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Fun Adult Slumber Party Ideas for the Perfect Girls Night In

DIY scenario balloon wall

Sleepovers were the highlight of our weeks as kids, but why should the fun stop? Sleepovers for adults can be just as much fun (maybe even more!) nowadays.

These adult slumber party ideas are totally fun and perfect for a weekend getaway with your best girlfriends, bachelorette parties, or birthday parties.

You can use your house, apartment or rent a house for the weekend. Have fun decorating and creating the perfect girls’ night in with these adorable slumber party ideas!

Balloon slumber party

What to wear to a slumber party

A slumber party is one more excuse to wear your favorite pajamas! Or, if you want to stick to the theme, here are some ideas to help everyone coordinate.

No boys allowed at the slumber party

Matching pajamas

Matching Pjs are an easy and special way to have fun at an adult slumber party.

If you don’t want to match, try pairing similar outfits based on a theme or color scheme.

3D slumber party

Matching slippers or socks

Don’t want to invest in new matching pajamas? Try to buy matching socks, slippers, or sleep masks for everyone. It makes a great party favor too.

How to decorate your slumber party

3D neon slumber party

Decorations are really there if you want to turn your slumber party into a birthday or bachelorette party!


No matter your theme, balloons are a must-have at any slumber party because they make a big impact with relatively little work if you blow them up somewhere else! Here are some ideas on how to use them:

slumber party balloon ceiling

Balloons on the ceiling

If you’re making a vacation rental for a sleepover or bachelorette party, the easiest way to make an impact is to fill the ceiling with balloons! You can purchase a portable helium tank from most Targets or fill balloons at a party or grocery store. Connect them both with Iridescent ribbon Which is seriously all you need.

If the budget doesn’t allow for helium, that’s okay Balloon pump And fill the floor instead!

DIY scenario balloon wall

Balloon photo background

Now let’s talk about this text balloon party wall!

If you don’t want to fill your ceilings with balloons, use this balloon wall Text or letter balloons Another great way to decorate your slumber party. They can be used to create a bold wall or photo booth.

Now, if you’re doing this at your home, you can tape it down using control strips or painter’s tape, or if you’re renting, you can tape it to fishing line and then tape the fishing line to the wall. . We just inflated each one with air and then placed them on the floor in the pattern we wanted. Then I hung them!

Balloon slumber party

No idea latex helium balloon

Want a simple balloon idea that doesn’t require helium but just latex balloons that you can find at your local grocery store? Just blow a bunch of air and cover the floor with it! An instant party, and fun to throw too.

Spatter disco party

Disco balls

Disco balls are fun and definitely something I want at any slumber party I throw! We placed lots of silver disco balls throughout the house to create the ultimate party effect!

3D neon slumber party

They also create great light effects for photo shoots!

Boy tears pinata!


Why should piñatas be only for children? This cheerful boys’ pinata is the perfect solution to this girls’ themed adult slumber party. Follow my tutorial here to learn how to make it for your next party!

Or purchase one from your local party store in the same colors as your pajamas or other decor! Here are some piñata filling ideas for adults:

  • Luxury chocolate
  • Hair knots
  • Small gift cards, to Target or Starbucks for example
  • Wine or champagne gummies
  • Keychains
  • Nail stickers
3D neon slumber party

Metal curtains

Fringe curtains go a long way to cover anything you might need! Or, if you like them as decoration, you can string them around a curtain rod to add even more fun to your window!

You can even make your own metal decor!

3D neon slumber party

Slumber party food and drink ideas for adults

One of the best things about a slumber party is the food, check out these easy and delicious ideas.

Pink popcorn for a slumber party


If you ask me, you can’t have a slumber party without popcorn! This easy tutorial shows you how to make the best popcorn that everyone will eat and love. This pretty pastel-coated popcorn is on-brand for a girls’ night out!

Frosiya juice bags


After all that popcorn, you need something to wash it down with, and this popcorn is perfect! Since this is an adult slumber party, have fun mixing your own drinks, or check out my easy tutorial. It’s like your favorite childhood juice bag but full of chivalry! very fun!

How to have a movie night in under an hour

Puppy food

Puppy chow is another great party treat! It’s a delicious snack we all love and love, and our tutorial shows you how to make it pink!

More is more Rice Krispies Treats |  studiodiy.com

Rice Krispie Treats

I don’t think there’s a better snack than homemade Rice Krispies! They can be made in advance, and this DIY recipe shows you how to make them even more fun using crushed Oreos and rainbow sprinkles.

More is more brownies studiodiy.com


Brookies are basically brownies and cookies combined. We made it even better by adding Oreos (double stuffed, of course), circus animal cookies, and rainbow sprinkles! Check out this super easy recipe here!

Funfetti Edible Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

I don’t know about you, but eating cookie dough *might* be one of the best parts about baking cookies. If your friends are the same way, why not serve up some edible cookie dough? They’re eggless and filled with rainbow sprinkles to make them fun!

Pink hair

Slumber party activities

Slumber party activities for adults have something for everyone.

Confetti Pillow Fight!!

pillow fight

Well Well. You know we couldn’t have this list without the always classic pillow fight! If for nothing else but some really funny pictures, give it a try!

Summer Moving Essentials (Free Printable Poster!) |  studiodiy.com

Movie marathon

You can’t go wrong with a movie marathon to pass the time! Watch your favorites or check out my movie playlist for more inspiration!

Girls Weekend Playlist |  studiodiy.com

dancing party

Dance like no one’s watching this girl’s weekend playlist!

Printable Valentine's Day MASH game


Board games are universally great for any party, especially a slumber party. Check out my post on the best board games. There are some games where you need strategy, others that are perfect for competing crowds, or simple games that are relaxing and fun but still entertaining.

Want a childhood throwback? Play MASH instead with our free printable!

Blindo DIY manicure

Nail cosmetic surgeries

Create a spa-like experience by giving each other gorgeous, unique manicures or pedicures.

Free printable valentine tattoo

Temporary tattoo

Temporary tattoos are a fun slumber party activity for adults. I have an easy tutorial on how to make fun Girl Power toys, but you can have anything you want, depending on the time of year or the theme of your slumber party.

Fun neon balloon

Of course, just hanging out and chatting is probably the best part of a slumber party. But these activities are great extras too!

3D neon slumber party

I hope this post gave you some ideas and inspiration on how to throw an adult slumber party in style! Above all, have fun, sleep and have fun with your best girlfriends!

Photos by Jeff Mindel
Creative direction: Kelly Mindel | Technical direction and design: Sin Moreno
Food design: Teresa Rountree | Production Manager: Samantha Martin
Models: Jenna | Courtney | Tisha | Leslie

Palm Springs rental house: The Harlow House


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