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Choosing art for your home can be overwhelming! Try my favorite trick to find amazing things, original art And bring it into your own space.

Bringing art into your space feels like an essential part of creating a home! Yes, you need couches, chairs, forks and plates. But art is what brings life into a home and begins to give it its beautiful identity.

In the past I was overwhelmed with finding art for a space! How do you choose? Where do you find that? How do you even know what you like?!

But I have more experience now, and a few tricks up my sleeve to help you find amazing art and bring it into your home.

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Find out what type of art you like

I think part of what made choosing art for our home so overwhelming at first was the fact that I love so many different styles and aesthetics. How do you choose when there are so many amazing options?

I think the best place to start to discover what kind of art you like is by looking at the things you’ve already chosen to surround yourself with. Look at your wardrobe, your furniture, and the photos on your phone.

Do you see a lot of colour? More muted tones? Do you find too many patterns or textures?

Looking for these clues can help you narrow down your artistic preferences. Maybe if you see a lot of color, you’re looking for it artists who paints in bright paintings. Or if you see a lot of textures, start looking for it textile art to hang on your walls. Maybe if you see a lot of friends pictures in your phone, you can immerse yourself in a world photography art.

I discovered that I love bright, saturated colors with some texture and a vibe that is somewhere between bohemian and modern. I also love art that is grounded in realism but has a dreamy feel to it.

Choose art for your home

Some current pieces I like above: Lemon Grove Tales, summer heat, Riga Old Town Riharda Wagnera Street, Milocotones Super Fondue Verde, Sarbus Branch. Autumn soon., The magic of juicy oranges.

Where to find great original art

If you’re looking to start your own collection of original artwork, it can be very difficult to know where to start. So I think a place like Singulart, who happens to be my awesome partner on this post, is a valuable resource.

Singulart is an online art gallery, with originals by professional artists available for purchase. I like that it provides an entry point into the art world for people like me, who are often intimidated at art galleries or among seasoned collectors. It feels comprehensive and informative.

So the online gallery is a great place to start! I love spending time browsing the artists there (everything from Painters to sculptors for photographers and more!), learning more about what I love and trying what works for our home.

Add art to your home

Once you’ve fallen in love with a piece or two to bring into your home, it’s important to start imagining a space that you think will fit well with the décor you already own.

Sometimes I find it helpful to simulate an area of ​​my house in Photoshop with different pieces to see how they fit, like I did below. Then you will really feel what you like or what works well.

I also like to sometimes start over and remove some of the art already on the walls and move things around to give a whole new feel. This can help shake things up and make everything look new!

No matter how you incorporate it, I’m always a big fan of bringing art of all kinds into your home! Surrounding yourself with creative works brings that life into the space. I’d like to know what kind of art you like and what fills your home!

This post is sponsored by Singulart. All thoughts and opinions are my very own. Thank you as always for your support!


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