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Free Printable Valentine’s Day Card and Wallpaper » Lovely Indeed

Let’s make things free and easy! Get a free printable Valentine’s Day card and a bonus background that you can use on your desktop or smartphone.

xoxo Background and printable postcard

One of the things I love most about LovelyInced is the ability to make things easier for you (well, you, and hopefully a lot of other people too)!

Projects like this, which are so simple but so useful, are my bread and butter.

I’m truly happy to provide resources and materials that make your day a little better.

So I hope this one falls into that category!

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Printable Valentine’s Day cards

This idea and printable Lovely made it to reality thanks to my friend Lexi, who runs the blog Salim.

When I had Henry, several of my blog friends helped give me some maternity leave by sharing guest posts here on Lovely Found. This was originally one of those!

The design is hand drawn by me love How to look like doodles in a school folder or in a love letter. very fun.

xoxo Background and printable postcard

Variations to try

Once you have the file downloaded and printed at home, there are several ways you can use this.

Print it on card stock and on the back add lines for the address (as you can see in these photos) to turn it into a postcard. It would be so much fun to send to grandparents or pen pals!

If you are printing postcards, you can create multiple cards on one page by changing the layout in your printer settings to print four cards per page.

You can also cut them into smaller sections, punch a hole for some ribbon, and use the printable cards as a Valentine’s Day gift tag.

You can also print it out and fold it in half width-wise to create a small Valentine’s Day folded card.

xoxo Background and printable postcard

Valentine’s Day wallpapers for your desktop or smartphone

And if you don’t need cards but love seasonal skins on your tech, you can use them as wallpaper!

Simply save the image to your computer, tablet or smartphone and set it as wallpaper or screensaver.

Printing tips

I like to put any prints I make at home on high-quality white card stock this.

The extra weight of the paper makes your printed Valentine’s Day card (or whatever else you’re printing) a little prettier and gives it an elevated finish.

If your printer has adjustable settings, I also want to make sure I’m not printing in draft mode to ensure print quality. Draft mode is great for saving ink, but for projects like this, it can result in pixelated printing.

You can also use these printing tips if you want to print any of your Valentine’s Day gifts for kids! Here are some of my favorites:

xoxo Background and printable postcard

Get the download

Okay, you’re ready!

Click on the downloadable wallpaper link and you will be taken to the file. Just save it on your computer.

You’ll find it’s better to do this on a laptop or desktop computer rather than a smartphone or tablet, especially if you’re printing.

Then print it or make it your wallpaper. Or both!

Once printed, trim off the excess and you’re ready to make printable Valentine’s Day cards. I listen!

Download XOXO card and wallpaper

Illustration and photography: Lexy Ward of Salim

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