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Lime Ricki x Lars – The Brasil swimsuit Collection

We are alive! Our second group with Lyme Ricky Available now in their store and I have to say, even though I feel like I say this every time, this is our best collection ever! It’s called the Brazil Collection, and it’s inspired by the time I lived there in my early twenties. Its landscape is very distinctive, the foliage is lush, and the beaches are unparalleled. It is a magical place with a fascinating history that played an integral role in the collection.

Brazil Collection of Lime Ricky

Our latest collection was inspired by Scandinavia, where I lived when Paul and I got married, and this time I wanted something more tropical and beachy but in our own Lars style. I looked back at this special time in my life where I lived for almost two years. The beach and being outside is a big part of the culture and I wanted to tap into that. I lived in a big city called Curitiba, but I spent some time in Rio de Janeiro where my group is based. The famous beaches of Ipanema and Cobabana with those black and white pebbled calsadas in the most amazing designs. I’ll be talking more about design inspiration in an upcoming post, so stay tuned!

Passion fruit

We have some styles in a variety of silhouettes that are perfect for mixing and matching. The first is passion fruit, which comes in pink/orange One-piece rash guard

And green/blue Knotted crop top And A pocket.

And the High neck passion fruit one piece Which is amazing! All those amazing colors in one piece. Plus, you have to see the back! It’s very good.


The next style is the calzada, which is based on those gorgeous cobblestone sidewalks you can find all over Brazil. They were everywhere I lived in Curitiba, but they are perhaps best known on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro. You can tell where each one is based on the patterns. There is a popular wavy pattern that we have adapted into our sarongs, which will be released soon. We’ve adapted the floral motif into our Calcada pattern, which is found in a number of silhouettes – a patchwork on Peplum, Classic one piece, square neck, And a A few Different Bottoms. We also put them in classic black and white like sidewalks. Everyone always loves a good black and white!

Parachute lines

Finally, we wanted to capture the colorful umbrella lines in the sand, so we came up with colorful tape in this one bralette And Short boy Which I think is very cute and can be used for many other uses.

Honest review from our team

We have many different shapes and sizes on our team, so we thought we’d share the choices we made and why. Leave a comment if you have any specific questions. Honestly, if I could, I would try as many silhouettes as I could to see what works best and then send the rest. You never know which one will suit you best! In addition, Lyme Ricky has Saleh researcher So you can find what suits you.


“For our latest collection, I chose a peplum, boy shorts, and a dress. I love how comfortable I felt in each of them. I didn’t have to worry about covering myself up or falling off. I ended up trying all the styles in the middle of the summer and found there was just something about trying them Really helped me make a better decision. I loved how the one piece fit. This time I’m going with the calacada one piece, the peplum/boy short set again, and the black calacada rash guard. I like to be covered from the sun. Each piece has great coverage and the material is Great quality. Call me a forever Lime Ricki fan and not just because we love collaborating with them!

Jenny, Brand Manager

“I’m an active beach and pool goer. I jump in the water, surf, and run on the beach, so I love swimwear that can handle that level of movement while still looking cute!” The Lime Ricki swimsuit from the Brasil collection is gorgeous And functional. The canopy lines are everything and the Calcada flowers with contrasting decoration are so gorgeous. My favorite piece of the top is the bra – I like something simple and easy to wear, and I like that there isn’t any loose fabric anywhere, so if I wear it under a wetsuit it won’t make any fuss. Retro boys shorts are also my favorite. I love how the fit feels feminine and long on the legs, while also having good coverage when I’m running and don’t want to worry about being too cheeky. I can’t say enough good things!!!”

Jenny’s Picks

Gareth, designer and illustrator

“The passionfruit and calacada prints were so fun to design. It was really hard to choose a favorite, so I ordered a suit in both prints! For the passionfruit print, I chose a high-neck one-piece. I was looking for a cute one-piece with better coverage for beach play.” I’m in love with the new design of this suit! The strappy back with the bow is so cute. Seeing this silhouette blocked out in the passion fruit print is even better! I can’t wait to wear this. For the calacada print, there were so many options to choose from. I ended up Choosing the calcada boy shorts. They’re in a great length and I love the high waist. I’m already picturing them as a summer staple. Pair them with a great pair of sandals and a white t-shirt? Done. Are you wearing them to get some dopamine wear while working out at the gym? Yes please. “

Jane, photographer

“I love the block of colors and the florals make them pop! The visual journey takes you to the destination of feeling confident in a swimsuit. I love combining different styles together and these were the perfect suits! I chose the Calcada one piece because all those colors are together plus the brass buttons are behind it. Also I got the peplum and short boy because I love the way it fits my body.

Okay, okay, that’s all for now. I’ll be sharing more about the inspiration behind the collection soon. Stay tuned! In the meantime, thank you for your enthusiasm for the group. This collaboration was once again a dream come true, and a huge team effort from vision to conception to execution. There are a lot of moving parts and we love sharing them with you all!

You can find the full collection at Lyme Reiki website!


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