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Jemma Wynne Jewelry Has an Escalator Collection

For Jenny Klatt and Stephanie Wynne Lalin, founders and designers of New York-based fine jewelry brand Gemma Wynne, inspiration has always come from their surroundings. And for his latest collection, he became an escalator.

They have “Eureka!” was not! However, on a moment. “We thought,” Ms. Lalin said, “that it really reminded us of the beautifully constructed stairs of an escalator.”

According to Ms. Klatt, the collection was actually conceived “years ago”, at least on paper. “She has these huge sketchbooks where she’s constantly thinking of ideas and writing things down,” Ms. Lalin said – she revisits it when she feels the time is right.

Women liked the idea of ​​making jewelery that was thick, heavy and textured. And Ms. Lalin, who works on the design side of the business while Ms. Klatt covers operations and sales, kept returning to the zigzag doodles she had drawn.

But it wasn’t until they had the whole bracelet in their hands that everything clicked. “It really does feel like an escalator,” Ms. Lalin said.

Ms. Klatt said she “really loved the symbolic feel of it, that it’s, you know, propelling you upward.”

Ms. Klatt and Ms. Lalin both made jewelry in college, and then met while working at jeweler Judith Ripka. At the New York-based business, women worked closely with the in-house jewelry factory and learned about craftsmanship from its goldsmiths. “It was the most incredible learning,” Ms. Lalin said.

In 2007, he decided to start his own self-funded brand, introducing first an open cuff, then an open ring. Over time, the company has become known for its colorful and versatile designs.

There are 30 pieces in the Escalator collection, which debuted in June, with prices ranging from $840 for an unadorned ear cuff to $28,980 for a 16-inch gold choker set with 0.6-carat diamonds. The pieces are made in 18-karat yellow, pink or white gold and most contain either pave diamonds or special-cut diamonds such as bullets or shields. One-of-a-kind pieces are being created and the ladies also said they plan to expand the range.

Ms. Lalin said that she and Ms. Klatt were “interested in finding ideas that we think about, when we discuss them, they’re like ‘oh, so easy,’ but the production becomes complicated.” Is.

For example, the Escalator necklace and bracelet are clear and it took a year for them to achieve the desired fluidity while retaining the attractive geometric shape. In comparison, the earrings and rings, which are rigid, took about three months to develop.

Ms Lalin sketched the designs first, then turned to a digital program to work out the technical details and even made paper versions to wrap around her wrist to decide the size and proportions Make it He then worked with a model maker to correct the plans, prototypes were made and eventually an expert produced the final pieces. (The two women have a staff of eight people, including production staff, but they work on commission from different jewelers depending on design needs.)

“The original designs have a very quiet luxury feel,” Ms. Lalin said, adding that her collections typically have more colors.

Marcie Hirschleifer-Pain is the global personal shopping director and women’s clothing buyer at Hirschleifer’s department store in Manhasset, New York, which is carrying the line. In an email, he described the escalator as “a modern extension of past collections”, a design that was “elegant and timeless while being fun and wearable.”

For Ms. Hirschleifer-Pain, “the shape is what really makes it feel like a modern piece.”


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