Halloween Crafts – For Adults


It’s no secret how much we love crafting. Here are lots of ideas for Halloween crafts for adults. If you are looking for Halloween crafts for kids, check out our other blog, Childhood magic. But these are things you might enjoy working on on your own, over a glass of wine and a scary movie.

Easy No-Sew Fleece Blanket (4 Steps Video!)

An easy way to make a no-sew fleece blanket – use any fleece fabric including Halloween print!

Easy to make Halloween wreath ideas

If you’re looking for easy Halloween wreath ideas that anyone can make, look no further! We got you. Here are tons of ideas!

Halloween countdown calendar

How to make a cute calendar to count down the days until Halloween!

Woman holding white pumpkin

Pumpkin decor without carving (tattoo).

Another option for no-carve pumpkins including templates you can print at home!

DIY wooden spider wreath

Wreath made of wooden spiders and beads – cute and fun to make!

DIY Pumpkin Garland Yarn

Step-by-step instructions on how to make mini pumpkins from string. These are cute on a wreath or wreath.

DIY mini pumpkin wreath

The easiest DIY wreath to make your front door more festive.

DIY Candy Corn Garland

How to Make Corn on the Corn Decor From beads and pipe cleaners, you can then string them together to create a DIY Halloween wreath.

Easy Spinning Ghost Tassel Garland

How to make ghosts from string and then tie them together for an easy-to-make Halloween wreath.

DIY painted pumpkin

Here are several ideas for painting pumpkins, both real and fake. This is great for those who want more non-sculpture ideas.

Easy Halloween window decor

Here’s a super easy Halloween window decorating idea that we did at our holiday home this year. It’s seriously one of the simplest, big-impact decor options (and cheap!).

5 ways to decorate with skeletons

I love using life-sized skeleton decorations around my home and outside to get in the festive mood for Halloween. Here are five ideas!

Easy ideas without pumpkin carving

You can keep your creepy ghosts and ghoulish goblins, give me all the pumpkins! Here are lots of no-carve pumpkin decorating ideas.

Easy DIY fabric pumpkins

I made these pink wool pumpkins from a sold sweater, but you can use any old sweater, shirt, or scrap fabric you may already have. This is a fun craft project for Halloween.

DIY Spooky Village (With Printables!)

This is a fun Halloween craft project for adults or to share with kids. We do both in our house!

DIY mini pumpkin theater

DIY mini pumpkin theater

These little DIY playhouse pumpkins are inspired by fun playhouses, and look so cute lit up by the bright light through the windows!

Make your own Halloween sweater

Need an easy outfit for Halloween night or just a cozy sweatshirt for the season? Learn how to make your own Halloween sweaters – using printables!

Pumpkin Polka Dot Glass Bead

Glass bead lanterns

If you love carving pumpkins, try this easy DIY glass bead lantern idea!

Make your own alcohol, ink and pumpkin-7

Make your own alcohol ink pumpkin

It’s pumpkin time! Although there are thousands of ways to decorate a pumpkin, alcohol ink pumpkins might be one of my favorites.

Easy to make spider wreath

Step-by-step instructions on how to make your own spider wreath for a mantel, entryway, or any other space in your home.

Try this: Succulent Skull Planter

Calling all plant ladies! Make a DIY skull succulent planter for your space.

DIY skull candle holder

Learn how to make your own scary candle holder. You can paint and decorate this project in any way that suits your taste.

3 Easy Crepe and Tissue Paper Halloween Projects

We love decorating for Halloween, but we take the scary stuff easy and go for the cute stuff. Here’s how to use crepe and tissue paper Halloween decorations.

4 easy fall wreaths

How to make four different DIY wreaths perfect for fall and Halloween.

Pumpkin Chalkboard (Plus Printable Template!)

Every fall, our family keeps a mental note of all the fun seasonal shenanigans we want to get into before the snow falls. I decided we’d have a better chance of crossing this list off if we moved it from our brains to a cute little pumpkin-shaped chalkboard!

Autumn owl decorations

If you’re in the mood for a sweeter, less spooky fall craft, here it is! These pom poms are so easy to make using recycled materials and they are so cute!

Make your own skull chain art

This DIY skull chain is my new favorite! It’s large (2 x 3 feet!), so it makes a great statement piece above the piano in our dining room.

Halloween Decoration: Boo Banner

It’s October, and the fun Halloween decorations have begun at our house, so I thought it would be fun to make a little letter sign to get extra festive.

Just for fun: a skull inspired by David Bowie

I will forever be a fan of David Bowie, and this skull ornament is inspired by one of his famous looks.

Super easy ghost decorations

I’m having fun going out with Halloween decorations this year. Learn how to make these easy to hang fabric ghosts.


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