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Homemade Valentines Gift for Vehicle Obsessed Kids

Classroom valentines for kids who love anything with wheels!

Pictures of construction vehicles on boxes with Lego crayons and DIY notebooks inside, creative homemade valentines for kids

If your child is fond of vehicles and/or construction – excavators, fire trucks, cement mixers, ambulances, etc. – then this homemade Valentine gift is for you. It’s a mix between shopping and DIY. Sounds like a thoughtful Valentine’s gift for classmates and friends, without having to spend too much time making these.

The boxes are cute, but inside are (even cuter) Lego-like brick crayons that can be stacked on top of each other. Something useful for the kids to enjoy after Valentine’s Day is over. I made some little notebooks to go with them to round things out. So the kids have something they can create with their new crayons right away.

Click for the source link and a quick DIY to make a mini notebook from items you already have in the house.

Young boy holding two small boxes, each box with colorful construction vehicles on it, tied with string

Boy holding a fire truck box in the foreground and several other small boxes holding Valentine's Day messages with construction vehicles in the background

Homemade Valentines Gift Ideas

I’d say these fit into the preschool valentine card category, but I think elementary school kids would enjoy them too.

Hayes wanted something that had to do with construction or cars (basically anything with wheels). And I wanted to give her classmates something they could use more than once/hopefully keep for a while. I try not to give valentines that can be thrown away immediately. Seems a bit useless.

still! Here’s how to make a homemade Valentine’s gift that’s both thoughtful and easy enough…


Here are all the materials I used for the school valentines…

  • Vehicle boxes filled with Lego shaped crayons*
  • Kids Valentine Creations Printable -There are lots of options on Etsy, but I’ve linked the one I used.
  • glue stick
  • string
  • Cereal boxes – Any type of thin cardboard will work. It doesn’t have to be a cereal box.
  • Paper (can be blank or lined) – I used printer paper I already had.
  • Paint and paint brushes – You can also use children’s paint sticks for this. This is what I use and it works just as well (and is less messy).
  • wool seller
  • small muslin bag (optional)

*The company that makes the boxes that contain crayons is called Goober. They sell them online.

They come in a set of 4 boxes and that set costs $29. But I did some digging and found them on sale for $22 (for a 4 pack), making each box cost a little more than $5.

Bought them at Flying Pig Toys – no longer have the cars/construction ones on their site. but there is one Nature Edition It’s so cute and is on sale for $17 for a set of four. Moon Picnic still has the ones I used here: Pocket Crayon Block Set,

Young boy wearing white sweatshirt holding two canvas bags with classroom valentines inside

valentine price

For me, the ultimate cost of each class is Valentine’s. came to about $6, Fully accounting for everything I bought for this. Some things I already had on hand – string, cereal boxes, paint, paper, stapler, etc.

Honestly, I don’t know if that sounds like a lot of money or a little bit for a kids’ Valentine. But I looked at some cheaper options first (that still included a small Valentine’s gift with each one, not just a paper card) and it added up to about two dollars less per child. There aren’t a lot of kids in Hayes’ class, so I felt it was fair to pick the cutest option, IMO.

Obviously, do what feels right for you and your budget. I’m sure you could DIY something similar and save some money that way (see below). But for me, I didn’t have much energy for making crayons and decorating boxes, etc.

Colorful construction valentines for children, with small boxes of Lego shaped crayons and notebooks inside a muslin bag

How to Make These Classroom Valentines

1. Print and cut out the printable material.

To make these classroom valentines, I printed and cut out the printable creation linked from Etsy, in the materials list. You can also make your own, but for only a few dollars, buying a printable was worth it to me. The less work the better.

2. Paste and install the name plate.

Then, I stuck them on the back of each box and had Hayes sign each one. There is a little space on the side of the boxes that says names, so I added each classmate’s name to that section.

3. Make a mini notebook.

And then I made a mini notebook to work with it (a tutorial for the notebook is included below).

4. Package them.

I initially thought I would add entire valentines – illustrated boxes with crayons and notebooks – into a muslin bag for each classmate. Which you can see in some pictures below.

But then I realized that it would not be easy for the teachers to pass because it would be difficult to see the names on the box when they were in the bag. And I didn’t want to make extra name tags for the bags.

So, I rotated and made the notebooks even smaller so they could fit inside each box.

In this case I had to make them a little thinner, because there wasn’t much room in the existing crayon boxes. But I took them in! And then I tied them with rope to make sure nothing falls out. That’s why you see two different options for packaging in the pictures.

Small boxes with firetrucks and construction vehicles, lined up, and opened to reveal colorful Lego shaped crayons inside

Make Your Own ‘Brick’ Crayons

If you want to make Lego(ish) crayons and save some money, I have a tutorial for melting crayons into molds.

And I got a ‘bricks’ mold on it MICHAELS It’s the same for less than $6.

If you’re willing to do the work, this is a less expensive option. They are not exactly the same…I think the ones I bought are more attractive because they are different sizes and they stack on top of each other. But the DIY version would still be really cute.

Small notebooks are being made from paper, paint and yellow stapler

How to Make Little Notebook Valentines

I wanted to add a little DIY to these construction/vehicle valentines.

I decided notebooks would be the best option because they’re quick, easy, and free (since I already had everything I needed). It’s nice to use things I already have for things like this.

To make the notebook, I simply followed the directions from my DIY notebook tutorial. But instead of using wallpaper as a cover, I cut thin cardboard from cereal boxes and painted them on both sides.

I let my son paint the exterior with paint sticks to give it a more customized kiddo vibe. Similar to my cereal box art project.

A person holding a small household notebook in his hand and a mess of stuff behind.

Small Construction Boxes Tied with String for Valentines Day, Classroom Valentines for Kids

Young boy holding construction themed Valentine's Day gifts for his class


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