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We are excited to announce our Craft of the Year 2023! In fact, it is not exactly Craft Along… It’s Sew Along and we’re going to sew a dress! We call it the LARS Sew Along Dress! It’s based on a pattern we developed, The Lars Dress obvi, and we’re going to make it…together!

If you’re new here, let me explain. Our craft all started in 2021 with making our birthday set with some absolutely adorable guests, then our heirloom photo ornaments in 2022 with some even more adorable guests. This year we’ve been thinking long and hard about what we can do to mix things up while also doing something we know you’d like to achieve. and boom. Lars dress was born. We can’t wait to get started!

Why Lars dress?

Over the years, any time we make an item of clothing we see the comments “Oh, I wish I could make my own dress too” or “I wish I knew how to sew”. As I mentioned before, I wear dresses exclusively and thought it would be fun to develop our own style (in my dreams it’s so much more than that!) Special fabrics. We’ve been working hard over the past few months to make this happen and we hope you’re ready to join us! Sew Along is about as much fun as we all make it.

What is the stitching along?

In this stitching, we’re all going to be making Lars’ dress over the course of 4 weeks starting now. This first week we collect materials, while we will spend the rest of the weeks working on the elements of the dress, which will include video instructions released each week. In one month you will have a complete dress!

Whose sewing?

We’ve designed the dress for everyone – including beginners. The template includes comprehensive written instructions (with photos!), size charts, a pattern layout, and a glossary of terms. We will also be sharing YouTube videos that show the dress stitching process from start to finish, so everyone should feel comfortable joining in. Even if you have no previous experience. It was very important to us that this sewing not only be for people who already know how to sew. The House That Lars deals with a number of crafts and sewing is one of them. Please don’t feel like you need to be literal/sewer/whatever! This is meant for you! It’s meant to be a community experiment.

what do I need?

Good question! Here are all the details:

Lars dress




7-10 hours


Instructions will be sent along with the PDF form!

All about Lars dress

There are a few things I look for in a dress that were very important to Lars’ dress:

  1. puffy sleeve (“World’s Most Fluffy” – IYKYK)
  2. loose goose. Honestly, I started wearing flowy dresses a few years ago, and it’s really hard to go back to waistlines. Life is better without them. You can quote me on that! (Of course you can link it too 😉
  3. pockets. Why do I even need to file a case about it?! However, it is still surprising how many dresses do not have pockets. Every dress deserves pockets!
  4. dress that would Beautiful pattern display. We really wanted to show off our new styles and needed a dress that could complement that.

Differences in dress:

Lars stitching along the structure

Lars Sew Along will take place over the next four months. Of course, you are welcome to design the dress at any time, but the community part is here now! Here’s how it will be divided:

Week 1: Meets pattern, fabricSupplies (see above for full list)
Week 2Sleeve opening
Week 3Construction: pockets and keyhole sections
Week 4: neckline, sleeves and hem section

Where is Lars stitching along?

As you can see, the announcement and information about Sew Along is here. Bookmark this for any questions you have about actual logistics. Next week, September 13th, we’ll be releasing a new blog post with the dress tutorial. This blog post will be updated every week with a new post Youtube Video showing how the dress is made. Any questions you have, leave them in the comments here on the blog or on Instagram. We will collect them and include them in the educational post. We’ll be posting some fun videos on Instagram as encouragement :).

Lars Fabrics

We have developed a large library of fabrics over the past several years and are finally starting to offer the option to purchase them. You can find them all in our store here. Spoonflower has a large number of different types of fabric depending on your project. For this dress, I used their cotton lawn because I wanted a light dress for the summer, but as fall/winter approaches, you can choose their signature cotton, organic cotton, or even sateen, which is really nice. Below are some dress models based on some of our fabrics. Look at those contrasting decorations!

As you know, we love a bold and colorful dress 🙂


Each year we like to focus on the philanthropic side of the craft. With so many people involved, this seems like the perfect time to give back! Like the last two years, we give to nest, a nonprofit organization focused on women in the manual labor economy. It’s an amazing organization that has already changed the craft game around the world in three ways:

  1. Advancing gender equality by celebrating women’s work
  2. Driving diversity and inclusion in the Makers movement
  3. Expanding economic opportunities through handicrafts

A portion of every Lars Dress pattern sale will be sent directly to Nest. You are also welcome to donate directly here.

Lars team

We were very fortunate to have Caroline Newman on our team this summer who developed the style for us. She did an amazing job! Thank you, Caroline! It will also lead us through the instructions at Youtube videos. She is definitely our expert seamstress! Jenny Bandley on our team made this happen, thank you Jenny! She was instrumental in keeping us on track, making sure the instructions worked well, and getting everything in order. It is the best! And I (Brittany here!) did the creative direction. It’s been a long time since I’ve made an apparel, so I’m excited to make one with everyone! In fact, everyone on our team makes a dress just for that. Stay tuned for the fabrics we have chosen!

#larsdress #larssoalong

The fun part about doing the stitching is seeing everyone working on it! If you’re joining us, please share your work either on Instagram stories, a post or a video and tag us #larsdress wow #larcio along.

OK! I think that’s it! Please leave a comment if you have a question/comment and we’ll start compiling an FAQ for a tutorial post next week. We can’t wait to make this dress with you!

See you next week for Step 1!


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