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Does it seem like Christmas came too early this year? I’m not ready! And to be honest, all these gift guides I keep seeing around the web are making me feel overwhelmed! but! The older I get, the more I realize that if I don’t plan for the future, I get more anxious. I became…Gasp…a plan! any other person? I actually like to get gifts early so I can wrap them early and have a steady stream of tastes instead of a deluge. Anyway, that’s all to say this week I’ll be sharing one gift guide a day starting with my favorite holiday decor.

My favorite holiday decor

I like to collect special items that I really love rather than buying things just for the sake of buying. This is how I view most of my purchases – I only buy things that make my heart beat. There were a lot of things that made the list this year, and it’s actually double the size of last year’s list. Here are some things that made my heart skip a beat:

  1. Popular tree skirt
  2. Christmas pile welcome mat
  3. Mushroom decoration
  4. Popular napkins
  5. Color swatch decoration
  6. Candle holder
  7. Clown bow
  8. Popular red tablecloth
  9. Classic Dala horse
  10. Homemade teapot
  11. Honeycomb trees are large in size
  12. Popular green socks
  13. Popular red socks
  14. Straw tree top
  15. Christmas pyramid
  16. Red striped candles
  17. Straw decorations in a box
  18. Lemon glass decoration
  19. Red tree skirt
  20. Rainbow socks (which can come with the coolest embroidery!)
  21. Gingerbread welcome mat
  22. Bottle brush christmas trees
  23. Popular Christmas wrapping paper
  24. Heart ornaments
  25. Embroidered sock
  26. Birth pin

I have added a lot of beautiful items to my country Amazon Christmas Storefront Also, if you’re looking for a good deal, check it out there. I’ve also added a few other things to my Things We Like page.


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