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Irresistible Sweet Orange and Cinnamon Christmas Soap Recipe

This orange and cinnamon soap is one of my favorite gifts to give for the holidays. When you mix oranges with sweet and spicy cinnamon, you get a scent that comes straight out of a Hallmark Christmas movie. If you’re feeling festive this year, learn how to make your own Christmas soap for gift giving this season.

Cinnamon and Orange Soap

While this Christmas soap reminds me of the holidays, the orange brings a feeling of freshness and renewal. The sweet orange essential oil reminds me of a hot summer day, which can be a friendly reminder when we are really close to the winter solstice!

Sweet orange is considered a top note in the fragrance realm, which means it pairs well with warm scents. And cinnamon, as you might have guessed, is a warm tone!

The sweet orange brings joy to the season, while the cinnamon brings you a cozy atmosphere. The combination of cinnamon and orange reminds me of the old-fashioned clove-filled oranges that used to scent the house during the holidays. The vanilla adds a savory element, making it smell like a dish you’d enjoy during the festive holiday months.

Of course, this Christmas soap can be used all year round. Because it is so lively and bright, it is One of my favorite scents to give, A very tasty soap, most people enjoy its smell. You’ll soon find them asking for more!

This post will include…

Christmas soap placed next to oranges and cinnamon sticks
This soap is ideal for gifting because of its favorite scent.

Why You’ll Love This Christmas Soap Recipe!

  • Sweet orange, cinnamon and vanilla make this soap smell just like Christmas. this is a Popular Fragrance CombinationsWhich makes it great for gifting.
  • cinnamon is one mood enhancer, And the antibacterial properties present in the essential oil help it act as a natural preservative.
  • this is the recipe very moisturizing, which makes it great for the winter season. These include olive oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil, cocoa butter and rice bran oil.
  • Natural colors and curves Make this orange and cinnamon soap artisan-made, making it a great homemade gift option.
A stack of three bars of Christmas soap
Gift a few at a time!

Benefits of orange essential oil

orange essential oil Made by cold pressing sweet orange peel. Not only does it smell like a little piece of heaven, but it also has many benefits for the body.

Orange soap is especially good for reducing stress and anxiety levels. Most citrus oils are known to be instant mood boosters, and studies have shown that its scent has also been shown to be helpful for pain sufferers.

The essential oils also help inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungus, making this orange soap an extra cleanser.

Some citrus oils are phototoxic, meaning they can cause skin irritation and reactions when applied to your skin and exposed to the sun. The good news is that orange essential oil has very low phototoxicity, but you should still be careful. If you plan on applying it on your face, make sure you have sunscreen on for protection.

Cinnamon sticks and oranges in cardboard produce basket
Use cinnamon sticks as natural gift wrap decorations.

Benefits of cinnamon oil

We also have to salute the other half of this duo, Cinnamon oil, Without a doubt, it is the main ingredient of Christmas soap that gives it that festive and cozy atmosphere. Not the least bit shy, cinnamon is a strong scent that appeals to many people. For me, cinnamon smells of delicious baked goods that I can eat in the days leading up to Christmas.

Sweet and spicy, cinnamon also works as a mood enhancer. The antibacterial properties present in essential oils make it a safe and natural preservative. This makes it a great addition to natural cosmetics like cinnamon soap.

Like any essential oil, you never want to rub it directly onto the skin. This may cause irritation or rashes. If applying it to the skin, be sure to keep the concentration low by diluting it with a carrier oil.

In this cinnamon soap recipe, I use coconut oil, sunflower oil, cocoa butter, and rice bran oil so you can get all the sweet Christmas spices without the worries.

close up of cinnamon soap
Thanks to the swirl design, each bar of soap will turn out differently.

Why is this Christmas soap ideal for winter?

Natural soaps are made from high quality, natural oils. I have designed this recipe specifically for naturally moisturizing It is ideal for winter skin that becomes dry and flaky from the winter air.

As part of the soap making process, glycerin is a natural byproduct. Derived from plant-based oils, it is commonly used as a moisturizer Attracts moisture to itself and the surrounding skin.

