Hostess Gift Ideas Under $25: Discover Affordable And Thoughtful Picks


My mother always taught me to bring a little something to the host, a feeling I’ve carried with me all my life. No gift ever needs to be complicated or expensive — just memorable and thoughtful. So, today I’m highlighting inexpensive hostess gift ideas (all under $25) from Target.

The best gifts are those designed for your host. You can make them feel extra special with a personalized gift that reflects their unique interests and passions. It is a sincere way to celebrate their hospitality and create an unforgettable connection through a gift that speaks to their personal joys.

Inexpensive hostess gift ideas under $25

Many of these gifts are well under $25 and you can (And it should) Combine some of these into one hostess gift. For example, a set of coffee or tea samples + a beautiful mug. Or a basket of goodies for breakfast the next morning. Beautiful hand towel + soap set. You found the idea.

do not forget it Presentation is everything. Make sure you get some pretty gift wrap or at least a pretty ribbon for gifting. A gift card is essential if the host is busy when you arrive. You could also make a homemade gift for the hostess, perhaps a lovely scented sachet or a set of no-sew linen napkins?

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Affordable and thoughtful gift ideas for hostesses

Explore these thoughtful suggestions that won’t break the bank and be sure to scroll below to shop my picks.

A set of small festive plates or glassware

Gift the host with a set of festive plates and glasses, adding charm to their gatherings and a beautiful addition to their tableware. An elegant and practical way to show appreciation for their hospitality.

Scented candles

Consider gifting a classic and charming scented candle. Choose seasonal scents for a festive touch.

Hand care gift set

Choose a practical and delightful hand care gift set, including items such as hand wash and soap. It’s a thoughtful gesture for the hostess to indulge in some pampering.

Ceramic trinket bowl

Small and elegant ceramic bowl is perfect for holding jewelry, keys or other small items. Choose a meaningful design to add a personal touch.

Beeswax candles

For a natural, eco-friendly option, consider beeswax candles. Not only does it provide a warm glow, but it also emits a subtle sweet scent.

A bottle of wine and flowers

When in doubt, you can always opt for the timeless combination of a carefully selected bottle of wine and/or a beautiful bouquet of flowers. This classic duo is a surefire way to express gratitude (just make sure the hosts are actually drinking wine!) and also know that they’re not Have to open it.

Here’s the full collection of hostess gifts ready to shop, all from Target. Pick up a few and you’ll be ready for your next holiday get-together. Happy shopping!

Hostess Gift Ideas Under $25: Discover thoughtful, affordable picks

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