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How to Make a Nine-Foot Grinch Christmas Tree {DIY Whoville Tree}

Do you want to add some whimsy and playfulness to your Christmas decorations? Make this Whoville Christmas Tree! It’s simpler than you think, and everyone will admire your unique decor. Here’s how to make a Grinch tree for Christmas.

decorate the christmas tree with ornaments

There are many versions of the Dr. Seuss-inspired Grinch tree, from Whoville-esque trees decorated with candy-colored ornaments to snow-covered, oddly-shaped trees that offer a view of the outdoors.

Perhaps the most iconic is a tall, thin evergreen strung with wire and a heavy ornament hanging from the curved top. These represent the trees from which Mr. Grinch plucked ornaments and then closed them like an umbrella before throwing them into his giant sack.

Whimsical looking and cartoonish, the message of the Whoville Christmas Tree is that Christmas is not about gifts, ornaments, trees or roasted animals.

“Maybe Christmas, he thought… doesn’t come from a shop. Maybe Christmas, maybe… means a little bit more.”

Let’s embrace the true spirit of the Grinch!

Add joy with the Whoville Christmas Tree

It was Christmas 2011 when I was feeling a little blue during the holidays, and I was in no mood to celebrate much. By some magic, a Grinch tree came into my life and Christmas was saved!

You can read all about the magic of the Grinch tree here. Bonus: You get to see how much my old dog resembles Meatball the Grinch.

After publishing that post, I proceeded to field endless emails from people all over the world trying to order a Grinch-inspired Christmas tree. I was blown away!

I emailed everyone to say that I had posted how I made it, but they wanted me to make them one, or fifteen, and, like, in the next two days, and then send it across the continent. Let me.

good grief!

I considered making them (for a minute), but since I’m more about “teaching someone to fish” than “fishing for someone.” I planned to write a tutorial on how to make a Grinch tree.

Blurry image of Whoville Christmas tree
My nine-foot Grinch tree is so big it could be the only Christmas tree in the house.

A Simple DIY Project

That’s really the whole point of what I do here at Garden Therapy: This is going to show how to create some fun garden (or garden-inspired) projects that will get people excited enough to try it. I hope they catch the gardening bug, get outside, have fun, and sing the praises of gardening to everyone like those little Whoville kids. I have big dreams.

Anyway, I politely told people how to make a Grinch-inspired Christmas tree and those who made it praised a) how fun it was, b) how easy it was, and c) how everyone got their unique Liked the tree. Do you also want to learn how to make it? I’ve got you covered!

How to Draw a Grinch Tree

Today, I’ll break down the whole thing step-by-step. Even better, you won’t make a regular old Grinch tree. no, today you will learn Make one that’s nine feet tall!

By the way, if you don’t have space or want something smaller, I suggest you check out my post on how to make a tabletop Grinch tree. It’s the perfect way to pack all your holiday cravings into one small package. ,

However, for this particular tutorial, we’re going big! Let’s talk about how to build an impressive 9-foot tall Whoville Christmas Tree!

9 Foot Tall Grinch Tree in Burlap Sack
For added height, you can stand it on a small table or chair like I do.


Make it!

Choose a full cedar bush that is Healthy, standing straight, and symmetrical. I used 5′ cedar fencing because that is what was available during the winter months.

If you think ahead and catch it when there are lots of nurseries open that are full of 8′ hedges, it will be easy for you to dress it up as a Grinch tree.

Step-by-Step Images of Transforming a Fir Bush into a Grinch-Inspired Christmas Tree
I added additional cedar branches to increase the height of the potted cedar.

use wire for Attach a green plant stake to one or more sturdy stems in the center of the hedge. You will want to add an additional 3′ of height to the stake. (The remaining legs will be the branches that will hang at the top.)

Start Adding cedar branches to make the tree on top, covering part of the plant. Start the cedar branches at the bottom of the peg with the leaves facing up, and layer more and more onto the peg to fill the branches to the top.

Continue adding branches and securing them with garden wire until you get the rough shape you want, At least a foot of cedar wood is wrapped just above the plant part. Once you have secured the fence, reserve some branches to fill in the spaces.

If the tree is at all unstable, insert 1-2 more stakes into the center of the plant and use wire to anchor it.

Now, when you have the desired height and fullness, you can begin Wrapping lights around the tree. Start at the bottom and move the small white lights around the tree quite gently, gluing them to the floppy branches as you go.

The final form should be a tied, slender, evergreen tree with a floppy top.

a grinch looking at a tree
The top should fold naturally due to the weight of the topper but you can use wire to help fold the top.

decorate the grinch tree

Place the pot on the plant tray and set the whole thing in Sack. Use ribbon to tie the sack at the top.

Wind decoration net around the tree, then add a large but fair Light ornament on top of the tree.

Grinch tree in red mesh burlap sack
What’s a Christmas tree without lights?

At this point, you can really personalize it. The tree is complete as is, but you can Add some of your favorite jewelery Too. I would recommend the smaller one so as not to overwhelm the slim design.

Closeup of green ornament on Whoville Christmas tree
To make this a real Grinch tree, a topper ornament is a must.

Do you want the shorter version? Don’t forget to see how it is tabletop grinch tree Out!

FAQs About Grinch Trees

How do you turn a Christmas tree into a Grinch tree?

There are two key things you need to do to transform a tree into a Grinch inspired Christmas tree. First, you’ll need to wrap the branches with wire to tighten and gather them together so they’re all facing up. You may need to add a few extra twigs to make it bigger.

The other main part of the Grinch tree is its curved top. The tree should naturally flop from the weight of the top ornament, but you can also help it bend with wire.

What colors are Grinch trees on?

The most common color for decorating the Grinch tree is red. The top ornament and ribbon around the tree should be red or green, as well as a burlap sack underneath if you want to mimic a Whoville Christmas tree. But decorate it however you want!

More Christmas Ideas:

DIY Grinch Tree {How to Make a Whoville Christmas Tree}

This 9-foot tall Grinch tree will definitely add excitement and fun to your Christmas decorations this year.

  • Place your pot in a burlap sack and tie it with ribbon.

  • Use wire to attach the green plant part to one or more strong stems in the center of the hedge. You want to add additional height to the tree to make it 9 feet tall. The amount you need to add depends on how tall your tree is.

  • Start adding cedar branches to create the tree at the top. Be sure to cover part of the plant. Start the cedar branches at the bottom of the peg with the leaves facing up, and layer more and more onto the peg to fill the branches to the top.

  • Continue adding branches secured with garden wire until you get the rough shape you want. To get that classic Whoville Christmas tree look, be sure to leave at least a foot of cedar wood at the very top of the plant portion.

  • Fill in any areas that appear sparse with more branches if necessary.

  • Starting at the bottom, wrap the lights around the tree. Make sure to hide them in the greenery.

  • Next, wrap deco mesh ribbon around the tree. Red would be the most classic color to use.

  • If you like, add a large ornament to the top of the tree, then place smaller ornaments within the branches.


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