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Homemade Low Fat Dog Treats Perfect For National Pet Day

April 11 is National Pet Day. Make some homemade and healthy low-fat dog treats for your dog.

Most of the ingredients involved in making these dishes are easily available in your home. This will be convenient for our pet parents so that we can avoid going out to get ingredients. In addition, we will use healthy options to maintain a healthy diet for your pets.

It’s time to get creative with some dog treats, folks, so let’s get right to it!

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Reward your pooch with these low-fat dog treats

1. Homemade Dog Biscuits

Two-Dog-Steal-Dog-Biscuit-Out |  Homemade dog cookies

There’s no better way to spoil someone you love than by baking a homemade treat. Why should your dog be any different? Also, buying treats every month can be expensive.

This dog biscuit recipe will get your dog’s tail wagging while saving a few pennies.

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2. Cheddar Seaweed Treats

jack-russell-terrier-dog-reches-treat |  Behavior for dogs

Okay, so this combination of ingredients might not taste and taste to your conventional puppy palette, but why not give it a try?

All you need is something Low-fat cheddar cheeseA nori sheets, ginger, Brown rice flourAnd water – easy peasy!

3. Treat sweet potato dog chews

Shiba-Japan  Dog behavior

Dehydrated sweet potatoes will take some time for dogs to eat and this is why the system can act as a regulator. They are all natural and made from healthy whole foods.


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4. Turkey Oof Ball

Delicious Country Famous Roasted Meatballs with Carrots and Onions from the oven to the tray  dog behavior

This Puppy Munchin Snack is a Swedish meatball that is both dog and human-friendly! Best of all, it’s low fat!

Mix the meatballs with something rice or the pasta And some dry good quality dog ​​food. Another great option for your dog’s expenses!

5. Three-ingredient homemade dog ice cream

husk-dog-eating-ice-cream-owners-hand |  Dog ice cream is low fat

Who doesn’t love ice cream, right? I’m sure even your pooch will enjoy this frozen dessert as much as you. Also, it is so easy to prepare because you will only need curd, coconut butterAnd Fresh strawberries To make it.

6. Low fat carrot dog treats

Off-Tasty-Healthy-Homemade-Bone-Shaped-Dog |  dog behavior

Dogs sure love to crunch on carrots, and making their treats from this beta-carotene- and lutein-rich vegetable is sure to get their tails wagging vigorously.

Make a carrot treat using the carrot, banana, apple, flourAnd Oats. This is definitely a must try!

7. Healthy Peanut Butter Biscuits

Batch-Fresh-Homemade-Dog-Biscuit-Hot  dog biscuits

We all love to spoil our dogs and we are thrilled whenever they enjoy something. This treat of turning their favorite peanut butter treat into cookies will put a smile on your and your dog’s face.

8. Homemade Dog Pill Pockets

dog-waiting-to-take-prescription-medication-pills |  Dog treatment at home

Forcing your dog to take his pills is extremely taxing. No one likes to see their lil dogs struggle to take their medicine, which is why this recipe stands out — it makes for an easy pill-feeding situation for your dog.

Fortunately, these are easily converted to organic, and gluten-free with a few simple substitutions for those who need them.

Use rice flour, and organic peanut butter to make it even healthier for your dog. You can substitute some flour in this recipe for flax seeds.

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9. No-Bake Coconut Dog Treats

girl-gives-australian-shepherd-dog-cheat  DIY Dog Treats

Coconut has become an increasingly popular food lately because of all its health benefits. Coconut improves heart health, is high in dietary fiber, helps relieve stress on the pancreas and enzyme system, and more!

So, why not include your furry friend in the trend and allow it to benefit as well?

This dog treat, as the title suggests, requires no bake time, meaning in four easy steps your dog can be that much closer to eating nuts for coconut!

10. Apple Brown Rabbit

Apple Brown Rabbit Ttreats |  Low fat dog treats

If your dog likes to chase rabbits, he will love these Apple treats brown rabbits!

Topped with cheddar cheese, these adorable bite-sized squares will have your dog’s hind legs hoppin’ and its jaws clinching’.

11. Carrot and Banana Natural Dog Treat Recipe

Dog-watch-food  Low fat behavior

These snacks are great for your dog with all the color and nutrients in carrots, they are low in calories and high in fiber and beta carotene/vitamin A.

As for bananas, they are a high source of potassium and contain vitamin C, an antioxidant that protects cells from damage and helps build cartilage.

12. Cheesy twist

Salty-Cheese-Stick-Snacks |  Dog behavior

This dog treat can have it all, it looks great for nibbling and chewing, tastes more than appetizing, and is easy to prepare.

This homemade dog treat packs a burst of flavor with three herbs, cheese and a delicious puree.

13. Apple yogurt freezies

Golden-retriever-homemade-ice-cream-tries  Dog popsicle

This dog treat requires only three ingredients and minimal effort for big effects and lots of nutrition! Contains plenty of B vitamins that will prevent your dog’s skin from becoming dry in the winter.

Plain, unsweetened yogurt is an excellent source of calcium as well as protein, while apples are packed with vitamins A, C and fiber. They are also a refreshing alternative to the usual dry biscuits.

14. Buckwheat Salmon & Sweet Potato Dog Treats

handful-of-prize-dogs-on-the-garden-table |  Behavior for pets

This recipe provides a gluten-free dog biscuit packed with nutrition. Lots of protein from buckwheat (which is actually a berry and not related to wheat in any way) and salmon roe, carotene-rich sweet potatoes and chlorophyll-rich parsley.

15. Strawberry Kale Chicken Jerky

A few pieces of dry-chicken jerky dog  DIY treats

Kale is a true superfood that is easy to incorporate into a dog’s diet and is incredibly versatile in preparation. But mixed with strawberries and chicken makes kale really tasty for dogs!

Strawberries are also a major powerhouse of nutrition for pooches. They are rich in fiber along with vitamin C.

So why not add some chicken in there for an extra kick of protein and call it a day?

Looking for more low-fat dog treats? Check out this video from Chewy.com:

While it’s important to reward your beloved pet and show him respect and affection, it’s good to know when not to reward your dog – an overstimulated mind is a good example of this.

Treats can help you train your dog to stay by your side and learn what you need from him as an owner and loving parent. That’s why it’s so important to treat these low-fat dogs extra special and healthy!

At this point, it truly becomes a reward and not just a snack. We hope you enjoyed the recipe list, cook now!

Which of these recipes do you like the most? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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Editor’s note: This post was originally published on April 8, 2020 and has been updated for quality and relevance.


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