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Need a fun and easy group costume for Halloween? Perfect Mario Kart costume! Try these easy costumes for your family or friends.

A long tradition in our family? We sit down to absolutely destroy each other in an absurdly competitive round of Mario Kart.

So, when it came time to decide on a family Halloween costume, it was kind of a no-brainer. We’ve all chosen our favorite Mario Kart characters!

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This group Halloween costume is super easy to make

One of the reasons I loved this family Halloween costume is that unlike some of our other previous costumes, the Mario Kart costumes were a light lift and very easy to put together.

I also love Halloween costumes that use items from your closet, or real-life clothing pieces that you would use again. There’s no reason to cut the budget for an outfit you’ll only wear once.

Finally, the best costumes are comfortable and easy to wear while the kids are running around trick-or-treating.

These costumes check all those boxes!

More group Halloween costumes

We’ve had family Halloween costumes and group costume ideas for many years! It’s one of our favorite family traditions.

We’ve got ideas and tutorials for everything from an easy Where’s Waldo costume to a super unique In-N-Out costume. Here are some more!

Mario Kart characters

Obviously, the four characters we’ve chosen aren’t just from Mario Kart. They are classic characters from many different Mario games.

But the beauty of Mario Kart is that all your favorite characters are gathered in one place! So, if you have a larger group or family, you have plenty of characters to choose from.

We chose Mario, Luigi, Donkey Kong, and Princess Peach.

Easy Donkey Kong costume

Ryan and Maggie as DK and Peach were a great combination because of the size difference.

For an easy Donkey Kong Halloween costume, use a base of brown pants and a brown t-shirt or long-sleeve shirt.

The key to making Donkey Kong special is a red tie with the DK symbol at the end.

We sourced a red tie and added the DK symbol by cutting it out of felt and gluing it to the tie.

Princess Peach Halloween costume

Maggie’s costume required the most attention to craftsmanship, and by “the most” I mean I think it took me about half an hour.

Start with a Basic dress In pink, which somewhat resembles a peach dress.

Then use hot glue to adhere the blue gem to the chest.

We created a crown by gluing a piece of glitter foam sheet into a small circle on top of an empty headband. Cut the top of the foam to get a crown shape.

Next, glue the gems around the crown. Add white gloves and ballet shoes.

Mario and Luigi costumes

This was the easiest! Henry and I were wearing work clothes we owned, and a red and green shirt from our closets.

You have made a purchase This package From Mario and Luigi hats, gloves and mustaches from Amazon. These were the only items that impressed me on the DIY front and were worth purchasing.

Add Mario Kart elements to your Halloween costume

If you want to make the costume more like Mario Kart and not just the standard Mario characters, consider adding some fun elements!

hereIt’s a very cute way to add a car to an outfit. You can also add other small details, such as giving each character a trick-or-treat bucket decorated in the shape of a mushroom, star, or bullet.

I listen! xoxo

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