Loloi x Amber Lewis Area Rug Preview


Preview of the Loloi x Amber Lewis area rug

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There’s a new rug in our house, and we absolutely love it! This one comes from a recent collaboration between amber lewis and lolwe rags, Two of my favorite people in the design world. Amber Lewis is known for her cool California style, and this collection of new rugs (and pillows!) is quintessentially “amber.” The patterns are sophisticated, the colors are earthy, and the vintage-inspired designs look truly vintage, but without the astronomical price tag. See more of the collection this wayBut before you go, let’s take a closer look at the rug you chose.

Preview of the Loloi x Amber Lewis area rug

I ended up going for GER-05 Denim/Spice design from the Georgie collectionwhich has been a longtime fan favorite of Amber Lewis and Loloi. You’ll see our new rug pictured here in the guest room, but I actually recently moved it into our living room. I would still love to display the rug in our guest room, because we get great natural light in this space which allows you to really appreciate the classic look of this Georgian rug.

Preview of the Loloi x Amber Lewis area rug

See how it looks more faded to one side? This intentional printing technique is what gives this rug a high-end feel without the hefty price tag, as I said, but it also means that, unlike real antique woven rugs, this printed design is much easier to keep clean. We have Loloi flat print rugs all over our house because there’s no pile to vacuum and hardly any mess to make with no effort or cleaning product at all. They’re also easy to steam clean, which is really important to us since we maintain a house full of pets.

It is worth noting that although there is no pile in this flat printed rug, it is not at all thin or uncomfortable to stand on. We always use Rug pads When placing rugs on hardwood floors, it helps create a cushiony feel, but it doesn’t really need it. These flat rugs feel nice and plush underfoot.

Preview of the Loloi x Amber Lewis area rug

The pictures in today’s post are a good representation of the colors, but I wanted to specifically point out the main colors for those of you wondering. I would say the main color is navy blue, with hints of light sky blue throughout. There’s quite a bit of mustard gold in the pattern, and in low-light spaces, those golden tones pop out to look more like rust pink and blush pink. There is also some white woven fabric, which gives this rug a high-contrast appeal.

Preview of the Loloi x Amber Lewis area rug

I have to remember to take some pictures of the rug now in the living room because it looks really good in that dark room too, proving that this rug works well in almost any space you put it in – whether it’s brightly lit or lacks natural sunlight. Shop the Georgie rug from the Loloi x Amber Lewis collection herePlease let me know if you have questions about this or… any Rug from the Loloi archive. We are huge fans of their rugs! Click here if you’d like to read more of my rug reviews, including quite a few Loloi reviews.

Preview of the Loloi x Amber Lewis area rug

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