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How to make Christmas ornaments from paper and chipboard. Easy and very unique!

Every year, I make some new DIY holiday ornaments to decorate the tree for Christmas and give as gifts to friends and family. Sometimes I add them as gift toppers to make the package attractive and they also work as an additional gift that way.

Paper ornaments painted in various geometric shapes, placed on top of each other to look like ornaments

Although this year, I’ve probably got one Little carried away. Because even though I already had a lot of jewellery, I couldn’t stop myself from making some more. Although, honestly, I’m so glad I did because the ornaments I’m sharing today are still my favorites!

i used mine cricut maker Machine for all three ornaments. But you can also cut everything out by hand using the included template.

Click to see all three DIY ornament ideas and download my custom template to make your own ornament.

Three Unique Christmas Ornament Ideas Using Paper

Unique DIY Christmas Ornament 3 Ways

With all the different options for jewelry making, I wanted to stick to some kind of cohesive theme. Especially if they are all hanging on the tree together.

So, I hand painted all the materials I used… from paper cardstock to craft board to chipboard.

And each material can be cut using cricut maker Machine. *You can also use another cutting machine. I think they all work in pretty much the same way. I already have a Cricut Maker, so I’m sharing how to use it specifically.

If you have never used it before, you have to try it!!

It’s very easy to use and only takes a few minutes to setup. If you need a little inspiration, you can upload your own designs and start cutting right away or access their huge library of ready-to-make projects and templates (via Cricut’s Design Space) Are.

Every project is essentially fool-proof. This will make more sense when you’re creating something in the design field, but I’ll try to explain…

When you choose a design template to make (or create your own) and click the Make It button, it will ask you what material you will be using and tell you if you need to make it before you start cutting. Requires a special blade. , So it comes out perfect every time.

It also tells you how far along the cut is in the cutting process, so you know what to expect in terms of timing. This is especially helpful for longer cuts, like when using 2mm chipboard (which I used for DIY Holiday Ornament #2).

still! Let’s get to the jewelry projects…

Red, pink and yellow colored 3D ball ornaments on pink background for the holidays

DIY Holiday Ornament #1: 3D Balls

1. For these 3D ball ornaments, I made a simple circle template and used the Cricut Maker to cut out all the circles for me.

For this, I recommend using a solid colored medium weight cardstock. I used dark orange 12×12 cardstock from Cricut.

2. Then, after painting everything and letting it dry completely, I folded each circle in half and glued the circles together onto the folded flap to begin creating a ball shape.

Make sure the painted edges of the paper are facing out.

3. Then when I had just a few more circles to add, I added a long piece of string (folded in half) through the center. And I left about three inches at the bottom. The tail of the string should be down and the loop should go over the ball.

4. Complete the remaining circles to complete the ball. Then tie the hanging part of the string with a bead. Or if you’re using thick string like I do, replace it with a thick knot.

Download the template for 3D ball ornaments here.

3D stars, painted in warm colors and hanging in front of a pale pink background

DIY Holiday Ornament #2: 3D Stars

I made these 3D star ornaments Cricut Chipboard,

1. The initial process for this was the same as the other two, I created a file, imported it into Cricut Design Space, and had Cricut Maker cut out all the shapes for me. you will need this Knife Blade + Drive Housing For this project.

2. From there, I hand painted each side and then put the puzzle pieces together to create a three-dimensional star. To make one ornament you will need a total of two stars – one star with a slit at the top and one with a slit at the bottom.

3. You can add a small string to the top of each finished ornament or string them to the tree as is, as they are very dimensional and lightweight.

Download the template for 3D star ornaments here.

Paper ornaments in geometric shapes attached with jump rings

DIY Holiday Ornament #3: Geo Stacked

Inspired by current jewelery trends, I created jewelery that mimics geometric earring designs.

1. Once I created the shape template in Photoshop I uploaded it to Cricut Design Space and cut it out with the Cricut Maker, selecting the craft board material before starting.

2. Then, I painted the pieces the same way as the previous ornament project, this time though on both sides.

3. And then carefully add small jump rings (the ones you use to make ornaments) into the holes at the top and bottom of the shapes. The idea was to make some festive Christmas tree ‘ornaments’.

The template I made (linked below) already has small holes cut into the shapes, and there are plenty of options so you can choose different arrangements when making your own. Some shapes have two holes, which can be used for the top and middle space and some shapes have only one hole, which can be used as the bottom piece.

Use weeding equipment Punch holes if necessary and remove excess paper.

4. Then, you simply add a string to the top jump ring and it’s ready to hang from the tree. Or as another option, you can use the pieces to make a long garland using the same method of attaching the shapes to jump rings and skipping the string.

Download the template for Geo Stacked Ornaments here.

Three-dimensional ball ornament made of paper painted in warm colors Geometric ornaments painted in warm colors with copper rings tie them together.

Red, yellow and orange paper balls for the holidays Christmas ornaments made of paper in different shapes with fir tree decorations on pink background Paper Christmas ornaments in the shape of stars and balls, colored red, pink, orange and yellow

Closeup of geometric DIY ornaments made from painted paper, wire and string

Three-dimensional ball ornament on pink background with string loop on top

And that’s it for my holiday ornament DIY.

To make it easier to find all 3 free ornament templates in one place, I’m including them below…

Do you make any holiday decorations for Christmas every year?


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