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How to Make an Elf Door

Dwarf door surrounded by small trees, doormat and arctic tree.

Welcome elves into your home this holiday season in a wonderful way Goblin door! Nestled among festive trees and twinkling lights, this whimsical elf door adds a touch of magic to your holiday decor. Its miniature size is perfect for an elf on the shelf, or simply to open up the imagination to the possibilities of magical elves coming in and out the door during the season!

A small elf door lay on the table with a candy cane

What is a goblin door?

The Elf Door is a cute and festive Christmas decoration, to welcome the “elves” who may be hopping around during the holidays! It can serve as a personal door for the Elf on the Shelf, or as a simple decor in itself that can serve as an entrance to the elves this season.

Adding this little door to your holiday decorations will make it extra magical for your kids! It’s fun to see their imaginations running wild when the elf door is set up and they can imagine the little elf going in and out of their personal entryway.

Dwarf on the door shelf next to the fireplace with small trees surrounding it to create a front door scene.

Necessary supplies

This Elf on the Shelf Door uses simple craft supplies and is easy for kids to make too! Here’s what you’ll need:

Supplies needed to make an elf on the door shelf.

Step by step tutorial

Making your own elf door is a fun and simple craft that takes your elf on the shelf to the next level! Now that we have our supplies ready, let’s get started!

A woman sits at a table with supplies to make a dwarf door.
  1. Create the door base: Cut small nails to use as a template on the door. I made four rectangles with me. Hot glue it in place on the wooden slat.
  2. Make a door handle: Cut a small piece of a small dowel and add a small wood bead to each end. This will act as the door handle.
  3. Create boundaries: Cut square nails to create a border around the top and sides of the wood slat.
  4. paint! Paint the door and molding red. The handle is painted gold. Paint the border white and then paint half of your 3-inch circle to look like mint red and white.
  5. gathering: Hot glue the border around the door, the doorknob on the front, and the circle at the top of the door.
  1. Now it’s time to decorate! If desired, twist two pipe cleaners together and form them into a circle.
  2. Add Mod Podge: Using your mod podge, paint over any spots on the door you wish to cover with snow. I did some at the top of the border, the wreath, and the bottom corner of the door.
  3. Sprinkle snowWhile the Mod Podge is still wet, sprinkle the iridescent icing on top and allow to dry completely.
  4. Place on the wall: Attach the removable picture hanging strips to the back of the door and stick to the wall following package instructions!
A hand holds the dwarf's ornate door.

How to use your door sprite

Here are some fun ways to use an Elf Door and place it in your home or community!

To help your elf get in

Place this little door opener directly above the board in a place where your child can easily see it. Then you can tell your child that this elf door is for welcoming your elf on the shelf and give them their own door to come in and out while they’re here in December! You never know what kind of mischief your little elf will get into!

If you’re not sure where to place your elf door, use your imagination! It would be so cute to place the Door Dwarf next to your front door, at home on the wall, in your child’s room, or on the mantelpiece! You can also place it on a bookshelf to give the elf a little space of his own. The opportunities are endless, and your elf door decor will look great no matter where you decide to place it!

Elf door on the wall with Christmas decorations

As a fun holiday decor

You don’t need an elf on the shelf to make an elf door! This elf door is perfect on its own as a fun holiday decor that can unlock the magic of the elven world. Place on a shelf, near the fireplace, or in your child’s room!

What can I add to my door?

Your elf door can stand on its own or you can add a mini scene around it for extra fun decor! I added a north pole that is very easy to paint and assemble. Add a simple door mat and some small twinkle lights. Plus, you can make some bottle brush trees to place around the door!

The elf door is stuck to the wall with a scene of trees and the North Pole.

Elf on the shelf cheat sheet

If you’re making this as an Elf on the Shelf door, you can follow our Elf on the Shelf cheat sheet to know exactly what to do with your Elf on the Shelf every day of December! The elf will do something new every night to surprise the children in the morning. This is a fun way to inspire imagination and holiday spirit in your kids!

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I hope this elf door brings a little extra magic to your family and home this holiday season!


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