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Mermaid Crafts – Studio DIY

Collection of mermaid crafts for kids

Whether your kids are interested in all things under the sea or simply love mermaids, these mermaid crafts are sure to be a lot of fun for them! They’re all unique and creative, and they’re a great way to keep your kids busy while making memories together!

All of these crafts can be made using items you probably already have in your home or can easily be found at local craft stores. Because we love crafts here, we have a dedicated craft closet in our house. This post is about everything we like to have in craft projects like this!

Mermaid clothespins

Mermaid crafts

Clothespins are great craft items because they are budget friendly and you can do a lot with them. For this craft, become colorful little mermaids. Paint the bottom half with bright colors and decorate with colored craft paper to form the head, hair and tail of the mermaid.

Image source and inspiration from Darcy and Brian

Mermaid slime

Mermaid slime craft.

It’s super easy to make mermaid slime using glitter glue, thick glitter, water and baking soda. This sparkling slime looks like a mermaid’s tail and can be a fun activity to do with your kids or for a mermaid-themed birthday party.

Image source and inspiration from Best ideas for kids

Mermaid treasure chests

Making mermaid treasure chests

Every undersea craft project needs a treasure chest! These mermaid-themed treasure boxes are made using paper egg cartons, so they’re less wasteful and a great way to reuse items around your home. Your kids will love filling them with their own buried treasures!

Image source and inspiration from Mama’s diary

Mermaid coloring pages

Sequin coloring pages

Simple coloring pages are fun no matter how old the child is! These mermaid coloring pages can be colored with paint and tiny colorful sequins that make up the sparkly tail!

Image source and inspiration from Best ideas for kids

Mermaid pipe cleaner dolls

Craft pipe cleaner dolls on the table.

Pipe cleaners are another easy-to-find craft item that can be used to create these whimsical mermaid dolls. You will also need threads for the hair, beads for the face, and an artificial flower for the tail.

Image source and inspiration from Hi cool

Glitter vinyl tube bracelets

Shiny bracelets on the child's arm.

Take the magic of the sea everywhere you go with these sparkling charm bracelets. Clear PVC vinyl tubing is filled in pink, purple, blue, green or silver.

Image source and inspiration from Pumpkin and princess

DIY painted mermaid seashell necklaces

Seashell necklaces on the sand.

Use store-bought seashells or seashells found on a recent beach trip to make mermaid shell necklaces. They are decorated with watercolor paint and dyed rock salt. Attach the ribbon and you’ve got the cutest mermaid necklace ever! This is also another great idea for a mermaid or under the sea party.

Image source and inspiration from Barley and birch

Mermaid decoration craft

Make mermaid decorations on paper.

These mermaid doll crafts are made from cardstock. You can get the design from Meri Meri then print it out and glue everything together. I love the idea of ​​using these dolls to decorate the bedroom or as a festive activity for guests.

Image source and inspiration from Meri Meri

Mermaid fin hair clip craft

Mermaid fin hair clip on a sequined table

This sparkly mermaid tail hair clip is a great way to finish off a mermaid costume. Blue craft foam is cut into the shape of a mermaid’s tail and sparkling sequins are glued on to look like scales. Attach the tail with a hair clip and you’re ready!

Image source and inspiration from Find enthusiasm

Mermaid Tail Paper Plate Craft

Mermaid craft from paper on the table.

Another simple mermaid craft can be made using paper plates, paint, and glitter glue. The paper plates are painted in bright or muted colors to create a mermaid tail and glitter glue around the edges is the perfect finishing touch!

Image source and inspiration from Mama Gots (Instagram)

Seamless mermaid headband

Close-up mermaid felt headband.

This seamless mermaid headband will be a great addition to your Halloween costume this year. The felt is cut into the shape of seashells and starfish beads and white seeds are glued throughout.

Image source and inspiration from Leah Griffith

DIY mermaid soap

Mermaid Tail Soap.

This DIY mermaid soap can be a fun gift for your child’s mermaid-loving friend or as a party favor. They are easy to make and can be customized to use your favorite colors.

Image source inspired by Moments at home

DIY Mermaid Scales Painted Rocks

Painted rocks on a table.

If your child enjoys nature, look for smooth rocks to paint from nearby lakes or rivers. Then use blue, silver, green, and gold paint to create the mermaid’s scales.

Image source and inspiration from Projects with children

More craft ideas

Mermaids are magical and so much fun. These craft ideas are a great activity to do over the weekend when your kids want to do something fun or while watching any of the Little Mermaid movies!


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