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How To Install A Ring Doorbell In 5 Easy Steps

Did you know you can add a Ring Video Doorbell without the hassle of an electrician or any wires? You don’t even have to have an existing doorbell! We recently added one to our front door and it’s one of the easiest do-it-yourself projects we’ve done in a while.

Ring Video Doorbell Venetian Bronze at the White House

Note: This is not a sponsored post. We paid our own money ($99!) for our doorbell. it is Exactly the same Ring Video Doorbell we purchased,

Why add a video doorbell?

Video doorbells are an increasingly popular home security device, and the Ring Video Doorbell is one of the most popular models. With it, we can see and hear what’s happening at our front door from anywhere using the Ring smartphone app. We can talk through it even when our neighbor does not come to us or the delivery person does not come to us with a package! The doorbell camera is also motion-activated, so we receive notifications when a delivery is placed on our front porch. And if some uninvited person does no good, we will receive a notification and we will have a video (with sound) of the incident – ​​making it a good deterrent to any potential trespassers. It’s basically a superpowerful doorbell that provides peace of mind.

We also chose the Ring Video Doorbell because they offered both wired and wireless options. We purchased the wireless option because we did not have an existing doorbell to replace. Specifically, we got Ring Video Doorbell (2nd generation), It took us less than 10 minutes to hook it up and there was zero wiring or electrical work involved. really easy!

Installing the Wireless Ring Doorbell

You can see how easy the installation process is by watching the 2 minute video below. And there is additional information and photos below the video.

Note: You can also Watch this video on YouTube,

Tools Required to Install Ring Doorbell

Ring Video Doorbell Box Contents Including Screwdriver Charging Cord Screws

ring included About Everything you need to set up your video doorbell comes in the box. They also provide screws, a charging cord, and even a small screwdriver. However, you will need a few other items:

Step 1: Charge the battery

Ring recommends fully charging your doorbell’s battery prior to installation. it takes several hours (took us about 8 hours) so make sure to start it ahead of time otherwise your installation will stall right out of the gate. This model does not have a removable battery and instead simply plugs into the back of the doorbell.

Play Video Doorbell Charging at Outlet

There is a blue light on the front of the doorbell that indicates charging progress. The ring will turn solid blue once your battery is ready to go.

Step 2: Set up the Ring app

While your battery is charging, download the free Ring app your smartphone And create an account if you don’t already have one. This is the app you’ll use to access doorbell features like remotely viewing the camera or receiving motion alerts. It will also guide you through the setup process. Here is the link to it Ring app for iPhone And this Ring app in Google Play,

ring app on cell phone screen

Once your doorbell’s battery is charged, you can begin the installation process. The Ring app has a helpful step-by-step guide that will walk you through both physical and online installation of your new doorbell. You can start this process by clicking the 3 horizontal lines in the upper left corner, then clicking “Set up device” as shown below.

Pressing Set Up a Device in the Ring iPhone app

We won’t detail every part of this app setup here, but there is a step in which you’ll sync the app to your exact device. This is done by scanning the device’s unique QR code, which can be found on the back of the doorbell (under the mounting plate) or on the back of the instruction manual.

Ring App Set Up Process QR Code Scanning

Part of this process will also include connecting the doorbell to your home internet, do so WIFI password convenient!

Step 3: Attach the Doorbell Mounting Plate

Next, you will hang the doorbell’s mounting plate on the exterior of your home. The plate is a thin detachable plate that gently breaks off the back of the doorbell. The process of hanging it depends on the surface you are attaching it to. We hang on to wood trim around our doors, but it can also be added to siding, brick or stone. There is also a no-drill option which we will discuss below!

First, you’ll want to determine the location of your doorbell. Ring recommends placing it at least 4 feet above the ground. You may want to use a measuring tape To check this, as well as to make sure it is centered on your trim. We also recommend using small level To make sure it is straight. Once you have it, use it pencil To mark four holes in the corners of the plate.

Using a pencil to mark the holes on the Ring Doorbell mounting plate

To keep your wood trim from splitting, we always recommend using drill First make the pilot hole. This is also a step you will need to take if you are drilling into brick or stone, as you will need to insert the anchors provided by the ring. To make pilot holes in brick, you will probably need masonry drill bit and/or hammer drill,

Drilling Pilot Holes for Ring Video Doorbell

After you have drilled your pilot holes, you can now use screwdriver And screws provided to secure the mounting plate to your home. Be sure to use the long screw of Bag A as stated in the instructions. There was even a sticker on our mounting plate to remind us!

