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How To Hang Curtains Like A Designer

So, you’ve decided it’s time to add some curtains to your home – an excellent choice! Curtains are a complete change to your home decor, and are personally one of my favorite ways to finish a room. They provide privacy and light control and also add a cozy ambiance to any room. But did you know that there is Correct path To hang curtains?

In this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn how to hang curtains like a designer. Including the three essential curtain tips you need to know, plus added FAQs at the bottom to get that ‘just right’ look. You will be surprised to know how easy it is to hang curtains. And when you see what they do to your spaces after hanging them this way – you’ll never go back!

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Three basic tips you should know before hanging curtains

Keep these three tips handy before you buy curtains and before you start drilling holes in the wall. Hanging curtains like these will elevate your home decor!

How to hang striped curtains

1. Hang your curtains high

Curtains should be hung well above the window or door frame. A good rule of thumb is to be about 3 inches higher than the frame. This means that if you have low ceilings, the curtain rod should be almost at the top. If you have crown molding, you can hang it directly below this. Higher is better. It gives the illusion of high ceilings.

2. Hang your curtains wide

Curtains should ideally be hung 5-10 inches outside of a window or door frame. This gives the illusion of larger windows and lets in more light. This means you may have to order wider curtains than usual to adequately reach through a window or door frame (unless you have no intention of closing them).

A woman is sitting at a desk, there are gray curtains hanging behind her and a brown basket on the floor

What if your window frame is facing a corner or wall? Hang it as wide as possible, and repeat this measurement on the other side for balance. Or consider Roman or woven shades for a completely different look—that’s for another article.

3. The curtains should touch the floor

No high water curtains! The curtains must kiss/scratch/touch the floor, or if you prefer a very romantic look, you can get it. Hanging curtains in this way gives many benefits. First, the weight of a longer curtain will give you straighter curtains. Second, having a longer curtain is easier on the eyes. It’s a bit annoying to see a curtain stop several inches or more around the window frame! It makes the room look short.

The exception to this rule are cute little cafe blinds, which are usually made to cover the bottom half of a window and hang from a rod or tension rod. You’ll need to measure the length from above the window frame to the bottom of the floor, plus an inch or two for good measure. More on this in a moment.

Expert tip: Measure twice! Drill once. Measure twice. Buy curtains once (or make sure you can easily return them if necessary). There is a convenient way to measure curtains. See the handy chart for more information.

Things you’ll need to hang your curtains

Let’s gather our tools and materials first.

  • curtain rod, Curtain rod brackets and hardware (usually bundled together when you purchase the curtain rod, including wall anchors)
  • Heavy duty wall anchors (again – check your curtain rod)
  • Suitable size drill and drill bit + screwdriver bit
  • Measuring tape
  • pencil
  • stud finder
  • curtains
  • Clip rings or curtain rings (see note)

NB: If your curtains are hung with small pleats, you will need curtain rings or clip rings (see how to use clip rings here). If you are hanging rod pocket or grommet curtains, you will not need these additional items because these curtains sit directly on the rod.

Amazon Gray Pleated Curtains In the post, learn how to hang curtains the right way
Pinch pleat curtains from two pages

Standard curtain lengths

A little note about standard curtain lengths. You’ll notice that most curtains, especially more affordable curtains, are sold in the same lengths. These are the standard curtain lengths: 63 inches, 84 inches, 96 inches, 108 inches and 120 inches.. It is much cheaper (and easier) to purchase curtains in these standard lengths. You should also take into consideration the height of the window but the following should work for standard size windows:

  • For an 8-foot ceiling: Choose 84 or 96 inches
  • For a 9-foot ceiling: Go to 96 inches
  • For a 10-foot ceiling: Choose 108 inches or more

Standard sizes mean you can measure exactly 96 inches from the bottom of the floor to the top to get an approximate measurement for placement. I like to add an inch or two for that extra kiss on the floor (and to avoid the dreaded rising water curtain look). You don’t have to do this, you can certainly opt for custom-made curtains as well but they will be more expensive.

How to hang curtains

How to hang curtains like a designer!

Total time: 30 minutes

Measure around the window

Measure to place the curtain bracket

Measure at least 3 inches above the window frame and at least 5 inches wider than the window frame. Mark this area with a pencil. Repeat on the other side of the window. Take the curtain holder and secure it in this area, then mark each hole with a pencil.

Use a stud finder

Take yours stud finder to the area you selected in Step 1 and determine if you need wall anchors. If you are on a stud, you won’t need it. Usually, most curtain rods come with wall mounts. I like to use heavy wall anchors when necessary because curtains can be heavy.

Drill pilot holes

Drill pilot holes for the curtain bracket

Drill pilot holes on these marks. Read the curtain rod instructions to determine the recommended drill bit size. If you decide you need wall anchors, install them now.

Install the curtain rod bracket

Attach the curtain holder to the wall using a drill

Place the curtain rod holder against the wall and align the holes on the bracket with the pilot holes you drilled. Insert the screws, sticking the bracket to the wall. Make sure the brace is nice and strong. Again – curtains can be heavy! Repeat on the other side of the window. Note: If you have particularly heavy curtains, or if your window is very large – you will need a third curtain holder in the middle. (See FAQ – How many brackets do I need?)

Hanging rod and curtains

Install the curtain and curtain rod on the bracket

We’re almost there! If you use Curtain ringsOr, if you’re placing the curtains directly on the pole, you can place them on the curtain rod first, although you don’t have to. Take your curtain rod and place it on the brackets. You can hang your curtains now if you haven’t already. Tighten the small screw on the bracket to hold your rod in place. all is OK!

Frequently asked questions

How many braces will I need?

If you have heavy curtains or if your window is tall, you will need at least three brackets; One in the middle and two on either side. It never hurts to be a little safer, and if your penis appears to be bent, that’s usually a clear sign that you need more support. please note; Wherever you place the bracket, this will prevent your curtains from sliding along the pole, so you may need to purchase additional panels.

How do I hang curtains if I have low ceilings?

If you don’t have enough space above the window frame to hang a rod, you can choose to hang your curtains from the ceiling using a ceiling track. You can also consider using shades in this scenario instead of curtain panels.

What if one side of my window has more wall space than the other side?

If you have a window that has unequal wall space on both sides, choose the smaller width and repeat this measurement on the other side. You can fill extra wall space with artwork or tall furniture (like a cage or bookshelf) so it looks balanced. If you find that there isn’t enough width on one side to look good, skip the curtain panels and opt for an elegant Roman shade or woven shade.

Hired! How can I hang curtains and avoid making holes in the wall?

They are selling Adhesive curtain brackets. These brackets stick to the wall and do not require you to drill or make any holes. The only drawback to this is that you are limited by weight, as these adhesive braces can only hold so much. For even more cost savings and style, you can make your own channel curtain rods or wooden dowel rods. They can be spray painted (or stained if it’s wood) for added flair.

Can you hang curtains on one side of the window only?

Guest bedroom with gray blanket

This may be an unpopular opinion but I think in some scenarios it is perfectly acceptable to do so. If you want a wide curtain on one side and it has a sliding glass door, I think that’s fine. If you have two windows very close together (small average space), I think you could add curtains on either side of those windows and that would be fine. In most cases, two curtain panels look better because they look more balanced. It’s all about balance my friend.

Now you know how to hang curtains like a pro! You’ll see how hanging curtains this way instantly ups your decorating game.

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