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When the weather cools down, the celebrations begin year round. January is the first month of the year where all this and celebrations and joys happen. Some are writing their New Year’s resolutions, and some of us could use some really good reasons to create new memories for meaningful, fun celebrations in 2023.

Plan out a game for the year where everyone can paint the city with confetti, awareness and connection. As an excited bunch of celebraflix, we want to share our top picks to help you pick and even celebrate for family, friends or group.

International Creativity Month

A couple of women showing their suminagashi creations

Founded by multi-talented creative Randall Munson, he believes that International Creativity Month is celebrated to inspire people to step out of their comfort zones and find creativity in their lives. He further said, “A fresh start in the new year can go a long way in building a successful and happy future. Change is only possible when something new is attempted.”

There is so much creativity that we tend to overlook every day because it comes in many forms. But if you’re wondering where to get the little push you need, check out the next picks we’ve collected for you. PS This picture was taken by one of the most memorable people in the experience – Suminagashi!

The month of self-love

Self-love note with tea and pen

Self-love is the most important thing you can give yourself. Sometimes, life’s challenges and problems can be too much to bear and it affects us completely. To celebrate self-love this month, take time to examine yourself, recognize your fears and failures, and have the courage to value yourself because you deserve it. Remind yourself that there is always room for growth—achieving goals, forgiving, and celebrating your small victories.

Did you know that in a research study, self-esteem is vital in the workplace? When an employee has a high level of self-love, they are more productive, able to make fair and sound decisions, and more likely to be creative. If you live the corporate life and need to boost your self-esteem with the whole team, you have a list of great things to try. Start with a hearty act of volunteering for the elderly with a packed lunch and handwritten note in New York City, or grab some delicious bubble tea to ring in the New Year with your coworkers. Check the full list unworldly And Personal experience on our website.

Global Family Day – 1 January

Family perspective

Also known as the World Day of Peace, World Family Day is celebrated every year in this month to promote the idea of ​​unity in the world. Regardless of caste, religion, culture but we are one with each other. It also highlights steps towards ending hatred and discrimination in the world. How do you celebrate it at work? Spread awareness about the importance of sending a message of unity, compassion and peace by sharing valuable posts or articles.

New Year’s Day – January 1

2023 background with stars

Whoah! New Year! Apart from this feeling of thinking about the wonderful things that the new year is going to unfold, it is also a time of resolutions. Isn’t it funny how we always look forward to our list of resolutions but end up laughing at the 2 out of 10 chance they’ll end? Forget about clichés about losing a beer belly or wanting to avoid tempting fast food. Why not host a New Year’s party to learn a new skill while embarking on a virtual journey to deliciousness? Make bubble tea Virtual team building activity? Read more about this exciting adventure here!

World Day for War Orphans – January 6

Children holding a cut-out silhouette of a family

As defined by UNICEF, orphans are children under the age of 18 who have lost one or both parents through death. Since the war took place hundreds of years ago, children are greatly affected by these tragic events. Faced with the plight of conflict, children are forced to live alone or with other families. And because of this they have to endure unimaginable levels of mental and emotional stress. There are currently an estimated 153 million orphans in the world. So how can you commemorate this day?

  1. Invite your friends, family and colleagues to visit an orphanage. Meet the children and hear their stories. Meeting them will add warmth and joy to their lives.

  2. Donate with something in kind. As reported, some children face poor treatment usually due to lack of funds to support their basic needs.

National Mocktail Week – January 8th

A glass of cocktail and mocktail

Who could use a nice glass of fancy mocktail? We do! We are taking a couple and more! Of course, there are many reasons to celebrate this week, but really, it’s about recognizing the growing popularity and appeal of non-alcoholic beverages to the American public. It’s the first month of the year but it’s not a bad idea to listen to the glasses. One of our most cherished experiences is quenching our thirst Cocktails and Mocktails Virtual experience with DIY kits for adults. To our corporate friends who want a taste of a good time without the tipsy impression, this is your ideal moment!

International Thanksgiving Day – January 11

A group photo of a corporate team making fresh spring rolls

Today, International Thanksgiving Day is celebrated to remind us to be grateful for the things that make our lives a little easier. Sometimes, we forget to thank people and what they do for us. Especially the people we are working with. There are many ways to extend your gratitude. One thing is to personally write or say your thanks. Another is to send thank you cards and packages to coworkers you’re most grateful for. But bringing the entire team together for an exclusive in-person event doesn’t let them know how important they are as a part of the team or a valuable homecoming. DIY kit And read a heartfelt letter of gratitude!

National Hot Tea Day – January 12

A glass of hot chai masala food with kit by craft DIY kit

People around the world have been drinking tea for thousands of years. And tea has been proven to have very beneficial effects on the human body. In fact, it is considered the second-most consumed beverage in the world. No, despite complaints, tea not only makes us feel relaxed, but it detoxifies and energizes our system with every sip. As a group of tea lovers, we have always loved how versatile tea is and how it has its cultural impact. India is known for its infamous masala chai, and we’ve created an event that helps you get an authentic experience. make chai. Host your group on a virtual Indian escapade. Let us plan it for you today from this link.

Civil Rights Day – January 16

American flag as background for Civil Rights Day

Also known as Martin Luther King Jr., Civil Rights Day is observed each year to honor Martin Luther King’s activism for civil rights, racism, and inequality. Civil Rights Day makes us realize that everyone has equal rights and no one is above others because of race, color, culture and heritage. Celebrate this day by engaging with your multicultural team through activities that promote inclusion and diversity. Find a great list unworldly And in person Activities that celebrate world cultures and traditions.

International Hot and Spicy Day – January 16

Food craft hot sauce making kit by ingredients and tools

Love the challenge that comes with spicy food? Yes, we do too! In fact, we’re even obsessed, and we’re so glad International Hot & Spicy Day exists! Spices have been used throughout much of society’s history. It is one of the oldest spices that people have been using for their food and drinks. But not only that, these mind-blowing spices are a significant part of some religious offerings, rituals, medicinal uses, trade and more. Call back people who you think are up for a repulsive adventure and invite them to whip up their own spicy feast. Prepare the hot sauce Experience Guided by a Thoroughbred Hispanic, this is going to be a memorable burning experience!


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