Screwing the Ring Doorbell Mounting Plate to the Front Door Frame

If you can’t dig into your siding — let’s say you’re a renter or just don’t want to do it — you can buy one. adhesive mount instead. You can also find other after-market mounts like them is for vinyl siding Or adjustable mounts that rotate, Just make sure you’re buying one that works with the exact model of your doorbell.

Step 4: Secure Your Doorbell to the Mount

Next, put your doorbell back on the mount. Don’t press hard. There should be no force involved in this.

Hand-mounting the Ring Video Doorbell

Then use the small screws (in bag B) and the provided screwdriver to secure the doorbell in place. This not only protects the doorbell from falling or shifting from its place, but will also prevent someone from removing or stealing the doorbell.

Fastening the Ring Doorbell to the mount with the security screws

These security screws have a special shaped head to discourage theft, so be sure to hang on to that screwdriver! It also includes an extra screw, which seems useful if it rolls under your deck or something.

Step 5: Configure your doorbell in the app

The final step involves configuring your doorbell settings within the app. The setup process will take you through these options and these can be changed at any time by clicking the gear icon in the app. Settings include things like specifying “motion zones” for people and packages, and adjusting which events you want to trigger notifications on your phone.

Ring Video Doorbell Package and Default Motion Zones

It may take some trial and error to get these exactly to your liking. You can always turn off some alerts if you get too many or if you need to recharge your battery frequently.

Other Ring Video Doorbell FAQs

Ring Video Doorbell Venetian Bronze at the White House

Is Ring Doorbell easy to install?

Yes! If you can wield a screwdriver and a smartphone, you can totally install a video doorbell yourself (especially a wireless model). Wired Ring Doorbells involve adding low-voltage wires, but that’s easy to do even for most homeowners.

Do you need an electrician to install Ring Doorbell?

No, both wired and wireless video doorbells can be installed without an electrician. The wired version involves only low-voltage wiring which is relatively easy to work with. Make sure the appropriate breaker is turned off before you begin your work. However, do not hesitate to hire an electrician if you are not comfortable doing the work yourself.

You may also need the help of an electrician if you don’t already have a wired doorbell. However, in that case, we recommend installing a wireless model Like us.

Is there wiring involved in installing Ring Doorbell?

No, battery operated ring doorbell models There is no wiring involved in what we installed. Unless you count the USB charging cord, I guess. Ha! As I mentioned in the previous question, wired models (eg Ring Wired Doorbell Plus) Include low-voltage wiring. This is the wiring that is already present on the back of most traditional doorbells.

How do I choose between a wired or wireless Ring Doorbell?

If you already have a wired doorbell (like most traditional doorbells) it’s probably best to choose this wired video doorbell, These models are generally small and do not require regular battery charging. Plus, it’s easier to reuse your existing wires than to remove them. Wireless models are best for those who don’t have an existing doorbell or for renters who can’t add a wired model.

Does Ring Doorbell require a subscription?

No, Ring membership is not required. However, you can unlock additional features Ring Protect Scheme, Most notably, it will allow you to record video and playback past video events. Even without this, you will get real-time notifications and can watch live videos. Currently, plans start at $4/month or $40/year.

Do I need to buy anything else?

The box includes everything you need for basic installation. However, here are some additional purchases you may want to consider:

  • chime: Since wireless video doorbells don’t tap into an existing wired chime box, you may want to add this small wireless device. It plugs into an outlet and plays doorbell notifications throughout your home, just like a traditional doorbell chime. We’ve got one and we love all the sound options.
  • Veg Kit:If like us you have stairs leading up to your front porch, you’ll want your doorbell camera to angle downwards to better capture people walking by. This kit installs on the back of your doorbell mounting plate to allow your doorbell to be tilted slightly (we got one and it’s great). there are also corner wedge kit That is also available.
  • faceplate cover: These are 3 different metal colors that you can buy to change the look of your doorbell. They come in brushed bronze (medium gold), brushed graphite (dark brown), and brushed silver (light brown). The oil-rubbed bronze color shown in this post is the stock Venice bronze that came with our ring, and we love it. It connects directly to our dark windows and the metal rocking chairs nearby.
  • solar charger: This solar panel on the back of the doorbell can keep your battery from overcharging (or ever!) depending on your front door’s exposure to sunlight.

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