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Make Your Energy Bills More Affordable in the Winter Months

Texas uses more energy for cooling and heating than any other American state. Generally, larger homes require more electricity than compact homes due to the additional square footage. The average size of large homes in Houston is 1,952 square feet However, the size of the house cannot be the basis for concluding the energy consumption rate of the house In many cases, a newly built large house can run on the same energy needs as an older house. Is your Houston home big or small? Or, it is a new or old construction. Regardless, a few precautions on your part can make a difference in your home’s electricity usage and therefore energy bills during the winter.

Mobile phone heating app

It can start with finding a reliable electricity supplier. Fortunately, Houston offers decent options in this area. Now let’s cover the other factors.


Close gaps that allow warm air to escape and cool air to enter Checking your room and all corners will reveal areas with cold air drafts They will lead you to the source. Typically, older window frames lose their caulk over time and allow outside air to enter your home. You can make a call Houston Handyman to seal them. At the same time, they can inspect other windows and spaces to improve insulation problems.

Thermostat settings

You can buy a programmable thermostat to reduce energy consumption. Keep the temperature low when you are outside your home, and run it at 68-70 F when you are at home. This simple practice can reduce your heating costs by 10%. You can let it run at a lower temperature at night to keep the environment cool.

Adjusting the heating thermostat

Ceiling fan

Although it may seem counterintuitive, using a ceiling fan during the winter months can help keep your home warm. How? Many fans can be rotated in different directions by flipping the switch to direct the airflow a certain way. For example, if you adjust it to move clockwise, the fan will circulate hot air into the room, creating a comfortable temperature. Do you want to install a ceiling fan? Rent a Local handyman service for this

Use of water heaters

Household water heating systems constitute 18% of utility bills. You can manage your energy consumption in these areas by using heaters at lower temperatures. Manufacturers put it at 140 degrees Fahrenheit, while 120 degrees Fahrenheit will do the job. With this small change, you could see a 10% improvement in your energy bills during the winter. You can adjust the settings yourself or get professional help depending on your situation.

If you go back through all the suggestions, you will realize how easy it is to implement certain changes. Thus, find out all possible areas where you can reduce your daily energy consumption needs. At the same time, please keep all your heating and cooling systems in good shape so they require less energy to operate efficiently. When some electrical devices become old, get rid of them. Otherwise, they will continue to waste more energy.


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