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I could give gift guides to kids all day long. And of course, I always wish they made big kid versions of everything so I could wear or play with them too. I know it’s hard to make a gift guide for kids because every kid is different and every age is different, so I hope there’s a little something for everyone. I’ve included everything from large ticket items to small stocking stuffers. Some classic items, some wish list items (if I had a girl!) and some popular items. Without further ado!

  1. 100 things you need to know about art
  2. Gingham stuffed hippopotamus
  3. Yutu Mini Player (Have you heard about these things? Kids can insert cards and play music themselves. No screens!)
  4. Pirate storage bag
  5. Colorful boxes
  6. Rainbow jacket
  7. canopy (These come in the cutest colors!)
  8. Rainbow pants
  9. Lost Christmas. Do you know this series? I adore the illustrations and colors.
  10. Wool
  11. Advent calendar
  12. Fish bag
  13. Tiger stuff (Very realistic!)
  14. How Santa Goes Down the Chimney by Mac Barnett and John Clauson. I adore this duo!
  15. Scooter
  16. DIY Minora Clay Kit
  17. Fair Isle jacket
  18. Tie-dye backpack (I don’t like tie-dye but I love this!)
  19. Princess unicorn storage bag
  20. Plaid top
  21. Candlestick T-Shirt
  22. The best train set
  23. guitar
  24. Space Shuttle LEGO set
  25. harmonica
  26. Store an advent calendar
  27. A little safe
  28. Pajama set
  29. The best nightgown
  30. Bow for hair
  31. charming lady (So ​​classic!)
  32. Make it a nice country house (Have you heard about Amanda Seyfried’s new line of eco-friendly playhouses?! We just got one and I can’t wait to decorate it for Christmas)
  33. Surprise ball (Osso and I make the best!)
  34. My botanical printing press
  35. My kids will always play with these Magnet sets
  36. Decorate the tree! Amanda Jane Jones’s new book!
  37. Clementine baby blanket (From our cooperation!)

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