How to Keep a Christmas Tree Alive


Picking out a fresh Christmas tree is one of the best parts of this season. However, you have to learn Christmas tree care to keep the magic going throughout the month. This post will show you how to keep a Christmas tree alive throughout the holiday season.

How to keep a Christmas tree alive and make it sustainable

For centuries, the Christmas tree has been a time-honored tradition during the holiday season. The pagans were brought in first evergreen branches during winter solstice To remind ourselves of the greenery of spring.

Taking inspiration from the pagans, The Christmas tree originated in Germany. It is said that the first Christmas tree belonged to Martin Luther, who was amazed by the brightness of the stars among the evergreen plants. To recreate the beauty, he planted a tree in his home and decorated it with burning candles.

German settlers in Pennsylvania brought this tradition to America by planting their first trees in 1747. It wasn’t until the 1980s that Christmas trees grew in popularity and people started decorating themselves.

To continue this wonderful tradition, pick up a fresh tree from your local vendor. Many people avoid the mess of a real tree, but with proper Christmas tree care you can lose far fewer needles. You will then have a fresh, wonderful smelling tree that is much better for the environment.

Keep reading for all my tips on keeping a Christmas tree alive.

christmas tree lines
I worked as a Christmas tree salesman for many years and as a result have gained a lot of knowledge about Christmas tree care.

Quick Tips for Caring for a Real Christmas Tree

  • The best trees start with selection. buy a fresh tree and Test for needle retention. Pull the branch gently; Only a few needles should fall.
  • Christmas tree Should be put in water 6-8 hours after cutting, If you are buying them in bulk, ask the seller to cut 1-2 inches off the end.
  • check water level Every day of your Christmas tree. Don’t let it dry out!
  • keep your tree away from the heat Sources to prevent it from drying out.
  • add a humidifier If your tree is in a dry room or climate.

How to keep a Christmas tree alive

Your perfect Christmas tree is only perfect if it lasts the entire season! With these tips for real Christmas tree care, you’ll be able to choose a refreshing tree, while also learning how to keep it alive and beautiful during the holidays.

Choose trees as fresh as possible

Visit a local tree farm and cut down your own tree for the freshest wood possible. If you buy your tree from a lot, there is a simple test to help you Decide if it’s fresh enough to take home. The last thing you want is for all the needles to fall off as soon as you hang your decorations.

Test the freshness of the tree by holding the tip of the branch firmly between your thumb and forefinger; Lift the branch slightly with your opposite hand and slide your fingers over the grain of the branch. the needles should not fall off the branch, (As a side note, this is an easy way to remove leaves from woody herbs like rosemary, sage, and thyme.)

Now that you know it’s fresh, make sure you choose a tree that’s right for your location with the help of this guide: How to Choose the Right Fresh Christmas Tree for Your Family,

Caring for a Real Christmas Tree
Christmas trees start drying as soon as they come out of the tree farm.

make fresh cuts

keep your tree fresh Cut a 1-2 inch thick piece from the base of the stem Before putting it in water. You may not have a saw, so ask if they can cut it near the tree before taking it home. Most sellers will automatically make the new cut for you.

If possible, flush the tree with water immediately. Otherwise, you can leave it for 6-8 hours before you’ll need to make another fresh cut. If you can’t get your Christmas tree up right away, try placing it in a bucket of water and leaving it somewhere unheated. The garage will protect it from the wind and prevent water from freezing.

water, water, water

Christmas trees drink lots of water so make sure Check the water level daily. Buy a stand that holds enough water. The box should estimate how much water is in it, but remember, water displacement while the trunk is in it will not be calculated.

As a general rule, a tree drinks 1 quart of water for every inch of diameter. A tree trunk 3 inches wide will drink 3 quarts of water a day. Keep this in mind when purchasing trees and stands.

Display Your Fresh Christmas Tree Away from direct sunlight and away from heat vents. Never allow the tree’s reservoir to dry out. All of these things cause the tree to dry out more quickly and hasten its demise.

How to keep a Christmas tree alive
Cutting a Christmas tree right down to the farm is a must-try experience.

help! My Christmas Tree Isn’t Drinking Water

Christmas trees need to be freshly cut before they can be brought inside. It can only be kept out of water for 6-8 hours, before which you will need to make another cut at the base of the trunk to encourage it to drink more water. Most vendors will automatically cut off the base of the trunk for this reason.

Although it can be troublesome and messy, cutting 1-2 inches from the base of the stem will encourage the tree to drink water.

