Hot Sauce Recipes You Can Make


Make your own Sriracha, and other hot sauce recipes, so you never have to buy one from the store again!

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  1. Sriracha Hot Sauce
  2. Passion Fruit Hot Sauce
  3. Caribbean Carrots + Homemade Habanero Hot Sauce
  4. Nasturtium hot sauce
  5. Garlic-Habanero Hot Sauce
  6. Spicy Mango Habanero Hot Sauce Recipe
  7. Jalapeño Hot Sauce Recipe
  8. Homemade hot pepper sauce
  9. Colombian hot sauce
  10. Louisiana-Style Hot Sauce
  11. Tobasco-style homemade lacto-fermented hot sauce
  12. Roasted Green Chili Pepper Hot Sauce Recipe
  13. Peach Hot Sauce
  14. Chili Verde Hot Sauce

Hot Sauce Recipe: How to Make Hot Sauce at Home

1. Sriracha Hot Sauce

Ingredients for chili sauce on gray table  Top (Tasty) Hot Sauce Recipes You Can Make

Although Sriracha is a traditional Thai hot sauce, it has also gained popularity in the United States. In fact, there have been many versions and hot sauce recipes, but we have something here that is truly the stuff of dreams.

You’ll appreciate this recipe even more because Sriracha complements so many recipes, thus requiring it in your everyday home cooking.

2. Passion Fruit Hot Sauce

People are eating dumplings with sauce  Top (Tasty) Hot Sauce Recipes You Can Make

This hot sauce recipe will make your taste buds feel like an addict Aroma and passion fruit taste. This would be the perfect sauce for chicken and steak, so head to the grocery store now and look for this exotic fruit.

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3. Caribbean Carrots + Homemade Habanero Hot Sauce

Spicy Curry Food Bowl |  Top (Tasty) Hot Sauce Recipes You Can Make

If you want hot sauce as hell, set your mouth on fire with this Caribbean Carrot Habanero Hot Sauce recipe. A The habanero and cooked carrot combo Will surprise even super hot sauce lovers, for sure.

Habanero Definition: Different types of chili peppers; Grows in hot areas like Mexico

4. Nasturtium Hot Sauce

Empanada and sauce on a plate  Top (Tasty) Hot Sauce Recipes You Can Make

If you have a garden full of nasturtiums, we envy you because this unique hot sauce recipe needs them. This should be both a good use of your native flowers and a perfect homemade hot sauce recipe for canning.

Nasturtiums have a peppery taste, so it is usually added to salads, likewise, this hot sauce recipe Features edible flowers. So if you’re up for a gastronomical adventure, get this hot sauce that’s better than store-bought!

5. Garlic-Habanero Hot Sauce

Jar of chili sauce  Top (Tasty) Hot Sauce Recipes You Can Make

If you want a hot sauce recipe you can add to your daily diet, this is it. It will definitely add garlic flavor and heat to your daily meals.

with your daily food dose This is garlic and habaner Super hot sauce so you can make them awesome.

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6. Spicy Mango Habanero Hot Sauce Recipe

Yellow and green chili peppers  Top (Tasty) Hot Sauce Recipes You Can Make

We can’t get enough of Habanero so we’re adding another special recipe. This time we do Add sweet mango Because of the equation, why not?

A smooth and creamy hot sauce made with a mango base that’s perfect for fish tacos or worth your time as a nacho filling.

7. Jalapeno Hot Sauce Recipe

Red and green chili peppers  Top (Tasty) Hot Sauce Recipes You Can Make

This fermented hot sauce has the strong flavor of garlic, onion and the tangy taste of vinegar you won’t find anywhere else. In fact, great flavor, as well as jalapeños make the right kind of spice This is a recipe of sorts.

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8. Homemade hot chili sauce

Grilled chicken and fries with two sauces on a plate  Top (Tasty) Hot Sauce Recipes You Can Make

Check out this easy hot sauce recipe, so you can make a basic hot sauce recipe.

If you also like Frank’s Red Hot Sauce, you will This homemade version is bettersurely people at parties and barbecues will love this delicious and simple hot chili sauce recipe.

9. Colombian Hot Sauce

Orange sauce in a white bowl  Top (Tasty) Hot Sauce Recipes You Can Make

Have you tasted Colombian empanadas? This hot sauce recipe makes them an absolutely delicious treat. Get a taste of Colombia with this easy recipe. One of the best hot sauce recipes around.

10. Louisiana-style hot sauce

Bowl of sauce  Top (Tasty) Hot Sauce Recipes You Can Make

Cayennes are one of the best substitutes for Tabasco chiles in this delicious recipe. Customize this recipe with your favorite chilies and try this hot sauce recipe Will last a month in the fridge.

11. Tobasco-style homemade lacto-fermented hot sauce

Lemon slices and hot sauce  Top (Tasty) Hot Sauce Recipes You Can Make

Get the spiciness of Tabasco and some probiotic goodness This is an amazing recipe. You will have to wait about one to two weeks, but it is worth it.

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12. Roasted Green Chili Pepper Hot Sauce Recipe

White sauce with a spoon on the table  Top (Tasty) Hot Sauce Recipes You Can Make

Like barbecue, a smoky flavor is the hot sauce it needs to make it more flavorful and mouthwatering. you will like The smoky goodness of these roasted green chilies Because even a small amount of hot sauce can go a long way.

13. Peach Hot Sauce

Peach Chili Sauce  Top (Tasty) Hot Sauce Recipes You Can Make

Control the spiciness of the habanero by combining it with sweet peaches. What you have here is a habanero hot sauce recipe that is Southern through and through.

The Combines the sweetness of peaches and the spice of habanero You want to drizzle this on everything.

14. Chili Verde Hot Sauce

A basket of red chillies  Top (Tasty) Hot Sauce Recipes You Can Make

Make a batch of this hot sauce to take your cooking to the next level. It has a great level of flavor and is one of the best hot sauce recipes around.

combination Tomatillos, spices and cilantro Definitely makes a hot sauce the best.

Watch this short video from Delish on how to make Mango Habanero Hot Sauce:

Whether you want an everyday hot sauce or an occasional hot sauce recipe for canning, any of these delicious recipes won’t let you down. Not only that, these recipes can put you in the spotlight as a homemade hot sauce recipe guru.

So get out your spoon and mixing bowl, as well as your apron, because things are about to heat up in the kitchen.

Did you like our list of hot sauce recipes? Let us know your thoughts on these homemade hot sauce ideas in the comments section!

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Top (delicious) hot sauce recipes you can make

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