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Money-Saving Camper Accessories You Can’t Afford To Miss

Setting up an RV or camper can be expensive and stressful. What stroller accessories do you need, and where is the best place to buy them? Discount stores can be an excellent place to start looking for much-needed items for your new cart.

Camp smarter, save money

You just bought a new recreational vehicle (RV) but need to know what you need. Oftentimes, people load up their new mobile home with unnecessary stuff. Although stocking a new camper is like furnishing a new home, there are a few key things to remember.

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Avoid heavy items

When considering the right plates, pans and mugs for you Camping mealsNotice how heavy it is. Melamine plates and bowls are lighter than earthenware and glass. Of course, paper products will ease your burden. However, it is not a green alternative.

Instead of suitcases, choose lightweight plastic boxes or packing cubes for clothes and shoes. big Zipper Plastic bags can help you stay organized in small travel trailers. even if you were Solo campingYou may need more space.

Decoration hints prints

How can you save money on RV accessories?

There are several ways to store your new camper without breaking the bank. Consider these options:

  • Discount stores (Ollies, Big Lots)
  • Closed stores (bargain hunting)
  • Second-hand stores (Goodwill, Salvation Army)
  • Sales yard
  • specialized catalogs
  • active shops (Amazon)
  • Shop for your own home

Home shopping for RV camping supplies is the perfect way to save money. We all have extra linen stuffed in the closets, like towels, sheets, and bedding.

Airbnb Camper Inspiration - Camper Accessories - Living Room
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When you collect items from your primary residence for your RV or fifth wheel, you’re not only furnishing your RV, you’ll also be de-cluttering in the process. It’s a win situation!

Towels, linens and more

  • kitchen towels
  • Dish towels
  • pot holders
  • towels
  • Bath towels
  • hand towels
  • bathroom rug
  • throw rugs
  • sheets
  • Blankets/Comforters
  • throw pillows
  • curtains
  • artistic work

While outfitting your cart with linens, follow a theme or color scheme. This look can transition from your living space into your bedroom.

Airbnb Camper Inspiration - Camper Accessories - Living Room
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Many of these items are available at the above discount options. If you’re not on a tight budget, department stores will have everything you need. If you are looking for camping themed RV accessories then browse Camping World near you, it has everything you need and want.


  • air fryer
  • Electric fryer
  • hot dish
  • toaster
  • coffee maker
  • Digital clock with thermometer
  • hair dryer
  • razor
  • curling iron
  • a fan

The air fryer will do many of the cooking tasks for you. Cooking outdoors can be fun with more space inside the camper. (See more about outdoor living below.)

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Since kitchen storage can be challenging, many people set up an entire kitchen under their RV canopy to save space inside. You may already have an outdoor kitchen in your mobile home or travel trailer. These usually come with a microwave, sink, and small refrigerator.

What RV Supplies Do You Need in Your Toolkit?

Yes, tools are a must for your mobile home. Again, shopping at discount hardware stores like Harbor Freight will save you time and money. High dollar tools are optional. Don’t forget that if a cheap screwdriver can turn a screw; It’s the tool for the job!

Airbnb Camper Inspiration - Camper Accessories - Living Room Area
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Recommended hand tools

  • drills or impact driver
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Flat head screwdriver
  • ordinary pliers and a needle
  • Hammer
  • socket set
  • level

Random RV supplies

  • Adhesive tape
  • tarp
  • pregnancy
  • Valves are in common sizes

additional items

Under the “don’t leave home without it” category, you may find yourself wishing you had these simple items:

  • office supplies
  • tape
  • string
  • scissors
  • plastic bags
  • Trash bags

Outdoor living

Since most of your camping time will be spent outside, these items will make you more comfortable. Cooking outside is a favorite pastime for many outdoor enthusiasts. Look for options that are compact and lighter than what you might use for your home.

Airbnb Camper Inspiration - Camper Accessories - Outdoor Lighting
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  • grill
  • tongs, spatula, grill brush
  • Matches, lighters
  • fire starters
  • chairs
  • side tables


  • Sewer hose
  • water hose
  • Cheap hose intended for cleaning tanks
  • RV surge protector
  • New mattress
  • Honeycomb camper, AKA portable RV bag

A dealer will only supply a few items when you purchase a new RV, RV, fifth wheel, or travel trailer. One of the first items you need on your list is a hose to empty your tanks. Generally, the part included in your purchase will be unusually short and will not make it to your delivery point. A honey cart, also known as an RV tote, will only be used if you do not have full hookups at your site.