Living Christmas Tree Care

An increasingly popular alternative to Christmas trees is to purchase a live potted tree. If you decide to have a live Christmas tree this year, Plan to keep it in the house for more than a few days. Dry, hot air may be pleasant to you, but it has an adverse effect on evergreens.

Keep it out

Once you’re done celebrating with your tree, it’s time to set it back up outside. You don’t have to apply it right away, which is good because compacted soil can be hard in some areas! But reintroducing it back to its natural environment must also be done with care. It is important that the tree is gradually adapted to outdoor conditions when returning outside,

water well

Keep it in a safe place without heating for a day or two to prevent infection. After this, water it well and take it back outside. If the ground is not frozen then plant trees. If the ground is frozen, protect the root ball in a pile of wet mulch or straw until it thaws out.

what to do after christmas

With these tips for keeping your Christmas tree alive, your fresh tree will look great for the holidays and bring your family lots of joy. What should you do after Christmas?

Check out your local tree recycling program. Some have curbside pickup, while others have central drop-off locations. I know of at least one town that has a great program where you can take your tree to a goat farm and stay to watch the goats cut it down. They go after trees like crazy, and they eat all the needles and branches from the trunk down!

Or you can always be a little crafty! Why not make some of these fun projects with your recycled Christmas trees?

FAQs About Christmas Tree Care

When people talk about how to keep a Christmas tree alive, I get a lot of questions. Refer to this quick guide to help you learn how to care for your tree.

What do you put in Christmas tree water to keep the tree fresh?

You may have seen advertisements for Christmas tree food or other homemade recipes to help keep your tree fresh. But don’t add anything to your water! Bleach, aspirin, sugar or anything else advertised for Christmas trees is completely unnecessary. In fact, some can harm the tree. Your tree needs just plain water during the holiday season.

How do you keep a Christmas tree from drying out?

Every day, check your tree’s water level. The trunk of your tree should always be submerged at least 2 inches. A Christmas tree stand should hold at least 1 quart of water, otherwise you’ll find yourself refilling the water several times a day.

In addition to giving lots (and lots) of water, don’t let your tree get too overheated. Consider lowering the temperature of the room your tree calls home. This may mean keeping it in a room where you don’t spend a lot of time. Keep it away from all heating sources, such as fireplaces, heating vents, and direct sunlight.

If your home is naturally dry, consider adding a room humidifier to help keep your tree from drying out.

What do you do if your Christmas tree won’t drink water?

If you’re checking the water level and see no change, your tree is probably not drinking water. This means you will need to make another fresh cut. When you cut down a tree, the resin leaks out and can block water-receiving holes.

Upon purchase, the seller should recommend fresh cuts to help absorb water. If you need to make it yourself, the cuts should be at least 1-2 inches.

Is it normal for needles to fall off a Christmas tree?

The Christmas tree will naturally drop needles during the holidays. But if you see it dropping a ton, your tree has dried up. To prevent the needle from spoiling, water it well and keep it away from heat.

When choosing a Christmas tree, make sure it is fresh. Fresh trees should only lose a few needles when you pull the branches. If the tree is not very large you can tap it on the ground and see how many needles fall off.

As your tree ages, it will drop more and more needles. You’ll want to try to pull the tree up before it’s completely dry, otherwise clean up will be a big job!

The best type of Christmas tree

Can you put up a Christmas tree in winter?

You cannot overwater the Christmas tree. They need lots of water indoors, especially during their first weeks, so keep the stand filled with water at all times.

The general rule is that you will need one quart of water for every inch of diameter. For example, a trunk 2 inches wide will drink 2 quarts of water per day. This rule helps you choose appropriately sized stands and trees to match each other.

How long can Christmas trees last without water?

Christmas trees can go without water for 6-8 hours before they dry out. When transporting, keep the surface of freshly cut goods clean and avoid any damage.

When you’re at home, water it and leave it in the garage until you can bring it inside to install. If it has been more than 6-8 hours, you will have to cut the tree once again.

Do Christmas trees need sugar water?

Many wives’ tales will suggest adding sugar or aspirin to a tree to revive it or encourage it to drink more water. But you don’t need to add anything to your water. This probably came from the idea of ​​adding sugar to vases as flower food. Your Christmas tree is big enough that it won’t need sugar to survive for a few weeks.

Stephanie and Kiddo at the Christmas Tree Farm

Do you have any more questions about keeping your Christmas tree alive? Write them in the comments below and I will answer them as soon as possible. Until then, Merry Christmas!

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