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Haunted Mansion Costume Ideas – Studio DIY

A collection of haunted mansion costumes

The Haunted Mansion is a favorite ride at Disneyland year-round, but especially on Halloween. It’s the perfect trip to draw inspiration for your Halloween costume! These Haunted Mansion costume ideas are fun to put together, mostly from items from your closet or thrift store, and will impress any true Disney fan you meet!

Stretch room photo costume ideas

Stretch room images

When you enter the Haunted Mansion, you go into the expansive room where images stretch before your eyes. These characters make an exciting and unique group costume!

Tightrope walker uniform

Haunted Mansion Tightrope Walking Costume

The tightrope walker, also sometimes known as the Umbrella Girl or Sally Slater, is perhaps the most notable image of the expansive room. There are a lot of ready-to-wear outfits like this Tight dress or This skirtOr you can make it yourself.

To make a tightrope walking costume, find an old dress or White skirt And add flowers using iron transfer material green And Burgundy. Then add pink bows to the sleeves.

Image by DIY Studio

Photo by Constance Hatchway

Woman wearing extended room photo

The old woman sitting on top of her husband’s grave, sometimes known as Constance Hatchaway and other times as Abigail Plett Cleaver, requires only a few simple items from grandma’s closet or thrift store!

Wear a gray or dark blue long dress with Dark purple shawl Screwed with a Hijab pin. Add Pearl earringsAnd black heels rose. do not forget to Spray your hair grayAlso, if you need!

Image by DIY Studio

Alexander Netrokov, Dynamite Man

A man dressed as the Dynamite Man stretches into the room

Here’s how to put together a costume for the famous Dynamite Man. You will need a white shirt, Red and white striped shorts (Or a bathing suit!). Black coat with tails And a Red scarf.

Image by DIY Studio

Like Madame Leota

A woman dressed as Madame Leotta

For the mysterious Ms. Leota, keep it simple and wear some ghostly blue makeup and a blue wig!

Image source and inspiration via Catherine Alice

Hiking ghost costumes

Hiking ghost costumes

Hiking Ghosts make a great triathlon costume. Gather some green and gray clothes from your wardrobes. Add travel bags, hats, and a ball and chain to complete the look.

Image source and inspiration by Kiko Lin

Kiko has done many other things Haunted mansion costume, also! Check out her full archives for more ideas.

Constance Hatchway as the bride

Costume bride Constance Hatchaway

Constance Hatchaway, the bride hiding in the attic of the Haunted Mansion, can be transformed into a costume with any old wedding dress from a thrift store! Add some tears to it, as well as a veil and ghostly makeup. Decorate it with a bouquet or an axe!

Image source and inspiration from Heather Spears

Hat box ghost costume

Hat box ghost costume

If you have some DIY skills, dress up as a DIY hat box ghost. a face covera dark blue suit and hat, as well as a creative cape that you can make yourself Hat box And some creative makeup and details will make a show stopping Haunted Mansion costume.

Image source and inspiration from Midsummer Scream via A place to laugh

Haunted Mansion groundskeeper uniform

The easiest Haunted Mansion costume to assemble is the Groundskeeper! Assemble khaki pants, a brown jacket, a gift, and a lantern. Bonus points if you have a dog to be an important sidekick to your groundskeeper.

Haunted Mansion cast members uniforms

The cast members at the Haunted Mansion have some of the most coveted costumes on all of the Disneyland park rides. And now, you can dress up like them for Halloween too! You can buy Costume inspired by one of the cast members here.

These spooky costumes are the perfect choice for any Halloween party, Oogie Boogie Bash party, or trick-or-treat trip! The Haunted Mansion will always be a great costume choice.


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