Keepsake Gift: T Shirt Memory Quilt


I’m so excited because a project I’ve been working on for years is complete! My kids are grown now, 19 and 17, but each attended dozens of sporting events, camps and performances in their youth. Each event came with its own t-shirt and I’ve been saving them for years.

I was saving shirts from their elementary school, their softball and soccer teams, my son’s martial arts, my daughters theater camp, and more. I saved those shirts, as well as some of their favorite character tees, with the intention of making them into a quilt. They arrived yesterday! These will be one of their Christmas presents and I am so excited when they open them on Christmas morning, they will be so surprised and hopefully touched that their memories are stored in a cozy blanket.

It was a t-shirt memory quilt I made for my stepdaughter five years ago when she graduated from college. He loved his tender, so I continued the tradition for my two teenagers. I waited until my son was a senior in high school to make a quilt for them.

I used the same company I used in the past, Project Repat Does an excellent job with the layout and making of these quilts. Naturally with t-shirts collected over the years you will have different colors and sizes but they make the process so much easier.

You simply collect the number of t-shirts that fit your desired size, then trim the fronts of the t-shirts and mail them to preprinted labels at the store. I had mine in four weeks! They advertise that it can take five to seven weeks so if you want one done by the holidays, move fast and collect those shirts!

It took four weeks to get the two quilts I ordered for my teenage years from being shipped to being ready to be delivered to my doorstep as gifts.

This idea works for anyone who has collected t-shirts over the years from hobbies or sporting events. This will also work for a collection of baby clothes. Project Repat There are six different sizes to choose from and they are handmade in the USA.

If you are interested in getting a t-shirt quilt made for someone, send them Project Repat Have a unique keepsake to gift them for birthdays, graduations, Christmas or any other special occasion! 🙂


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