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A woman and a child walk down the street in downtown Los Angeles

Happy holidays everyone! Are your kids back in school yet? We will be back very soon and I can’t believe it. We also have some fun trips coming up, to NYC & Mexico (CDMX & SMA) and I’m really excited to take some trips.

I also wanted to let you all know that I’m going to take a break. I guess you could call it a vacation but it makes it sound like I’m doing my business together and I definitely don’t.

I’m going to get off social media for a month or two. I just need some time to clear my head, focus on some other priorities, and honestly figure out what’s “next” for me. This industry has changed a lot in the last year, and I’m sure you’ve heard a lot of creatives/bloggers/influencers talking about it lately, and I’m still thinking about how to handle that.

There will still be some blog posts, but I won’t be posting my Happy Weekend posts here and won’t be on Instagram! Excited, and very nervous, about the break. But I’ll check back once I’m ready! In the meantime, some final links for you (for now)! Thank you, as always, for your support!

It is devastating to watch the fires ravaging Maui right now. There are a lot of fundraisers to donate to but the place I always recommend is World Central Kitchenwho work to provide meals to those directly affected by natural disasters and tragedies and are currently on the ground working to do so in Hawaii.

Fire Jeff New print shop! Very proud!!

these Stone steps for children very wonderful. Dying to get a set for an A! Great holiday gift, folks!!

los angeles, Los Angeles parks and recreation centers are opening (And in the process of opening more) Many free or low cost/subsidized nurseries throughout the county! Pass it on so more people can learn about this opportunity to sponsor children ages 2-6!

Sorry, I will never link to this Red striped magic house every time i see it.

Ok maybe I want to wear This dress To one of our upcoming weddings!? (More options here, too!)

alibaba summer sale It ends on Monday! Stock up for winter (or end of summer/fall honestly, I wear cotton year-round!).

on board with All these directions! I was thinking of using contrast piping for our dining corner bench!

this Colorful baby roll/play mat!!!

All the French flea market tips. bookmark!!

Every word of this Just how large the LGBTQ+ community is puts a lot in perspective for those who use that as an argument against LGBTQ rights legislation. Some very important talking points to understand.


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