a couple of rugs. Sometimes you just have to make sacrifices for your pets… Thankfully, we haven’t had to throw anything away in over a month, so hopefully that phase is behind us.

9. Cover the areas they tend to target: One of the things we did after having to get rid of the living room carpet was cover up the stains on the new carpet that were near where Joe had previously located them. I have placed two Reusable pet training blankets Top of the carpet to prevent any urine from penetrating the new carpet. The blankets are washable, so I thought I could clean them in case anything bad happened, but so far, Joe has left them alone. I think getting rid of the old carpet and starting over with a clean, odor free carpet helped a lot.

10. Use Diffusers and Sprays to Prevent Marking: I have always relied on These soothing sprays and diffusers Let’s keep our cats from doing bad things. I’m not entirely sure it will work, but I’m willing to try anything at this point! They certainly can’t hurt, and are highly recommended by veterinarians. It’s one of those invisible things that I think we should trust to work.

11. Praise and Commendation: Finally, praise your furry kids when they do this Do Take it the right way! I keep cat treats in all of our litter areas so I can give Joe and Marlo little rewards when they use their litter boxes successfully. A happy voice says “Good job!!!” It seems to go a long way too, along with lots of soft pets and cuddles.

My best tips for litter training kittens

My best tips for litter training kittens

The last few months have certainly not been easy during this unpleasant phase, but we love our pets and would do anything for them. We are so grateful that we ended up with these two cuties, and we are really proud of the progress they have made in their litter training. I hope we can get Joe to a place where he feels comfortable using his crates at all times. Please send us your happy thoughts as we continue to work our way through the training (it’s definitely working!), and if you have your own tips to share, leave them in the comments.

My best tips for litter training kittens

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