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Measurement Conversion Chart Printable – Crafts by Amanda

Every kitchen needs a convenient measurement conversion chart. How many cups in a quart? How many tablespoons in a cup? After making these mason jar labels we realized we needed a conversion chart too!

Free Printable Measurement Conversion Chart

Free Kitchen Measurement Conversion Chart

I love baking, but math isn’t my forte. Since accurate measurements are so important to a successful recipe, I created an easy way kitchen measurement conversion chart To do the math for me. This printable chart can be hung in your kitchen or inside your cabinets so it is easily accessible whenever you cook!

This measurement conversion chart at the top provides measurement equivalents for tablespoons, teaspoons and cups. Below the chart, I’ve also given conversions for liquid measurements. If you’re like me and you can never remember what capacity different sized mason jars hold, you’ll love this chart!

measurement conversion chart

you will need

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clipboard with conversions

Start by downloading the PDF to your hard drive. Remember where you saved it so you can find it again later.

Kitchen Transformation Free Printable

Print the kitchen conversion chart (found below) on high quality printer paper or cardstock. I like to use the best quality setting on my printer so that the chart prints clearly.

Kitchen Conversion Chart in a Frame

You can either frame the chart or clip it to a clipboard, whichever option works best for your kitchen. Now you can refer to it whenever you can’t remember how many teaspoons are in a teaspoon!

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conversion chart

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