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Frozen Ice Lantern: Blend Fire and Frost for a Stunning Display

Create these stunning garden-inspired lights to light the way for your next winter party. Frozen ice lanterns are made from an ice sculpture candle holder that has space to hold a container candle or tea light. This DIY snow lantern takes just a few minutes to set up, and then you just pop them in the freezer to set up. They look so cute and are guaranteed to add a warm glow on a cool holiday evening.

frozen snow lantern

When decorating for the holidays, I always turn to naturally inspired crafts. Why use glitter, ribbon and plastic when there is so much beauty in nature that you can have for free?

These ice candles are right up my alley! I love how easy these are to make, yet they look amazing outside on the deck or on the steps leading up to your home. If you’re planning a holiday party, these are must-have crafts.

I also love that they hold up to cold weather too. Depending on how you make them, they don’t need to be overly holiday themed. You can keep these up all winter long for garden-inspired outdoor decor.

This post will cover…

Winter Crafting for Garden Therapy

If, like me, you think decorating for the holidays is a great way to meet some needs garden therapy This project will warm your heart in the winter. While wandering through your garden, you will surely find beautiful branches, berries and leaves that can make winter more pleasant.

Here’s a great list of the best garden greenery for holiday decorating (and which ones to avoid) to get your project started on the right foot.

However, when you’re preserving green (and red and purple) in frozen ice, you can actually Choose whatever you like best, The tips in that other article for properly harvesting greens and some ideas about what plants to use may be helpful!

Here are some other ideas of what to include in your snow lantern:

  • small pine cones
  • chestnut
  • small twigs
  • Bark (birch would look exceptionally nice)
  • Cranberries (or other berries. Beautyberries would look amazing!)
  • pine, cedar, cedar, and other evergreen branches
  • Rosemary (or other herbs)
  • Star anise (whole, for their size)
  • Fresh leaves (what do you have in your backyard?)
  • fresh or dried flowers
  • seed pods
  • rose hips
  • dried fruit pieces
Holiday greenery – needle and broadleaf evergreen foliage, as well as perennial flowers and seed heads, herbs and branches.

Perfect climate for snow lanterns

If you live in a cool climate that allows these candles to last a few days or longer, you’re in luck! This project is especially for those of us whose temperatures go below zero Long enough for these beauties to decorate our walkways and stairs.

If you’re not in the right mood for these snow lanterns, skip to the end of this post, because there are plenty more decorating ideas that aren’t frozen!

Also keep in mind that, yes, these will melt. By doing so, they can create a mess as all the greenery in the garden will be left behind. They can also create a pond of water that can refreeze In some situations, so keep this in mind for security reasons.

How to Make a Frozen Snow Lantern

Instructions and photos for this project come from its authors John Gillespie and Christina Simmons Simple Sowing: 100+ Green & Easy Projects to Make Your Garden Amazing (Courtesy of Harbor Publishing). Today, they’re sharing the steps to make these DIY Frozen Snow Lanterns, a simple project that will happily help decorate your home and garden this winter.


  • A pair of containers, one large and one small, sized to correspond to the height of your candle holder and the width and height of your candle. We used a 2-quart (2-liter) plastic milk carton, a large yogurt container, and a plastic spice bottle. Also, keep in mind that this container will only fit in your freezer if you have enough space for it.
  • gorgeous garden greeneryRoses, Berries, and Seeds Top
frozen snow lantern

From home-made concrete pools filled with lush plants along dry-stack stone walls, to simple ideas for playgrounds, gazebos, and backyard benches, sow simple Will keep readers engaged in every season.

More Winter Wonderland Projects from the Garden

How to make an ice lantern

Are you feeling very cold? Make the most of it with inexpensive, beautiful snow lanterns for a stunning outdoor display!

  • garden greenery Choose your favorite varieties of greenery as well as roses, berries, and seed heads.
  • Fill the large container with about 1″ of water. Place it on a flat surface inside the freezer and let it freeze completely.

  • Remove the larger container from the freezer, and place the smaller container (candle holder) on the base of the frozen container.

  • Add greenery and berries to the space between the smaller and larger containers. Then, fill the space to the top with water.

  • Place a heavy object on top of the small container to prevent it from moving or floating around. Then put the whole thing upright in the freezer.

  • Let freeze for at least 24 hours or until solid. Remove the ice candle container from the freezer and let it melt slightly. Then light a candle and keep it outside.


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