Gather Around and Make DIY Christmas Candle Rings


If you want a beautiful, natural centerpiece for the holiday table this year, but also want a project that is simple and quick to make, DIY Christmas candle rings are just the right thing. The natural elements and cozy, flickering candle will make everyone gather around the table to enjoy its beauty. And it looks so impressive that no one will believe how fast you made it!

DIY Christmas Candle Wreath

Every year around the holidays, I cover my house with fresh greenery, I forage for supplies and decorate my home beautifully, using nature as my inspiration. No glitter, no plastic…this is how holidays should be in my opinion!

The beauty of Christmas candle rings is that you only need small branches to fill out the garland, so this is a great way to Use leftover materials from making a wreath Or excessive Christmas tree felling.

It’s easy to prepare, so if you’re looking for some last-minute natural Christmas decorations, use this candle garland for your dining or coffee table!

This post will cover…

Supplies for Christmas Candle Rings

The base of the candle rings is floral foam, which makes it quite easy and forgiving to make. You can find them in different sizes, but I usually choose something in between 6-10 inches, It depends on how big I want my garland to be. With branches, it will become much larger than the ring. You’ll also want to make sure the center is large enough to fit the candle.

I usually use leftovers from my other decorations or Christmas tree pieces for the greenery. You don’t need long branches for your greenery. Just be sure to look for branches with strong stems, Branches with weak stems will not penetrate the foam well.

You can find some great branches for holiday decorations in this post: The Best Garden Greenery for Holiday Decorations (and Which Branches to Avoid).

Apart from greenery, I also incorporated pinecones as a middle layer in my candle garland. It matches well with the greenery and still maintains the festive mood. You can also bleach the pinecones for a different, more elevated look. You can even make a completely bleached pinecone candle garland!

Light the holiday table with Christmas candle rings
This candle ring looks stunning but is easy to make.

How to Make a DIY Christmas Candle Ring

This holiday-inspired Christmas candle wreath is one of the easiest yet most beautiful ways to make decorate your dining table, It’s easy to source your own greenery and make it a last-minute project before the big day.


DIY Christmas Candle Rings Tutorial
Choose a Christmas scented candle for an extra festive atmosphere.

Make it!

Glue the wreath form onto the cork trivet so that the candle can be placed inside the foam ring on top of the cork.

Use Dry Floral Foam Since there is no need to keep the branches wet or put them in water. When working with evergreen plants, they will dry out slowly and last for a few weeks, after which they can be composted.

If you want to include flowers or more delicate leaves, you’ll need to soak your floral foam in water. Let the foam ring soak in a sink filled with water. Leave the ring for ten minutes, and then it is ready for flowering.

When it comes to foam, you don’t want to push it into the water or pour water over the top. While the outside may appear wet, the inside is still dry. This is why it is best to soak it.

How to Make a DIY Christmas Candle Garland
Measure your candle and foam before adding greenery if you need to reduce the floral foam.

cut back evergreens two to three inch leaves With one inch stem. You can cut longer branches into multiple sections to make smaller pieces.

Start with small cuttings around the edges that stay close to the form. Insert stems directly into foam form, The strength of the wooden stem should be enough to make a hole on its own, but you can use a thin nail to start the hole if necessary.

A DIY Christmas Candle Wreath Tutorial
Use brushed greenery initially to hide the floral foam underneath.

Continue around the outside edge of the wreath.

Christmas Candle Rings Tutorial
Already, the candle garland looks very full!

Then, fill second layer A little waterfall on the first layer, with a different type of greenery around the outer edge.

Make This Simple DIY Christmas Candle Ring for a Great Holiday Centerpiece
Vary the length of the greenery here for added dimension.

fill the inside with a thorny branch He stands, like a Fraser fir. This creates a ring for the pine cones to sit on and decorate the exterior of the storm glass.

A festive DIY Christmas centerpiece with greenery and pinecones from the backyard
You want height for this row of greenery.

set a wreath on a cake stand And add pine cones into the space around the wreath. If the pine cone is having a hard time staying on its own, you can take some floral wire and weave it into the bottom row. They twist the ends of the wire together before firmly gluing them into the floral foam.

Place the storm glass and then the candle in the middle. Decorate the table with your Christmas candle garland and enjoy!

DIY Christmas Candle Rings Tutorial
The pine cone next to where the candle goes should cover all of the remaining floral foam.

make your own candle

If you really want to take this project the extra mile, why not try your hand at making your own Christmas candles?

This will allow you to customize your candle rings even more as you can choose the shape, size and color of the vessel and then fill it with wax. you can do it too Add your own cozy Christmas scentLike cinnamon and cloves.

Candles make wonderful Christmas gifts. You can host with your candle rings as decorations and then send your guests home with the same scented candle!

Follow my soy candle making tutorial for easy steps to make your own candles.

Make extremely simple Christmas candle rings with natural elements from the backyard
Add a tall candle to protect the greenery from flame.

FAQs About Making Candle Rings

How do you measure a candle ring?

Take a flexible measuring tape and wrap it around the inside of your floral foam wreath. This measurement is the circumference of the largest size candle (or storm glass) that will fit. If your candle is too large for your foam, you can cut out the foam using a sharp floral knife or X-acto knife. This will cut easily, so be careful not to cut off too much!

How long should the candles be for a candle garland?

You’ll want your candle to be level or high above the greenery so that the light and twinkling light can be seen. For my piece, my candle aligns perfectly with the pinecone, but the storm glass rises higher.

You want to make sure that you are placing your candle in a glass container so that the greenery is protected from it. You can also use artificial candles if you don’t want containers. Otherwise, you have to be safe and keep the greenery and ingredients away from the flame.

If your candle isn’t tall enough, you can easily prop it up by adding extra foam or something like cardboard underneath it.

How to Use Candle Rings in Decoration

Candle rings make great centerpieces. I like to keep my stuff on my dining table. I place a festive table runner underneath it and then sprinkle other small decor pieces like pinecones or ornaments on either side of the wreath under the table.

You can also use these candle rings on the mantle of your fireplace or coffee table. You can make as many of them as you want, including a larger one and a smaller one next to each other. Play with it, and you will have a lot of fun!

How long will a fresh candle garland last?

Your candle garland should last indoors for a few weeks. You can sprinkle water on the wreath to keep it fresh for longer. Otherwise, they are fine to have on your table for dinners and hosting a few weeks before Christmas.

Christmas Candle Ring Tutorial
It may only take a few minutes to make, but this Christmas candle garland really sets the mood.

More Holiday Decoration Ideas

Make This Christmas Candle Ring

Are you looking for a way to make your Christmas table extra festive? Try this DIY Christmas Candle Ring. The garland around the candle is made from forest greenery and materials, so it’s an eco-friendly, affordable project.

  • Glue the floral foam ring to the top of the cork trivet to give the storm and candle a place to sit later.

  • Prune your evergreen plants so they have about 2-3″ of leaves and an inch or so of height.

  • Starting at the outer edge, insert the evergreen stems directly into the floral foam.

  • Then, fill in a second layer of greenery, slightly overlapping the first. Keep adding greenery until the entire pattern is covered.

  • Add pinecones on top of the greenery.

  • Place your hurricane inside the center, then add a candle. Light up and enjoy!


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