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How to Open a Safe If You Forgot the Combination

Many people keep safes to protect important documents like passports, birth certificates, and social security cards. Safes are also good for storing money, jewelry and other valuables. Typically, a safe isn’t something you open every day, which may mean that when you go to retrieve an item from your safe, you won’t remember the combination.

Safe opening without combination

No matter what you need from your safe, you may wonder what to do when you can’t remember the combination to unlock it. you can learn How to open a safe if you forget the combination With these tips.

Understanding your security type

While you’re worried about possibly being unable to access your items, you should stay calm and note whether you have a dial safe or an electronic safe. You’ll also need to find the manufacturer, model number, and serial number. When you have this information, it makes it easier for the security company or locksmith to help you.

Your safe’s serial number is usually found in the bottom corner or on the safe door behind the safe. Each manufacturer has different anti-theft mechanisms and when you have more details about your safe, it makes it easier to get back to it.

Try a key override

Most home safes have a key that allows you to override the combination. This will be the easiest way to open your safe as long as you have the key. However, if your safe is old or you can’t remember where you left the key, you’ll need to try another trick to get into the safe.


If your attempt to use the key fails, you can contact the security manufacturer. This solution will require your safe’s model number and serial number, which will allow you to either request your combination or get a replacement key, usually for a fee.

Since safe manufacturers are very careful about giving out this information, you need to prove that you own the safe. This is why you are encouraged to register your safe after purchase If you have not registered it, you will need to verify your identity in another way.

Hire a locksmith to open your safe

If you can’t remember the combination to your safe, you don’t have an override key, or you don’t have the information the safe manufacturer needs, you need to call a locksmith. If your passport is locked inside and you are preparing for a trip, you may need to call a locksmith for such time.

A locksmith needs to know the make and model of the safe to determine the best way to open your safe to minimize the chance of damage. When you choose a locksmith job, make sure you are working with someone who has professional credentials. This will give you the peace of mind that you are working with someone you can trust.


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