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Heart Of Dinner: Volunteering For Love, Compassion & Hope

Learn about Heart of Dinner, a volunteer organization serving the Asian-American community in NYC serving love, compassion and hope.

The heart of the dinner lunch bag is a paper bag package with individual designs by volunteers

The pandemic has brought much heartache to the world. For nearly two years, it shut down the entire world. It has torn families apart; This has created a massive blockade of access to essentials and displaced livelihood opportunities. After all, the most depressing part of this is the emotional and psychological impact it has had on millions of people worldwide. No age or nature of life was spared from the effects of the epidemic. But through kind hearts and selfless acts of kindness, a community of Asian-American seniors in NYC has found solace in relief efforts. Heart of Dinner.

The Women Behind the Heart of Diner

Heart of Diner was first founded in 2015 as a supper club, bringing people together for a shared meal and creating a safe space for people to grow. When the pandemic hit and took the world by storm, real-life couple Moonlin Tsai and Yin Chang launched a supper club-inspired initiative to support vulnerable Asian-American senior communities significantly affected by the pandemic’s aftermath. .

With Munlin and Yin sharing the same love for food and compassion, they began delivering their first lunch packs around Manhattan’s Chinatown on April 1st, 2020. With elders in their thoughts and hearts, more forceful racism and some are challenged by exclusion. Needs and rights, they found a way to help the community.

How it started

Fueled by a mission to uplift, heal and support the Asian-American elderly community, it was the beginning of a heartwarming story of love, compassion and hope. Heart of Diner began connecting restaurant partners, volunteers and donors who share and align with the same values ​​of the initiative. From there, the movement has sustainably supported not only the elderly community, but also small and local businesses and crops in the Asian community to bring food and care packages around New York City.

Volunteering is an act of love

In addition to its vision of delivering relief efforts to the elderly, Heart of Dinner emphasizes the importance of comforting the community. Mental health is a topic that reaches the level of discretion but is rarely accepted and talked about with high regard. Thus, often stigmatized. As part of Heart of Diner’s pursuit, the team is keen to provide a sense of comfort, understanding, comfort and acceptance to the community.

Since Munlin and Yin’s effort began in 2020, each meal bag included a handwritten note that uplifted the elderly. As word of the initiative spread, hundreds of kind-hearted volunteers, donors and partners were motivated and inspired to join the program, creating hand-illustrated and thoughtfully curated food and care bags with their notes. Today, Heart of Dinner has delivered more than 100,00 packages, touched hundreds of lives in the Asian-American veteran community, and inspired thousands of love stories through volunteerism.

Join the movement

Heart of Diner continues to expand its efforts to reach out to more communities so that the organization has the opportunity to extend a helping hand. There are five ways to reach, connect and participate in activities

1. Delivery of care packages

Regardless, every Wednesday of the week, the Heart of Dinner team delivers packages door-to-door in the community for approximately 3-5 hours a day, depending on the route. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Healthy and able to drive, deliver and carry packages

  2. Licensed to drive and have access to a vehicle or be willing to engage with a driver

  3. Wednesdays are available for 3-5 hours, depending on the route. Package collection at Essex Market around 12:45 PM – 1:45 PM.

2. Hand out care packages

The organization is open to artists, illustrators, doodlers and anyone with a passion for creativity and designing care packages with heartwarming illustrations. click here For complete instructions.

3. Handwritten notes for care packages

With each package including a personal note, Heart of Dinner welcomes volunteers to write notes in native and English with volunteer writers imagining images.

4. Assembling the care package

With hundreds of packages coming out of Heart of Diner’s headquarters, it’s no surprise that the organization is looking for volunteers who can pack and assemble care packages. Ideally, they are appearanceFor positive volunteers who can multitask, lift, transport goods and more. read on here For more details.

5. Host a fundraiser

With a growing number of volunteers for Heart of Dinner, its initiative has taken on another dimension: raise funds by offering services, selling arts and crafts, hosting classes and more. Volunteers are increasingly finding ways to support the senior community through Heart of Dinner. Find out how you can start a fundraising program here link.

Make handmade marble cards for dinner

Marble Sumi Note by Kit by Food Craft

As an AAPI, multicultural, and women-owned small business, Kits by Food Craft with a Heart of Dinner hopes to provide a better, safer, healthier world for our Asian-American veterans to live in. As part of our culture, we highly value the importance of inclusion, diversity and well-being, especially during these difficult times.

As we participate in this initiative with Heart of Dinner, we encourage you to invite your team, friends or family to join us virtually or in person. Suminagashi card making in NYC or Dallas-Fort Worth to create unique Suminagashi pieces and write words of encouragement on notes that we will send to Heart of Diner for their care package. Be Big Heart. Contact us for more information.


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