Gift Guide: For the Crafter


It wouldn’t be gifting season without some ideas for the crafter. This is our biggest gift guide for crafters ever! I scoured the internet for craft kits, materials, tools, books, you name it. I love the idea that you can try something new and at the same time produce something beautiful. There’s nothing better than getting your hands dirty and getting in touch with your heart while you do it! Many of these picks are ones that should belong in every creative crafter’s closet!

  1. Striped wrapping paper And Striped bar
  2. Holiday bead kit
  3. Knitting kit
  4. Boom maker
  5. Artificial cake set
  6. And pink craft set
  7. Eid cake wrapping paper
  8. The house where Lars built the Fiskars Scissors
  9. Birth Collection E-Book
  10. Crafting a rainbow book
  11. Flower rubber stamp set
  12. Handmade dyed papers
  13. Striped washi tape
  14. Punching Needle Starter Kit
  15. Sewing machine (our recommendation!)
  16. Christmas tree decoration sewing machine
  17. Holiday bead kit
  18. Christmas star set
  19. Glue gun decoration
  20. Paper flower book
  21. My life magazine in color
  22. Rainbow Washi Tape Set
  23. Making a Life by Melanie Valek
  24. Cricket maker
  25. Tomato Pin Cushion Decoration
  27. Making life
  28. Unfinished wood frame
  29. Organic plant-dyed linen
  30. Art kit for painting by numbers
  31. Floral wrapping paper
  32. Jewelry making kit
  33. Velvet ribbon set
  34. Solar planting kit

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