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Mixing Dish Detergent, Laundry Soap, and Multipurpose Cleaners is a Recipe for Disaster

A cardinal cleaning rule is that you don’t mix products unless the package clearly tells you to do so. Mixing the wrong cleaning products creates toxic gases. For example, mixing bleach and vinegar produces chlorine gas, which can cause breathing problems, eye irritation, skin blistering, and in some cases death.

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Still, although many know the dangers of mixing cleaning products, a popular trend tick tock Includes “recipes” that combine multi-purpose cleaners, dishwasher tabs, laundry detergents, and fabric softeners.

This is one of the worst CleanTok hacks ever

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If you value the safety of you and your loved ones, don’t mix cleaning products. For example, dish detergents are tested on dishes — manufacturers don’t test them with a solution mixed in a bucket. While not every cleaning combination is going to produce a toxic byproduct, it’s not worth the gamble.

Another reason not to mix cleaners formula

A prime example is fabric softener, which coats your clothes in a thin waxy substance that reduces static cling and softens the fabric. So, what happens when you mop your floor with a mixture containing fabric softener? Instead of cleaning, it leaves a thin layer of wax. You may not notice this layer immediately, but your floor will develop a white smoke that will be difficult to remove after repeated use.

Use the cleaner as intended

Dishwasher tabs break up grease and food stuck on food, laundry detergent removes dirt from fabric, and multipurpose cleaners are perfect for many hard surfaces. Combining these ingredients does not increase their cleaning power. Instead, it likely causes more damage to the surface you’re cleaning.

You can clean your home just as much by using the products as intended As an added benefit, you’ll save money and not damage your home or health in the process.


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