How to Make a Room Feel More Cozy with Window Treatments


I think we can all agree that the one thing we all want our homes to feel like is comfort. Comfort is the feeling that makes us feel safe, warm and welcome. It can feel like a big hug and bring us comfort and peace. We all want that cozy feeling, so how do we bring it into our homes? There are many different methods but one of my favorite and most impactful methods is window treatments.

Window treatments are usually there for a functional purpose such as blocking sunlight or providing privacy at night. But they can also be there for beauty. They create a layered and dimensional look to a room and can help bring texture, pattern and color. They can make a statement or be more neutral. There are many styles, shapes, and varieties, so let’s dive into how to use them in your home.

Types of window treatments

You might think this would be a very short list, but there are actually quite a few different window treatments available. Which can be completely overwhelming. So I’ll stick with the most common and the ones we use in our home.


Window blinds hang above your window and can usually be pulled up and down manually, with a cord, or automatically. They are “soft” window treatments made of material on a continuous roll to cover the entire window opening. They don’t have any slats and are one solid piece of material.

We have recently installed Serena smart shades by Lutron Electronics in our living room which has completely changed the game. They open and close automatically on their own and we can set them on a schedule so that we never have to open and close them manually.

You can control it using the Pico remotes, or through the Lutron app where I have different schedules saved. They can also notice the changing seasons and adjust sunset/sunrise accordingly. Isn’t this wonderful??

The shades provide great privacy but what I love most about them is how beautiful they are. Lutron has a wide range of fabrics and colors that look very upscale. We used sheer shades here to allow some of the sunlight to shine through, which is perfect for the early evening and early morning. I ended up using a darker color here called Mist, and I think it goes well with the other colors in this room.


Blinds differ from curtains in that they are a “solid” window covering with slats that expand at the bottom of the window when opened. The slats can be adjusted with a cord at different angles allowing a different amount of light to enter.

They are usually made of materials such as metal, wood, composite or bamboo. Vertical blinds are great for tall windows or sliding doors.


Curtains are fabric panels that are usually used as a pair but can be hung alone depending on the design of the room. They are hung from a rod either by passing it through a fabric pocket or using curtain hooks. They come in a variety of different materials that let in different amounts of light. Sheer curtains are more decorative and do not block out as much light while block-out curtains allow almost no light in.

Curtains are versatile and can add softness and comfort to any room in which they are hung.

After we got stuck Serena smart shadesI felt like something was missing, and I realized that curtains were the solution. Curtains or shades are great on their own, but I like to layer them to create a more relaxed look. When we hung our umbrellas, I decided to hang them on an outdoor rack instead of an indoor rack. What this means is that we hung it on top of the window frame instead of below it and inside the window frame.

Serena smart shades

This is a great way to make windows appear taller than they actually are. When the shade is placed inside the window, it breaks up the entire window and prevents your eye from rising. When the shade is placed over a window, it is like one continuous frame allowing your eye to move upward.

How to choose the right curtains for more comfort

The first thing to think about is the type of material you want. If the curtains will be placed in the nursery, they may need to be blackout. We used these beautiful velvet blackout curtains in my friend’s nursery and they look so classy! If it’s more decorative and you don’t want to block any light, transparency may be the solution. If you want a luxurious feel, velvet may be the right choice for you.

Eccentric Girls Nursery

A great trick to add more comfort is to double up the panels. If your window is large enough, try using two panels on each side. This will create a fuller, more customized look that will instantly make your room feel more comfortable.

For our living room, since we already have our own Smart shades For privacy at night, curtains were decorative and added comfort. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about my style over the years, it’s that I’m drawn to moody, earthy colors. I knew I didn’t want something light and bright here.

I almost used the same dark green velvet curtains we have in our dining room until I found them Black flower plates From the target. They were the perfect model (and price!) and I knew I could easily turn them into curtains. I followed the same tutorial I used to create a no-sew pleated curtain in our mudroom and created two beautiful panels for our living room.

How to hang curtains

The number one thing I see people do wrong when hanging curtains is hanging them too low. They often hang them directly above the window frame but this creates a stunted look and does not increase the space well. If you have standard 8′ ceilings, you can hang the curtain rod all the way to the ceiling! This will instantly make your windows appear taller and make your curtains look more intricate.

You can also hang them split between the top of the window frame and the ceiling, but they should always be at least 4-6 inches above the frame.

If you have a vaulted ceiling like our living room, you can go even higher! With all that negative space above our windows, I didn’t want to create a dividing point. So I decided to hang them about 10 inches above us shades This allows your eye to continue moving up the wall and see the entire room.

You also want to avoid having curtains that are too short. If you want a more luxurious look, you can let them drape to the floor. Otherwise, your curtains should barely be above the floor about 1/2 inch.

Depending on how much space you have on either side of your window, extending the rod outward will also help make your windows appear larger. A good rule of thumb to follow is to hang your rod 4-6 inches behind your window on both sides.

Our new comfortable curtains

I’m obsessed with how these looked and how much comfort they added to this space! Even though it’s black, the floral pattern helps it feel lighter and creates a softer aesthetic. The color also matches ours perfectly Smart shades! They complement each other well and create a beautiful, layered look.

I used a Black curtain rod back Which I feel is a more sophisticated look. It’s also great if you want to block out all the light. But having that slight curve at the ends is a beautiful detail.

DIY curtains in the living room

This room always felt like it was missing something and I don’t know why I didn’t hang the curtains sooner! As you can see from the before and after, adding the curtains made our living room feel so much cozier and I can’t wait to lie down here and enjoy them!

Stay tuned for the tutorial on making these beautiful curtains out of sheets!


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