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This advent calendar for teens is full of good deeds that young people will love. Print them for free and fill your holiday season with purpose!

Advent calendar for teens

Perhaps the most popular holiday publication of all time is the Acts of Kindness Calendar.

I created it when our kids were little and filled it with holiday-themed ideas, each meant to bring joy to others and our family as we performed these small acts of kindness.

We’ve done it ourselves every year since the kids were little, and I love it. But lately, I’ve noticed that we need something different and thought maybe you do too.

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What’s on an Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar?

In the calendar I created years ago, there are all kinds of fun and festive things you can do to brighten up your neighborhood at Christmas.

Each day had a different theme of things my 1- and 3-year-old kids would love to do.

Bake cookies together and deliver them to a friend, draw chalk art for neighbors, deliver candy canes, etc.

Now that they’re older (even though they’re far from teenagers!), I can feel that those niceties aren’t the way they like to express themselves anymore.

So I thought it would be great to create the same Acts of Kindness idea for older kids, so they can get involved in the spirit of the season in ways that might resonate with them.

The advent calendar for teens came to life!

How is the advent calendar different for teens?

This new set of printables for our Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar is different because it was written with teens and pre-teens in mind.

Each gentle treatment takes less than five minutes, and is intended for older (dare I say younger?) kids.

There are a few digital kindnesses offered (send someone a silly picture to make them smile), but mostly they encourage kids to get off the screen and engage with the real world.

Some of the ideas will challenge children to step out of their comfort zone a little, and some may be simpler.

As with our last calendar, there are some additional ideas you can leave out if they don’t suit your kids.

Easy acts of kindness for teens

If you want to know exactly what’s on an advent calendar for teens, here’s daily kindness in list form.

  1. Tell each of your teachers thank you today.
  2. Text a friend something nice.
  3. Offer free babysitting for a neighbor or family member.
  4. Write a letter to a distant relative.
  5. Help put up some Christmas decorations.
  6. I’m proposing a family game night this evening.
  7. Do extra work today.
  8. Offer to help clean up a neighbor or friend’s yard.
  9. Invite someone to sit with you.
  10. When you notice a colleague or friend doing something good, tell them out loud.
  11. Make a meal or snack for your family or friends.
  12. Ask your parents how you can help them today and then move on.
  13. Spend some extra time playing with your pet.
  14. Wish someone good morning.
  15. Offer the person behind you in line to move in front of you.
  16. Write a good review online for a restaurant you like.
  17. Say hello to someone you don’t normally talk to.
  18. Write a Christmas card to someone you haven’t seen in a while.
  19. Send a silly picture to someone and make them smile.
  20. Tell someone one thing you like about them.
  21. Volunteer to help the teacher with an assignment he needs to complete.
  22. Keep the door open for the person behind you.
  23. Write a quick note of appreciation to a coach, teacher, or school staff member.
  24. Offer to take a photo of a family member or friend who looks great.
  25. Tell people to “Have a nice day” when you say goodbye.
  26. Ask someone how their day is going.
  27. Be a good role model in a challenging moment.

Supplies you’ll need

You don’t need much to create this!

Just a computer and printer, plus the printable templates below.

You may also find that there is… scissors Very useful for cutting cards.

Finally, you will want to White cards And Washi tape If you plan to display it as shown here.

How to print and create our own Advent calendar for teens

These files come as free printables for you to enjoy! Enter your information below to download Advent calendar cards for teens.

And if you want to download the accompanying envelopes, you can get them in this post.

You’ll also find instructions for creating an advent calendar here.

How to display your kindness advent calendar

There’s no wrong way to display your Christmas calendar, but I have a few ideas to make it cute and festive.

If you like the version below, hanging from a gold ring, you’ll find instructions on how to do it here.

Free Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar

For younger children or a family that loves colours, you can use this felt hanger. The cards are designed to be just the right size to fit in each pocket.

Or to keep it simple, you can just use colored washi tape and stick it on the wall in a grid like we did here. It looks very cool and can be added to your holiday decor.

For an extra touch, you can add sprigs of faux greenery here and there.

I hope this idea brings you closer to your teen this holiday season as you share kindness within your family and with others! xoxo

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