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I’m sharing this special bonus episode of our podcast today because my version, Manual killing, available. hooray!

You have no idea how much excitement and anxiety I’m experiencing inside me right now as I write these words. I wanted to create a little bonus episode for our podcast listeners so they can be the first to know. 🙂 I am sharing with you all the details and links I have, as well as reading the first chapter in the episode.

You can stream the episode here on the blog or on Itunes, Spotify, Google Apps, Discipline, Pocket castAnd stitch. You can find an archive of podcast posts here.

Show notes:

what is the book about?

Manual killing It is my first self-published novel. It’s a thrilling, dark and twisted story, and if you listen to whodunit podcasts (like me) you’ll probably love it. Here’s the description at the back of the book:

What if the villain thinks he’s a hero?

Our addiction to social media has created a new version of fame. Hidden beneath the surface of the beautiful, polished social media accounts is a community targeted by a killer.

Ella’s life falls apart after she suffers a miscarriage. Her marriage falls apart while the rest of her life feels on hold. In order to deal with the grief and guilt of losing a pregnancy, Ella spends a lot of time on her phone. The more time she spent online, the more her new identity began to take shape.

Rosie finds a new group of friends, and other women who also live online. She cares deeply about this group, and they are the first non-family members she tells about her new adventure – she’s pregnant! Through her connections and chance meeting with the famous podcast host, Joan This is nowRosie and her friends begin to notice a strange trend among their influential community. While it is estimated that as many as 1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage, the statistics appear to be much higher within this industry. They soon discover that many women have an eerily similar story.

Joan and Rosie race to find out who or what is behind these seemingly connected tragedies. But can they discover the truth before it happens again?

manual killing, is a fast-paced thriller that asks the question: Can you be a serial killer if your victims haven’t been born yet?

What versions are available?

There are currently paperback, hardcover, and electronic formats for e-readers. It’s my priority to have an audio version available, but I don’t know when it will be released. I’m discovering all this for the first time. So, if you’re interested in reading this book, I can’t wait. But if audio is what you need, it’s coming, and I don’t have a release date yet.

Note: The hardcover version available on Amazon currently has the design printed on the cover (no dust jacket). The only way to get a hardcover with dust jacket version is through Ingram Spark (more on this below).

Where is it available?

Amazon – you can buy Any of the current versions available through Amazon. It’s available in many areas outside the US as well, so if you have Amazon, you’ll likely find it.

Ingram Spark – I’ve included the book here too. This means you’ll likely be able to order the book from your favorite independent bookstore or other bookstore chains. You can also ask your local library for a copy of my book, and they should be able to do so through this resource. I think this also makes the book available to other e-readers outside of Amazon’s Kindle.

How can I support your book?

Purchasing it (or ordering from your library) is obviously an act of support, as is buying it as a gift for friends. Also tell your friends who love reading about it, it really makes a difference. Finally, please leave me a review! This helps my book become clearer to other readers. thank you in advance!!!


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