RV resorts will have all of your amenities included in your camping fee. If you prefer a more rural experience, state parks are a great alternative, although they rarely have full hookups on your site. If you’re planning an extended stay and your tanks are full, the honey cart will connect to your tow vehicle, allowing you to take your waste to the dump station.

You can get many drinking water hoses, but the best option is a lightweight drinking hose. Knowing these things happen will save you a lot of money.

If you plan to wire your RV at home, you may need to purchase an additional 50- or 30-amp power cord to get the length you need. These extension cords come with a standard 110 plug. Ideally, if you plan to run air conditioner While parking at home, you will need a breaker specifically for your vehicle.

Most RVs come with “premium” mattresses. Don’t let that term fool you for one minute. There are no box springs, so your comfort depends on the quality of this premium mattress. The mattress may help you through the first season. If you choose to replace it, it is likely that you will need a “short” queen. One way to buy an expensive custom mattress is to buy a memory foam mattress. Why memory foam? Because you can trim them to size using an electric knife or a long serrated knife.

Airbnb Camper Inspiration - Camper Accessories - Green tiled shower area

Outdoor recreational vehicle accessories

  • carpet
  • light
  • decor
  • tablecloths
  • pet accessories
  • leaf blower
  • Fire poker
  • Canopy, screen tent

If you like a relaxed environment, carpets or mats It will add color to your space. Solar lights are generally lightweight and will not require extension cords which can be a safety hazard.

Airbnb Camper Inspiration - Camper Accessories - Outdoor with Table
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The decor is definitely up for interpretation. If you’ve ever been to a camping spot, you’ll get a lot of ideas when you check your neighbors’ “settings”.

Another way to add color to your campsite is to use tablecloths for the picnic table and outdoor cooktop that many campgrounds provide.

Pet accessories range from beds, bowls, fences, and more.

Having room for a leaf blower will save you a lot of time cleaning up outside.

The canopy will provide shade when there are no trees nearby. Using a screen tent will allow you to watch beautiful sunsets without fighting mosquitoes. If the screen tent is big enough to sit on top of a picnic table, you’ll enjoy relaxing meals.

Take advantage of storage

RVs have limited storage space inside and out. You will need to use this space to your advantage strategically.

Outdoor storage, sometimes called a “basement”, may span the full width of your stand. If this is the case, consider under bed storage containers. These containers are shallow and tall, and act as a large drawer that you can pull out to access. The items to be stored in a container like this will be the grilling accessories (described above).

The second bag may contain tools and the like. You can use a similar bag to hold water hoses, power, or extension cords.

The drawstring mesh laundry bags will help collect baby toys and more. Small plastic shoe boxes are suitable for solar lights.

Airbnb Camper Inspiration - Camper Accessories - Bedroom Area
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Under bed storage will be better organized with or without tote bags with lids. Using individual bags for dirty sheets, towels, and laundry will ensure everything stays in its place while you’re on the road.

After the first season, consider re-evaluating your storage options as you see what works and what doesn’t.

cart modifications

  • kitchen sink
  • faucet
  • Dinette to daybed
  • TV upgrade
  • air conditioner
  • Add shelves
  • Interior coating

No list of RV accessories would be complete without a discussion of camper modifications. Your home away from home should reflect your style and comfort.

Camper manufacturers try to cut costs to make your adventures more affordable. Consider these ideas whether you make adjustments early on or in the future.

Replacing your standard kitchen sink and faucet will make the task of washing dishes more enjoyable.

If your RV doesn’t have a sofa, consider permanently lowering your dinette table for a makeshift daybed for lounging.

Although you may not have the space for larger TVs, you may want to upgrade to a Smart TV if you have access to the Internet and prefer to stream your favorite channels.

If you don’t have ductwork, add a rotating AC vent to change the direction of air, making the ceiling unit quieter.

Oftentimes, storage can be a challenge in the bedroom. addition Temporary shelving without drilling Having one or both wardrobe areas will give you more space for shirts, bottoms, pajamas, etc.

If your camper has a lot of wood stain, get some paint and a paintbrush to refresh some of the walls or cabinets.

Your RV should be comfortable and make you smile every time you get in it.

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