Hall Bathroom Makeover Mood Board


A mood board to change the look of the bathroom in the hall

Attention, our hall bathroom is undergoing another renovation! I made a lot of rash decisions when we first moved into this house, mainly because my mind and body were so exhausted from the move itself and I felt the need to immediately get to work removing the wallpaper. After the walls of our hall bathroom were wallpapered, patched, primed, primed, and painted, I was too tired to spend much time designing. Instead, I chose finishes that I knew I would love, but probably wouldn’t keep long term, which brings me to today.

I continue my work with Fantasy walls This year as an ambassador for their wallpaper, they have plans to use it One of their styles To add some much needed character (in the long run!) to this space. I know I just explained how exhausted I was after removing old wallpaper, and that it might seem counterintuitive to put more wallpaper back on. higherbut This style It suits our tastes very much and I’m finally in control of the shots here. The plan, by the way, is to use it on just one wall so it’s not too overwhelming. I’m excited to see how the new wallpaper helps breathe personality into this somewhat boring space. All of my mood board accents are linked below in case you want more details.

A mood board to modify the bathroom hall:

1. Oval mirrors

2. Vanity lighting fixtures

3. Golden faucets

4. Peel and stick wallpaper

5. Cabinet devices

6. Signature paint color “Accessible Beige”.

7. Art print “Blur”.

8. Art print “Botany Poster”.

9. Quartz countertops

10. Gold towel bars and accessories (similar)

11. Patterned runner rug

I’m sure you’ve heard professional interior designers talk about how the bathroom is the perfect place to have more design options since it’s not a living or sleeping space where you spend a lot of time, so I’m going to try this concept out in our home. I think I’ve traditionally played it a bit safe in our bathroom spaces. I can’t wait to step outside the box a little with this design. It’ll be fun, bold and sexy, while still speaking to the mid-century style we love so much. Let me know what you think of my mood board in the comments and stay tuned later this winter for updates on the room makeover.

Reveal the bathroom makeover in the retro hall

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