Most commercial soaps remove glycerin from their soap to add to their other products. As a result, you need to use additional moisturizing products after using soap on your skin. They want you to buy more.

Instead of contributing to your dry and itchy skin, This Christmas soap will help and soothe, When I use natural versus commercial soap, especially in winter, I notice a big difference in the feel of my skin.

Cinnamon Soap on Beige Linen
You will get a good lather from this soap while still moisturizing.

Make this soap ahead of time

Natural soap takes time to cure before it can be used. The cure allows the saponification process, the process of converting the lye and oil into soap, to be completed and the water to completely evaporate.

For my soap, I always recommend six weeks for the soap to completely cure, If you’re giving these Christmas soaps as gifts or want to enjoy them during the holidays, you’ll need to get them ready in early to mid-November.

So don’t be a last minute soap maker, and start making this cinnamon and orange soap now!

Christmas soap in basket
The soap should cure in a dry, dark place.

Orange and Cinnamon Christmas Soap Recipe

As soon as you lather up with this Christmas soap, you’ll notice a difference in your skin. It’s gentle on the skin, but will cleanse thoroughly while hydrating your skin.


For exact measurements, please see the recipe card below.

Orange and Cinnamon Soap
Measure all of your ingredients before you start using a kitchen scale.


Make it!

If you’ve never made cold process soap before, I suggest you take a look at this guide first to get more detailed instructions before you get started. I won’t go into detailed description of how to make lye water and mix your oils, but instead, focus on the technique for this particular soap!

Once you reach the lightest mark, add your sweet orange, cinnamon leaf and vanilla essential oils. use your immersion blender To mix oils into soap.

Now it’s curls time! The sweet orange oil is what gives this soap a nice light orange color. But to add a little more pizazz, I add a teaspoon of turmeric. Add it to one side of the bowl and use a spatula to make small circles around the edge of the bowl. This ensures that you won’t spread it all over the soap mixture.

Cinnamon and Orange Soap Recipe
This twisting technique creates a twist when you put it into the mold.

Once the turmeric forms a dark orange ring around the edge of the bowlPull the color through the soap once or twice to mix. Then, pour your mixture into the soap. This creates a delicate swirl of deep orange color that resembles the cinnamon swirl you might see in a cinnamon bun. This is a beautiful gift to give on Christmas.

You will need to keep your soap in a nice and warm place for two days before cutting it. Once cut, it must cure for six weeks before it is ready for use.

This is why I finish all my Christmas soap making in November. This gives me plenty of time to wrap them all up beautifully and even send some in the mail to friends and relatives out of town.

Christmas Soap Recipe
Use straight soap cutters to keep the bars looking uniform.

Give this Christmas soap as a gift

Part of the fun of making this soap is sharing it. I usually double or triple the batch below. Although I keep a few bars for myself, I give most of them away.

I especially enjoy wrapping these strips into a bundle using eco-friendly materials like twine. you can do it too Add dried orange slices and a few cinnamon sticks On top for extra excitement.

Here are some of my other favorite ways to gift items using natural gift wrap. Any way you wrap it, this soap is a gift the recipient will love all season long.

Let me know if you end up gifting this orange and cinnamon soap!

Cinnamon and Orange Christmas Soap

Add some joy to the world by combining the sweetness of cinnamon with the delight of sweet orange. This Christmas soap recipe makes enough for 2 pounds of soap mold.

  • Use a scale to measure your ingredients.

  • Heat oil and cocoa butter over low heat until 115°F.

  • Mix your lye and water in a well-ventilated area. Keep stirring until it dissolves completely. Then cool it in an ice bath until it reaches 115°F.

  • Slowly pour your lye water into a large bowl with your oil. Use an immersion blender to mix until it reaches light peaks.

  • Add your essential oils and mix again.

  • Sprinkle turmeric powder on the edge of your bowl. Use a spatula to make small circles around the entire bowl until you have a large orange circle around the edge. Use the spatula and run it all over the soap twice.

  • Pour into 2 lb soap mold and wrap in towel. Leave in a warm place for 2 days.

  • Cut your soap into equal slices. Let it dry in a dry, dark place for 6 weeks.


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