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Halloween costume ideas for families

I never imagined I would be the type of person who would go out of her way to wear a full family outfit. It requires a lot of coordination, preparation and the need to involve people. but! I realized that the window for compatibility is very short with young children. Jasper is 5 and Felix is ​​2 and I can’t imagine we will have many more years out of this. So, two years ago I decided to go for it. I mean you know my thoughts on dressing kids up for Halloween and the same applies here. Not only are family themed Halloween costumes adorable, they also create lasting memories not to mention photos. Especially if you are using the images for a Christmas card – two birds with one stone?! Here are some of my favorite Halloween costume ideas for families! Let me know yours in the comments!

Family Costume Where the Wild Things Are

Honestly, I don’t know if it could top this list. We make paper masks and I’m thinking of framing them and putting them on the wall, I love them so much. It started when I realized that Jasper was the real Max and we went from there. Paul, Felix and I were wild things and the rest is history. I prefer.

I realize we didn’t choose the main characters of Alice in Wonderland, but rather the ones I liked best. This story started when I wanted Felix to be rude, so I built everything around him and that’s how it became Alice in Wonderland. Jasper is like the white rabbit – I mean come on!!! Paul was an easy card to play, and I loved the spade costume. Get the full scoop here.

3. Run DMC

RunDMC Kids Halloween Costumes

If there are 3 of you, Run DMC will be a fun game. I helped my friend Ali design a series of outfits for her triplets (can you even?!) and this was her suggestion, which I find hysterical.

4. Bachelor’s degree

Bachelor Halloween costume

For our Bachelor themed family costume, we made a little bachelorette and bachelorette party (dying over the wig) with a rose to tie them together.

5. Diet Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola and Coca Zero family costumes

Cute costumes for kids

I adore how this one turned out. We used our Cricut to cut out the logos and attach the little straws. Very pleasant! If you want to add more family members, you can add more soda or cola products.

6. Ghost Busters

Easy DIY costume for kids

These little ghosts are so cute. It was very simple with the addition of patches, googles, white suits and boots! Check out where we got it all from here.

7. Three blind mice

3 blind mice costume for kids

These Three Blind Mice costumes work best for a family of three. Very pleasant!

8. Floral fashion

Halloween costume with flower heads

In my dreams I do a version of Elsa Pisco Flower Festival A book that’s very close. Think flowers, thistles, and weeds. very good!

9. Classic monsters

For a classic and timeless Halloween look, consider joining a family of monsters. Each family member can choose a different special monster, such as Frankenstein, Dracula, Mummy, or Werewolf. Decorate them with scary makeup and props to complete the look. This theme is perfect for those who want to embrace the scary side of Halloween.

10. Superheroes

Unleash your inner superhero by dressing up as a crime-fighting family. Whether you’re a fan of the Marvel or DC universe, there are endless possibilities for superhero costumes. You can be the Avengers, the Justice League, or even a combination of both. Don’t forget to do some heroic poses to get those unforgettable photos!

11. Disney Magic

Disney characters are loved by children and adults alike, making them an excellent choice for family Halloween costumes. You can choose to be classic characters like Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy, or go with a theme like Disney princesses or villains. The magic of Disney is sure to put a smile on everyone’s faces.

12. Time Travelers

Take your family on a time travel adventure by dressing in historical costumes from different eras. You can be a family of medieval knights, Victorian aristocrats, or even future space travelers. This creative twist on family costumes is a unique way to celebrate Halloween. We did a Viking cruise to Jasper a couple of years ago – a Viking family would be perfect!

13. Insect and animal Halloween costume for families

For a weird and wonderful family costume idea, consider becoming a collage of insects or animals. You can be a swarm of bees, a group of lions, or a school of colorful fish. This theme allows for creativity in choosing outfits and encourages the family to work together to create a cohesive look. We are using this Jasper the Squirrel costume as the base for this year’s family costume. Stay tuned!

9. Pop culture icons’ Halloween family costume

Stay up to date with the latest pop culture trends by choosing costumes inspired by famous movie characters, TV shows or music icons. Whether it’s the cast of “Stranger Things,” characters from “Star Wars,” or a family of rock stars, this theme lets you incorporate your favorite modern influences into your Halloween celebration. As you may recall, this Jared Leto Met Gala costume is our favorite thing we’ve ever done. It’s weird and hysterical. You can be all the Met Gala personalities!

10. Famous family Halloween costumes

Honor famous families from history, literature or entertainment. You can dress up as The Addams Family, The Flintstones, The Simpsons, or even the royal family. This theme allows you to channel the personalities and quirks of these famous families.

Halloween is a time when families come together and have fun, and what better way to celebrate than with coordinated costumes? Whether you choose to be classic monsters, superheroes, Disney characters, or something completely unique, the key is to have fun and create lasting memories together. So, gather your family, unleash your creativity, and get ready to make this Halloween a treat you’ll all remember for years to come! Show us what you do with it #larshalloween or #Lars fashion


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